Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru answer Dharmi’s phone, Dharmi recognizes her voice and starts crying but does not talk to her. Aru later asks Ram ben how was it when Dharmi called her. Rami ben tell her that it’s her friend not Aru’s sister. Rami ben tells her that there are many other people on this earth having the name Dharmishta. Aru must have confused her friend.
Dharmi was crying, Anshu takes her fo some food.
Rami ben tries to make Aru understand that know she has to live by her sister’s sin. Aru must have her life back. Rami ben gives her new clothes telling her to come downstairs as everyone is waiting for her at breakfast.
Everyone was sitting in the living room. Mishri was stopped by her fionce. Bhabhi asks him to have some control. They all were shocked to see Aru who was fully dressed.

Savitari bhabi praises her telling that she will get addicted to such heavy dressing after few days. Sharabii was watching Dharmi’s video but was confused to who she was talking, Aru hurries to see that when she slips but Mukhi grabs her hand preventing her from falling. Rami ben gets furious. Mukhi asks her why was she dressed like that. Rami ben tells him that she is new, she will learn by time. Mukhi tells Aru to go and wear anything she likes no one will say her anything. Mukhi tells everyone not to force her to wear such dresses as she is a city girl.
Rami ben asks Sharabi for the video. Mukh asks Aru to change first. Rami ben leaves. Aru thins to herself that she must see that video maybe with that she would be able to figure out to helped Dhamri.
Aru changed her clothes. She was thinking about the video and throwing everything out tof the closet when one of the cloth fells over Mukhi’s face. Mukhi asks what she was doing. Aru tells him that she throwing away all old pieces of clothes. Mukhi stops her saying that none should ever touch her cupboard again. Aru tells her that it’s just for few days then she will leave foe the city. Aru tells her that she has to work and pay all the loans. Mukhi tells her that is the reason he asked her to sit in that trani but he didn’t notice that he had Aru’s blouse stuck in his hand. Aru helps him taking it off. Mukhi suddenly starts searching something Aru asks him? Mukhi tells him that he is finding what people wear inside. Aru starts laughing. Savitari bhabi comes telling that Pandit is here for dates.
Pandit tells them that there are two dates with a gap of one week. Mukhi thinks that nearest date would be better as it will lead with Aru leaving soon. Mukhi tells Pandit for the nearest date. Aru stops him saying that they should choose the date which is after two weeks as its better. Mukh calls Aru duffer. Savitari bhabi and Mishri’s parents in law say that they have no issue with 18th date. Mukhi says that to and leaves when Mishri was asking his forgiveness by holding her ear. Mukhi had tears in his eyes. Aru sees it.
Mukhi was stopped by Mishri who tells her that she is unabe to slep and eat. She tells him that she is wondering how can she asks ask for his forgiveness. Mishri holds his arm tightly telling that she cannot leave this house without his forgiveness. Mukhi leaves.

Precap: Aru askas for that Rami ben for the handycam as she wants to see it. Rami ben tells her that she also wants to see it but it is not working. Aru snatches it out of her hands.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome show, infact the best on SONY

  2. i really liked the concept of the show.
    it is different from other stories.
    both the lead characters are vey nice
    and both the actors are playing it very well
    loved it.

  3. but why does mukhi calls her gaurani

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