Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru watches Mukhi ji sleep while she thinks if she had prayed God a list of qualities, it must have been someone like him. Everyone claim them to be Shiv and Parvati, he is surely Shiv ji. The phone bell suddenly rings, Mukhi ji was disturbed in his sleep. Aru gets a call from Patel bhai, he tells Aru about an order of 50k dupatta, the order worth 75 lac. Aru was shocked to hear this. Mukhi ji had woken up and hears Aru saying this order can get her somewhere much higher. She turns around and looks towards Mukhi ji then denies taking the order, she is going to Amboli with her husband. Patel was shocked to hear about her wedding, Patel complains for not inviting him. Aru apologizes for not being able to complete the order in time. She looks towards Mukhi ji wondering he must be much tired that

is asleep till late. She goes outside the room. Mukhi ji wakes up behind.
In the hall, Rashika tells Aru about having given them some time alone in the house. She teases Aru. Aru tells her parents she respects Mukhi ji more than anything. Love doesn’t mean to get only, it means to be together. Her parents bless her. Aru announces they are leaving for Amboli today. Rashika comes there thinking they didn’t give a single penny in two days, she comes in saying they have to prepare for exchange of gifts as well.
Aru calls Rami and asks how she is. Rami says she is sitting in a lone house, there is no trouble around but she must get used to it. Aru tells Rami she is coming with Mukhi ji soon. Rami was worried at the news.
At the breakfast table Aru joins everyone. Papa asks about Mukhi ji, he asks Aru why Mukhi ji is sleeping so late. Aru comes in to look for him. He smiles at her. Aru tells Mukhi ji that the breakfast is ready, if they leave early they will reach in time. She heads for packing, then notices Mukhi ji was thinking about something. Mukhi ji asks if Aru would live happy there. Aru says any girl when leaves her parent’s house will live sad for a few days. Mukhi ji asks if she won’t miss her dreams, she is leaving them in Ahmedabad as well. Aru says Mukhi ji thinks about anything, she is going to start her new life with him and only this is the breaking news today. She asks him to come for breakfast, he promises to join her in a while.
Later, Mukhi ji comes out and watches Aru packing her bags. Papa brings all of her medals, Mummy brings dupattas asking what to do with them. Aru says she wants to take them along, Rashika says she is no more ambani, what would she do with them. Mukhi ji comes to take a leave, Aru runs inside to get something. Papa hands Aru a gift from their side. Aru notices her mother no more wore her bangles while they gifted a gold coin to Mukhi ji. She was about to question Mummy but she forbids her through signaling. Mukhi ji returns the coin and tells her Papa to bring the bangles, he has already gifted her the real gold as Aru. He can assure them that her happiness is his responsibility. Papa says they can’t let their son in law leave empty handed, Mukhi ji corrects to be their son. Mukhi ji thinks for a while, then stops Aru’s aarti announcing he is going to Amboli alone. Aru won’t join him. Their daughters had huge dreams, his dreams would end if he takes her to village. He doesn’t want to be a stone of her path, he won’t be able to live happy this way. He tells her to take the project of dupatta and look after it. Papa says he believes a married woman must live in her in laws, her mother also insists Aru’s house is in Amboli now. Mukhi ji asks if she can leave her dreams for his house, can’t he look after her house for her dreams. He promises Aru to continue visiting. Aru goes inside upset.
Mukhi ji comes to Aru who was crying. She jerks his hand away. He turns her towards him and asks if she wants to accomplish her dreams, then why tears? Its all as per her wish, it’s a huge order. Aru says he won’t be there. Mukhi ji says he will always be close to her, she must peek into her heart and may see him. Aru hugs him saying she doesn’t want to live away from him. She sobs. Mukhi says these aren’t the old times, she may speak to him on phone. If she wish to meet him, she must get in the car and reach Amboli. Aru says she always wants to live with him. Mukhi ji says if she lives with him, she would only be called Mukhyani. If she lives here, she would be recognized as Arundhati Raidan Raaj Katara, even his name would be connected with her. Aru asks whom would she fight. Mukhi hugs her saying she must call him to fight or invite him here. Aru asks if he would be able to stay without him? Mukhi ji doesn’t reply. Her family reached inside the room, Mummy gives him a tiffin. Papa goes to drop Mukhi ji till his jeep. He leaves Aru upset.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji watches Aru in everyone on the way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode,,??


    Love is in the air.. but mukki ji is so adorable husband who care for his wife dreams.. ??????

    1. yes agree with u dear

  3. Very much emotional love between them.

  4. why r u crying aru u have got a chance to prove ur self

  5. why r u crying aru u have got a chance to prove ur self

  6. Nice series and the Jelebi phrase between their relationship continues

  7. they can also fart together

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