Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Out of all the decoration Mukhi ji notices the glass of milk and asks Aru what is this. He lay on the flower decorated bed and stretch himself then calls Aru as well. Aru asks what happened to him. He says she must be tired. He gets up his bed, Aru backs up as he walks towards her. She thinks about doing something else he would celebrate the wedding night. Mukhi ji was about to remove the grain of rice from under her lip. There was a ring of bell on door, Aru runs away.
Dharmi reaches her neighborhood. She watch her parents enjoying Pani Poori over the stall, Mummy thinks about Dharmi. Papa was furious over Dharmi’s name and says she can never live happy in life, she ruined their name and grace. Even if Dharmi comes at their door steps they must push her away. Dharmi thinks no one needs

her in his life, she has no right to live.
Aru forcefully drags a lady inside who had come to meet her mother. Mukhi ji pointed over Aru to remove the rice grain from her face. Aru forces them to have something to eat, she goes to the kitchen. Mukhi ji comes to sit beside the guests and wonders what is she doing, she has forced the guests to stay. Aru speaks to the guests pointless, they soon take a leave while Aru continue to stop them. She then walks at the door and calls her parents, the number goes switched off. Mukhi ji asks what is she doing now and asks her to come inside, Aru insists she wants to stay here. Mukhi tells her to shut the door else there would be rats. Aru thinks she won’t let happen what’s in his heart. Mukhi ji comes closer while there is a thunder of clouds. Aru hugs Mukhi ji tightly. Mukhi ji says only the lights were turned off. She straightens up, Mukhi ji goes to shut the door and bolt it. He asks Aru about a candle, they light it. Mukhi ji observes Aru and tells her to come, she asks where? He asks about fuse box. Aru wonders if even light is at Mukhi’s side. They reach the fuse box upstairs. Mukhi ji asks Aru for a stool. Aru wonders where in the dark they would find a stool. He recalls holding Aru up to get a box once, then tells her to come close. She denies. Mukhi ji asks if she has to fix the fuse or not, he holds her up and signals if she can reach the box? She fixes the fuse and was relieved the lights were on. He places her back.
Aru heads towards the room and lay on the bed. Mukhi ji comes to lay beside her. Aru sits up at once. Mukhi ji joins his hands saying she has done all the phone calls, now she must sleep. Aru watches him lay beside her on the bed. He then goes to turn the lights off. Aru tells him not to turn the lights off, she understands he has been trying to take a chance since long. She says no girl can do this all so soon. Mukhi ji was shocked to hear her assumptions, he laughs at her. Aru was really afraid, Mukhi ji comes to shut her mouth with her hand and says its his turn to speak. He wipes her tears, makes her sit on the bed while he himself kneel on the floor and says he is aware no one can come close to each other so soon. It would even be difficult for him. A real man cares for a woman’s wish, he promises not to take any such step until Aru is ready. He caresses her face. He says that expression of love is one thing, and giving yourself to someone else is another; the real love breeds between the time between the two phases. He says he daily drinks milk and was tired and trying to sleep; he was calling her nearby to gift her something. She holds the box with the same earrings she had selected at the stall. He asks if she liked them, does she trust him? She nods at both. Two people become friends, then fall in love and then marry but their case is inverse; may be they aren’t good friends yet as they don’t understand each other’s mind and heart out. He promises not to enforce his right over her until they are friends. When she is ready to give him the right, she must wear these earrings? Aru smiles relieved. Mukhi ji asks if he must turn the lights off.

PRECAP: It was morning, Aru rejects Patel’s order as she is going to village with her husband. Later in front of everyone Mukhi ji announces he would go to Amboli alone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. mukhi – a matured man.

  2. Thanks for the excellent update!
    And may I add: Mukhi Ji is a Mighty Good Man!


    Just copy of aaina film, where dharmi will back and will create misunderstanding b/w aru and mukhi.. anyway nice show, totally different from.saas bahu but got wrong slot.. deserve better one.

  4. mukhi is a brilliant actor, so eagerly waiting for today episode

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