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At night, Aru comes for dressing of Mukhi. She was reluctant then reminds herself that Mukhi got injured while saving her. She finally brings the first aid box and does the bandage. Mukhi was still asleep. She makes him comfortable and sleep by sitting beside him on the bed.
Rami was upset that Aru doesn’t want to leave, she says Aru recognizes his eyes and Lal ji must go away from here. She says its better they stay away from each other for a few days. She hugs Lal ji and thinks it’s because of Aru that she is getting away from her love.
Anshu complains that Rami has kept him staying for three days, those jewelry items is of no use to them. Rami says it would take her sometime to find the receipts. Anshu says Dharmi took the useless jewelry while Aru became the Mukhiani and

is ruling the village. Rami makes him some payment and assures she would sent the receipt to him.
Mukhi wakes up at the middle of night. He watches Aru asleep, sitting beside him. He tries to sit up but his chest hurts. He wakes Aru up by holding her hand. Aru sits up at once holding his hand, she was thankful he is conscious. Mukhi asks if she didn’t go. Aru reminds about their accident with the truck on the way back. Mukhi says she could have catch the train, Aru says that train had to be left. Mukhi says she must go back. Aru asks if he considers her so low as to leave him in such a condition. He attempts to sit up but loses his balance, Aru holds him by his neck and helps him with the pillow. He fell asleep again.
The next morning, Aru finds a corner for signals on her cell phone. She calls the contractor and tells him about the delay of her arrival in Ahmedabad. She thinks if she had worked from tomorrow, she must have had 60k in hand by the end of the month. She thinks about an idea to find a way and work. Sharabi comes to Aru and tells her that police has arrived.
Downstairs, Kailash tells the police inspector it must be a misunderstanding. Inspector insists to call Aru. Aru comes downstairs saying she spoke to him. Rami stops her asking if she filed a complaint in police. Aru says the complaint must be filed in police about such an attack over Mukhi. Rami insists she is Mukhyani, she must memorize the rules of village. Aru says such matters must first be reported in police. The inspector asks them to decide what they have to do. Mastana comes to inform Mukhi called them in their room. Rami thinks Aru is dangerous than anything.
Mukhi apologizes the inspector and says Mukhyani doesn’t recognize the rules of their village. Aru tries to interfere, Mukhi strictly says there was no attack. The people here are like a family to him, and police has never come to his village; the breaks of truck must have failed and he wouldn’t have tied the rods correctly. Mukhi thinks he had to be strict with Aru, Rami cheers.
Aru brings dressing for Mukhi. He sits up and asks her to call someone change his bandage. Aru holds the scissors and tells him to hurry up and take off his vest. Mukhi asks if she is still angry. He explains he was angry watching the police as it never came to his village. Aru asks if a little? She pulls the bandage then apologizes as it struck a bit. Aru ties the bandage. Aru says he must not trust anyone so much, even Gandhi had enemies. Aru let go of it, then asks him to allow her work outside here. She wants to do job in masala factory, even Mishri isn’t home and she gets bored at home, this way she would also earn money. Mukhi asks what she needs money for, what’s his is hers. She is his wife. Aru was moved. Mukhi says she must do the job when she goes to city.
Aru was enraged, she says she never asked him for anything but no one cares for her. Mukhi allows her to do anything and allows her for the job. Aru cheerfully runs to hug him, then realizes the intimacy. She says Thankyou, Dukhi Mukhi ji!.
In the kitchen, Rami was instructing Sharabi. Arjun comes in. He informs Rami that Mukhi called him to instruct the work to their new worker who is Mukhyani.

PRECAP: Arjun introduces everyone to the new Mukhyani. A lady Santu introduces herself as the supervisor. Aru turns to shake hands with her, Santu doesn’t shake her hands and say she doesn’t like anyone interfere with her work.

Update Credit to: Sona

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