Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The family speak together. Rashika goes to bring milk and turmeric as they must be cold. Sanvi discuss with Savitri that Raju is lucky to get Aru. She gets a call, Savitri holds the phone. It was Dharmi on the others side and cries silently. Savitri and Sanvi continue discussing that villagers call Mukhi and Aru as Shiv and Parvati.
At night, Aru comes to a shop and asks Mukhi ji why he called her here. Mukhi ji says she wrote Jalebi is the best treatment of every ailment; why not enjoy it in happiness. He tells Aru he has sent all the shopkeepers away for two hours and only awaited the first batch to get ready soon. Aru asks him to teach her prepare Jalebi as well. Mukhi ji holds one of her arm and pours Jalebi in oil with the other. Both look into each other’s eyes. Mukhi ji tells

her to concentrate else Jalebi must be ruined. He asks Aru what Jalebi tells them, Aru says once must always remain twisted. They laugh, Mukhi ji says one cannot separate flour and milk from Jalebi, similar is their lived; no one would ever be able to part them from each other. He says it continue getting a better color the more it is heated, same would be their relation. He says it gets crispy by burning in hot oil, still it captures sweetness inside. Similarly they won’t lose the love of their life no matter how much hard their lives get. He speaks to Aru that she said she will be happy where he is, he wants a promise from her; she must never forget her dreams. She must fly in the sky she was intended to, he wants to be the air under her feathers to help her fly. Aru smiles and says her mother was right, she couldn’t get anyone better than her.
The radio played the love story. Aru and Mukhi ji smile looking towards each other. The shopkeeper change the radio channel now playing a scene of kissing. Mukhi ji and Aru walk along while their hands touch each other’s. Mukhi ji holds Aru’s hand and drags her aside to get way for bike, Aru thinks he was far away till now; what happened to him soon after love confession. He leaves her hand when the bike had passed, Aru runs forward and comes to a stall. Mukhi ji wonders what happened to her while she selects earrings for herself. They were much expensive, Mukhi ji asks her to buy them. Aru was bargaining for much lower price but when the shop keeper doesn’t reduce the price she leaves.
On the other end of city, the hotel receptionist doesn’t let Dharmi leave the hotel. He says her husband has been seen leaving the hotel with his luggage already. Dharmi was worried about what to do now.
At home, Savitri shares with everyone how Aru and Mukhi ji’s life has started just yet. They must give some time to Aru and Mukhi in the house. Kaka suggests an idea. Aru and Mukhi ji return home, Rashika was leaving with her Kaka for movie, Papa leaves for his friend while Mummy also leaves for a friend’s husband. She calls them to shut the doors else there would be rats. Aru wonders what’s wrong, she was nervous watching Mukhi lock the doors. Mukhi ji denies eating any food and asks her for a glass of milk. Aru was worried about having a wedding night with him, she shouts No!. Mukhi asks what? She says there is no milk.
Dharmi was worried and finds a shawl nearby, the receptionist was busy. She takes the shawl over her and leave.
Aru was eating on the table as she watched a movie. Mukhi ji had slept on the couch, then asks Aru till how late would she eat. He is sleepy and she is playing the television. Aru tells him to go and sleep, she will take some time. Mukhi ji goes into the room. Aru hears his call from the room, Aru hurries inside. Both were shocked to see the decorated bed left for them.

PRECAP: Aru tells Mukhi ji no to turn the lights off, if he is in such a hurry that he wants to take a chance. No girl can hand her everything so sooner

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. No, please! Here we go again! The Universe gave Aru a big hunk of a gorgeous man, she should be thankful and happy to share some real intimacy with him.
    Love, dear Aru, is not just flowers and unicorns and fights over principles.

  2. Thank you for giving a prompt update daily.

  3. Story line is very decent but in this advance age such a huge difference of age is not acceptable.

  4. Nice episode

  5. Comparison of Jalebi and married life was wonderful. Both are great actors and love to see their chemistry on screen.

  6. i am enjoying the sweetness of their love jilabi

  7. nice love jilabi

  8. Hope Aru does not act innocent now she n Mukhiji r married. She should b prepared for advances from Mukhiji who is very understanding n full of patience. (Wish there were more men like him in real life). Dharmi should now realise that Anshul in not the right man for her n she should lead an independent life as she is no more a kid.

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