Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji and Aru sit for ring ritual. Both stare at each other seriously and find the ring. Aru thinks about Mukhi’s doubts that Aru married him with her own will. The spectators enjoy as they move their hands furiously.
Deep forcefully holds Mishri’s hand, she avoids him and comes to sit with Uma. The ladies were on Mukhi’s side. Deep’s father comes to his wife and asks why she accepted Mukhi’s marriage so easily. She says when Mukhi has accepted his marriage who are they to negate it. She reminds their purpose of this marriage, the more mistakes Mukhi commits, the more they can get from him for Deep.
Mukhi and Aru snatch the ring, it was Aru who presents the ring first. The ladies cheer as Aru won over and would now rule this house and village. Rami sat behind furious.

The village ladies call Aru as Mukhiani. Mukhi leaves the game. Rami was sure she would win the ultimate game.
In Mumbai, Anshu was worried for money. Dharmi suggests about selling the jewelry, Anshu was reluctant but Dharmi insists.
Sanvi comes to ask Mukhi why he got so serious. Mukhi reminds her how this wedding took place. Sanvi says soon a person realize whatever happened is for a reason, she is really happy that he married Aru. Her heart witness Parvati is the right choice for him. Mukhi tells Sanvi he sent Aru back but she returned. Sanvi says he is 42 but he is unable to understand a woman, she respects and takes care of his family, if he is afraid she is doing a favor to him? Mukhi says he would surely send her back after Mishri’s wedding. They watch Aru smiling and posing with the guests, Sanvi says she is smiling only because of his sister thought she must be hurt at heart. Would he tell Rami that Aru is here for sometime only, she would pour all her anger over Aru. He might sent her to Ahmedabad, but till she is here he must turn her stay here as punishment. She must not pay for her sister’s mistake.
The jeweler asks Dharmi and Anshu about the receipt of this jewelry. Dharmi was worried.
Sanvi comes to tell everyone Mukhi has gone for some Panchait work. The ladies wonder which husband leaves his newly wed bride this way. The ladies ask them about their night, Mastana revealed both slept in separate rooms. An elder lady tells Mukhi’s sisters to make Aru up and send her to Mukhi’s room. Uma agrees to ladies. Aru stares at Mishri who was apologetic.
At night, the ladies push Mastana out of the room and forbids him to tell anything to Mukhi ji. They all make up Aru.
In the room, Rami says its Aru’s saij but she is actually going to start the new life. She takes the sindoor and says her hairline would be decorated with long awaited sindoor. Mastana announces Mukhi is here, Aru was worried what if Mukhi really comes into talks of ladies. She looks around and finds a dancing stick near the bed, holding it as an arm. She gets to the bed. Mukhi resists but the ladies forcefully pushes him into the room.
Rami bribes an inspector in the jail who sends a man outside.
Mukhi finds Aru under the bed, he bends down. She screams and points the stick towards him. He stares at her making faces. Aru explains she was only holding the stick. Mukhi moves towards Aru suspiciously and grabs the stick behind her, snatching it off her hand. He tells Aru she is at a home not forest, and Mukhi is human not animal. He calls her duffer.

PRECAP: the man comes out of jail at night. Rami was elated to see him and moves with an Aarti thaal to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Wow awesome episode love it…..mukhi and aru look so cute

  2. Love Mukhi aru god what a chemistry and welcome the baddy Rami ke jail wale pati aka Manish sir

  3. I really like the chemistry between aru and mukhi. Both actors are doing their best

  4. Beautiful chemistry, I must say. You can feel the tension between both of them. Awesome acting.

  5. halini Senthul That is what I am saying Saaniv should marry Mukhi. A forty two year old man marrying a young girl may be twenty two or something is really atrocious. To show they will love each other is even more atrocious. If Aru was forced to marry Mukhi how will they fall in love with each other? Mukhi is too old. And that turban of his is really out of this world. I do not know why I am reminded of the marriage agency owner guy with the huge turban.Would Aru marry such a man? Same goes for Mukhi too. Nok Jhoks do not make up a marriage . Nor does it count for love. Don’t show such atrocious stories in consideration of the general public who watch the story. Show some social reform. Such as Mukhi marrying Saanvi.

    May 18, 2017 at 10:11 pm – Reply
    shalini Senthul If you had a younger sister Aru’s age or a daughter that age no matter what your circumstances are you will never agree to them marrying a man as old as Mukhi. No matter how much one sings the praises for such a man who farms, who is “broad minded” who is very very rich ( haan very very rich matters to some people) After all who would say no to a hundred crores? It is one set of rules for Mukhi’s sister and another set of rules for somebody else. Agreed Dharmishsta stole jewelry from Ramibehn . Can you jail Aru for that? Best would be for Mukhi to find a good match for Aru like he did for his own sister Mishri and pack her off. Marry Saanvi or whoever else is willing to marry him. Sure it will not be hard to find even a widow in and around the villages closer to his age. No one will say no when their ages are closer that is a few years difference. Preposterous stories such as these are not correct.

  6. Nice…love mukhi, aru and mishri..mishri is really beautiful..i think she can act amazingly if given a proper lead character..she is talented.her acting was too good at the time of marriage fiasco. Rami behn looks too old for her character..looks like mother to mukhi..they should have brought some other actress I think. Same goes with her husband Manish too.

  7. Mona146

    actors are doing their best no doubt but why sony is always interested in making old man and young girl serils. Kuch to log kahenge, yeh moh moh ke dhaage etc Even dharmi looks very young wrt mukhi but understandably it is a second marriage so no pb but Aru is too small. I dont get it why mukhi hates aru when he should bother about her. How will she live with an old man?

  8. I think story line is nice . They r trying to show that other than conventional criteria of a perfect match like status, age, education etc. a couple must have mental match of thinking correct. Other things doesnt matter a lot if they r happy with each other. In a marriage happiness comes only when both like and respect each other.
    Mukhi and aru r being portrayed nicely .

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