Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru boards the train. Mukhi turns to leave. Aru hides herself from her parents and decides not to share anything with her parents.
At the station, Mukhi ji was stopped by Mishri’s inlaws. They say they came for Mukhi’s wedding. He says he wanted to discuss an important matter with him as well. Aru was worried watching Mishri’s inlaws.
In the way, Mishri’s mother in law was happy that Mukhi made him marry, his life would be completed now. Mukhi wonders what he would reply them if they ask about Aru at home. Mastana was excited to see Deep and family. Rami come for their welcome. The guest inquire about the bride as soon as they enter. Aru calls from behind that she is here. She comes to greet them all dressed up, recalling how she jumped off the train and hurried home. She

welcomes the guests, Deep wonders how can she be Mukhi’s wife when he was marrying Dharmista. Rami wonders how come Aru here, she had seen Mukhi go and drop her by himself. Mishri’s mother in law asks Rami to let the bride do their welcome Aarti. Rami curtly hands the thaal to Aru. Rami thinks she has taken her right the first day, what else would she take from her.
Mishri thinks she knows already what Deep is thinking. Deep wonders why she isnt’ getting his eye contact, what happened in the marriage.
Mukhi comes behind Aru in the corridor, he clutches her arms tightly. Rami was coming through the corridor. Aru asks if he thinks she returned for him, because this marriage was also her mistake like anything. She tells Mukhi she decided to stay here. Rami hear this conversation. Aru says until Mishri gets married she will stay here, he must not worry about what to tell her in laws. Mukhi says he would take care of her. Aru says Mishri is her friend, and in friendship there is no doubts and questions, she is only doing this for her.
Rami was furious that Aru has returned with her rights. They watch Mukhi going through the corridor. Sharabi says Mukhi announces decisions across the village, but he must abide by his wife’s orders after marriage.
Mishri brings tea for Deep and asks why he left tea downstairs. He pushes the tea tray away and was annoyed Mishri didn’t consider it important to share the news with her. Mishri explains there was no time. Deep asks what his parents would think if they get to know Mukhi was getting married with the elder sister and married the younger one. Mishri says they must keep the matter in hiding right now. Deep asks if she is sure no one will disclose the matter? Mishri assures no one will.
The village ladies come for Munh-Dikhai of Mukhi’s bride. Mishri’s mother in law invites them all inside. Rami comes to Mukhi worried what if the village ladies recognize Dharmista, what if this endangers Mishri’s engagement. Aru comes from behind announcing they must do the ritual now. If the truth has to be disclosed, the sooner the better. Mukhi agrees with Aru.
Sanvi and Uma were shocked to hear about the MunhDikhai. Sanvi comes there and announces the Munh Dikhai ritual would take place after two or three days. Uma comes to greet Deep’s mother. Sanvi was shocked to see the bride coming from front. Mishri comes to get shocked as well.
The village ladies react strangely as they watch Aru’s face, one of them remove the veil off Aru’s face. Deep’s mother wonders why everyone began to gossip. A villager lady says Mukhi was going to marry her elder sister, she is so young that they can’t accept her as Mukhyani. Rami says at the last moment… Mukhi qualifies the conditions got such that Aru had to sit for the wedding. Everyone appreciates Mukhi’s step of marrying the younger, the village ladies accept her and so does Deep’s mother.
Rami was worried and leaves the hall as her phone bell rings. She takes the call and promises to reach in time. She says she is coming to take him, no wall can stop her anyway; their testimonies have ended.

PRECAP: The ladies decorate Aru for wedding night. Rami says its Aru’s wedding bed that is decorated, but in actual her (Rami’s) life will begin.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I guess rami ben’s lover is free from jail!
    Meanwhile the story is getting interesting 🙂

  2. I think Mukhi and Saanvi make the best pair. Everything is right. Saanvi is his childhood friend. May be the ages are matching. Saanvi is widowed. Which means she is free to marry. Even if she is carrying a baby Mukhi can bring it up as his own. And they can have more kids as well.

    Mukhi and Aru do not match at all. Aru is young. Mukhi however broad minded he may be is too old. He is set in his ways. His gargling and squatting may have been bearable for Aru because he was his client. But as a life partner Aru needs a young man more like her.

    I think it is not a good idea to show Mukhi and Aru as married couple

    1. Shalini Senthil

      But this story is based on 21 old year girl vs 42 year man…every thing is different in this difference how both of them get close to each other is a concept ….saanvi is match of mukhi but if both together there is no story left…aru and mukhi pair is so cute there nok jok and all super ….sure in future there romantic scences gonna best in this show….I heard or read that saanvi is in negative character playing villain role now she is seems good may in coming episode she turn evil..really nice show loved it

  3. Age is not a factor here and please …like what ARu and mukhi are way perfect than anything else sanvi is a freind she will remain too plus sannnvi lover is going to enter just after rami jail husband entry ………when…kaal atma chudail naagib can happen and people loved them why cant a 42 and 22 cannot be pair up kuch bhi…..people and thier mentality gona never and moreover….a matured man is much way better than so called choclatey young lads ..who with the time just know how to treats his wife like doormats………….

  4. If Aru got Mishri marriage set . Then how come Mishir’s Mother in law and father in law don’t recognize Aru when they see her ?

    1. Hey .itz bcoz of mak up they count recognize aru.thanks to makeup man

  5. just love aru mukhi to the core the most unconvectional and beautiful pair what a chemistry what a story thank u saba mam and rahul sir for such a wonderful show…..

  6. ARU-MUKHI the start of beautiful hourney bring it on!! about rami this woman has become crazy like what!

  7. I agree with u4tlu

  8. Interesting plot – unconventional . I am so curious to the continuous of this play

  9. Aru is young and beautiful wherelse Mukhi is not so attractive and old looking. The actor chosen could have been an attractive one, so that it would look a little compatible. The story line is interesting and Aru’s acting is superb for a new comer. Good to have some fresh face.

  10. Shalini Senthul That is what I am saying Saaniv should marry Mukhi. A forty two year old man marrying a young girl may be twenty two or something is really atrocious. To show they will love each other is even more atrocious. If Aru was forced to marry Mukhi how will they fall in love with each other? Mukhi is too old. And that turban of his is really out of this world. I do not know why I am reminded of the marriage agency owner guy with the huge turban.Would Aru marry such a man? Same goes for Mukhi too. Nok Jhoks do not make up a marriage . Nor does it count for love. Don’t show such atrocious stories in consideration of the general public who watch the story. Show some social reform. Such as Mukhi marrying Saanvi.

  11. shalini Senthul If you had a younger sister Aru’s age or a daughter that age no matter what your circumstances are you will never agree to them marrying a man as old as Mukhi. No matter how much one sings the praises for such a man who farms, who is “broad minded” who is very very rich ( haan very very rich matters to some people) After all who would say no to a hundred crores? It is one set of rules for Mukhi’s sister and another set of rules for somebody else. Agreed Dharmishsta stole jewelry from Ramibehn . Can you jail Aru for that? Best would be for Mukhi to find a good match for Aru like he did for his own sister Mishri and pack her off. Marry Saanvi or whoever else is willing to marry him. Sure it will not be hard to find even a widow in and around the villages closer to his age. No one will say no when their ages are closer that is a few years difference. Preposterous stories such as these are not correct.

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