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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji and Aru watch each other during the function. Both walk towards each other. She watches him ready and considers his shoes as mediocre only. Mukhi ji comes closer, Papa comes to Mukhi ji to introduce him to some guests Aru goes the other side. Aru goes to a side and winks at Mukhi ji who was meeting the guests with Papa. She signals him to come aside, Kaka comes to Mukhi ji then and takes him aside to tie a turban to him. Aru stands beside her mother watching Mukhi ji twist his mustache.
Later, Aru stands back to back with Mukhi ji behind a curtain and insists to hold his hand that he avoided. Mummy comes to take Aru aside. Mukhi ji moves his hand and holds Kaki’s hand instead. He was shocked at once watching Aru on the front and turns around, Kaki laughs over him and goes for

some arrangements. Aru laughs making fun of him.
There, Anshu calls Rami to tell her that they ran away even out of fire. Rami throws the mobile down on floor and cries for her bad luck. She was afraid what if Mukhi gets to know about it.
At night, Mukhi comes to room sleepy and fell over the bed. Aru comes in, he straightens up at once conscious and tells her that her Kaka wanted to introduce him to his friends. He gets away at once as Aru comes to sit beside him. Aru smiles and gets closer, he jumps away until he fell down the bed. Aru’s parents walk into the room then, Mukhi ji stands up. Children run into the room wishing to sleep with Aru and Mukhi ji. Aru’s parents say they must sleep in the hall, they have to give the room to Suman’s parents.
In the hall, Aru and Mukhi lay apart. Aru transfers the message to Mukhi to meet her on the roof. He was nervous at once, and transfers the message, why? A child wakes up saying aloud that Aru wants to meet Mukhi ji. Everyone had woken up. Aru hides her face under the blanket, then later gets up and hits Mukhi ji’s foot. He sits up at once, she signals him to come to the roof. Mukhi ji thinks he would have to go.
On the roof, Aru smiles watching Mukhi ji. She asks why he is standing in a manner as if a punished student stands in front of teacher. Mukhi ji straightens up and asks why she called him. Aru says she wants to say something to him, he asks now? Aru was irked, she asks why Mukhi ji doesn’t speak to her; why is he afraid. Mukhi ji says he is afraid if it’s better for her or not. Aru tells him to think if her happiness is in it or not. They step back over rods of water Tank, some rods fell off. Aru drags Mukhi ji and walks into a water tank as everyone had come upstairs. Rashika at once remember if she filled the water tank or not? Aru was about to speak but Mukhi ji shuts her mouth, signaling her not to speak. The valve of water was turned on. Mukhi ji holds Aru to save her from pressure of falling water. Kaka waits on the roof to turn the valve off when once the tank is full.
In the tank, Mukhi ji was nervous. Aru asks him to say what he wants to. Mukhi ji says he wants to see her happy. Aru insists her happiness lies with him, she just said she loves him dearly. She asks if he doesn’t love her. He was silent.
In the hall, Aru’s mother asks to speak with Aru but notices Aru wasn’t there. They were worried where Aru and Mukhi are. The children say Aru and Mukhi wanted to meet on the roof.
The tank was half filled. Aru asks Mukhi ji if he doesn’t love her. He didn’t look towards her. Aru asks why he hesitates, love doesn’t think about age, religion or color. She is well aware he also feels the same as hers, she wants to hear it from him. When he was silent, she thinks she had false hopes. She says no matter what, she will always love him; she won’t force him into the relation. He might leave for Amboli, she will live here in Ahmedabad and turns to walk away. Mukhi holds her hand. He says he can’t let her go away.

PRECAP: Aru’s family suspect Mukhi and Sanvi’s friendship as Sanvi had come there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Elizabeth Rios

    Love his face expressions. He is such a talented actor. She is a good actress too.

  2. Nice going of show

  3. Finally Aru has admitted to Mukhiji she loves him. I love watching this series full of surprises. Mukhiji looks good with Dadhi n Mooch with filthy shoes. Ejaz Khan role is excellent being a non Gujarati actor.

  4. i love this serial and nature of mukhi and aru

  5. I am a big fan of this serial. What a cute love story. Both Mukhi and Aru role are played well by the actors. Kuddos to the mute scenes. Expressions are at it’s best. Can hardly wait to see how story unfolds daily. A looong wait over the weekends :-))

  6. An excellent web of relationship portrayed .I love both mukhiji and aru.

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