Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rami ben was standing at the door to welcome Mukhi ji and his newly wed wife. Aru performs the welcome rituals. Mishri says Aru is unwell, they must take the bride to the room and they will do MunhDikhai. Rami comes to see the face of her sister in law, Mishri resists but Mukhi asks her to let Rami see the face. Rami turns the veil off Aru’s face and was taken aback. Rashika peeks through to her shock as well. Sanvi was also taken aback. Mukhi comes towards Rami and was himself shocked to see Aru standing as his bride, he asks what she has been doing here. Aru looks towards Mishri. Rami says she was told this happened with his will. Mishri says Aru has no reply to his questions. Mukhi frowns who has? Mishri replies she has. She recalls going to Aru and telling her that Mukhi agreed, Mukhi

had nodded towards her. Mukhi questions Mishri where is Dharmista, Rami says Dharmi ran away with jewels worth 1 crores. Rami says she looked around for Dharmi all across, she sent Mishri to inform him but till them Mukhi had sat for the wedding rounds. Mukhi wasn’t ready to hear for any explanations by Aru. He shouts at Mishri for a reply to his questions. Mishri says Rami has already told him the truth, she easily said to tell him that the bride has run away. She runs to apologize Rami as she couldn’t break this wedding. Mukhi asks if she lied to her brother and betrayed him only to get him married. Mishri says it was about his repect, Mukhi jerks her hand away shouting if his respect was saved this way?
Rami and Mukhi scold Mishri for taking such big decisions alone. Mishri says she had taken the decision of Mukhi’s marriage as well. She says she only wanted someone to take care of Mukhi. Rami asks if Aru, sister of a thief would take care of him. Aru this times say her sister isn’t a thief, she will find out about the truth and bring it to everyone. Rami pushes Mukhi to call police to find Dharmi. Mukhi reminds her the rule that police doesn’t come to village. Papa tries to speak to Mukhi but he joins his hands towards him, signaling he doesn’t want to hear anything and walks inside. Rami also walks inside angrily.
In the corridor, Mukhi recalls Aru came to take Mukhi’s permission that Dharmi is unwell, she doesn’t want to wait for doctor as the wedding would get late that way. Mukhi had nod towards Aru then. He takes off his flowers thinking he always taught Mishri to never lie, and she lied to him today. Mishri comes to his door, he was about to slap the doors shut. She requests him to listen to her, else she won’t leave. Mukhi comes into the room when Mishri sits near his chair. She asks him to think with a cold mind for once, she loves him dearly and can never betray him. Whatever she did was only for his future life. Mukhi asks if something else? He gets her hands away from his arms. Mishri leaves crying.
Mishri comes to Aru. Aru asks if she has no right to be angry at her only because she belongs to a poor family and her sister ran away with precious jewelry. She questions why she did this to her Mishri and runs away from here.
In the room, Rami screams out of rage recalling about her past.
Aru runs outside and cries recalling about her dreams.

PRECAP: Mukhi offers Aru a cup of tea in the morning, she denies as she doesn’t take tea. He stops as he wants to speak to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Wow nice today I feel for mishri all scold her for all this but whatever she did she did for this bro happiness……

  2. Amelia Maharajh

    is it at all possible to get someone who has a good command of the english language to write the updates – whoever is writing this does not even know the difference between he and she and it is totally confusing ! Iam sure many people will agree with me – English speaking people find it very difficult to understand the serials so it would be nice to have a good intepreter ! THANK YOU !

  3. I. Agree totally.The English is deplorable with genders mixed,no continuity of phrases and sentences sometimes so garbled that i often burst out laughing.Time to look for some one who could do a better job.

  4. Agreed…also the names are always wrong! Maybe some one should proof read before sending out to the world?

  5. It would be really good if english subtitles are included for this serial. I am sure all non hindi speaking viewers would agreem. Considering other Sony serial has english subtitles.
    My humble request
    Thank you

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