Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji arrives at the location with money. Anshu sat there with his face changed and tells him not to move on. A goon holds Mukhi’s hand tightly, they ask him for money. Mukhi ji insists to bring Aru first. He checks the money inside the bag and tells him about the hut Aru is in. He enters to see Aru tied around and hugs her first, then unties her mouth and ropes, then caresses the bruises on her wrists because of ropes. Mukhi ji explains he only went to see Sanvi when he came to know she had come here. Outside the hut, Anshu’s men had threw kerosene over the walls of hut. Mukhi ji and Aru were unable to open the door. They light the dried straws around. Mukhi and Aru were striving to break open the doors of hut, soon Aru gets cough due to increasing smoke inside. Mukhi ji tried hard

and hurt his hand. Aru runs towards him. Both try and succeed in breaking half of the door. There was fire all around the hut. Mukhi ji cover’s Aru’s mouth with his shawl. Aru panics that there is fire all around. Mukhi ji tells her to look into his eyes and asks if she trusts him? She replies more than enough. He asks her to go now then. Both come out, Mukhi tells her to jump over the fire. Aru wasn’t ready to go without him. Mukhi ji insists to leave, else both will burn. Aru was determined nothing will happen to any of them. They tightly hold each other’s hands, nods and jump out of the fire. They fall outside the huts and hear the goons coming to look for them. There was a bunch of logs, both get under them. Mukhi ji’s face was at the side of Aru’s feet, he notices her foot was bleeding then gives his hand to hold hers. The goons had arrived just above the log bed they were hiding inside. Aru seeps down in a way that her face was now with Mukhi ji’s face. The men go inside to check the huts, Aru and Mukhi ji get a chance to run. The goons come to fetch them.
At a point Aru tells Mukhi ji she can’t run anymore. He goes to arrange and get out, Aru holds his hand from behind but he promises to be back soon. She stops him again, looks into his hand injury and asks him to wash it. She pours water for him from a nearby pot, then bandage it. Both look into each other’s eyes. Before leaving, Mukhi ji sprinkles water over her face to wash it. Aru asks to speak to Mukhi ji but he says they must go home first, how can she still speak in such tensed situation. Aru says one must say everything whenever there is a chance. Mukhi ji says he can’t believe Aru and the girl who writes diary is same. Aru says one’s mind is not same always, pen is the best medium to get one’s emotions a life. They leave for home.
At home, there was festivity all around. Everyone tease Mukhi ji and Aru for being in such a condition. Mukhi ji tells everyone it’s really hard to take care of Aru, she gets fainted, she falls and what not. Mummy takes Aru to get ready in lady’s room while Mukhi ji goes to get ready separately.
Later, Mukhi ji was sitting with the guests. He hears Aru’s anklet as she runs downstairs after a child.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji and Aru were together under a falling water. Aru asks Mukhi ji to say what’s in his heart. He says he wants her to stay happy. She replies her happiness is with him, she just said she loves him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  3. Aru n Mukhiji should b open about their feelings towards each other as age is just numbers.

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