Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji was shocked to hear its Aru’s diary, he was in a state of disbelief. Sanvi was cheerful. Aru asks Mukhi ji for rent for auto driver. A nurse comes to tell Mukhi ji there is nothing to worry, he must only take care not to take iron and calcium together. Mukhi ji tries to explain to Aru but she leaves annoyed. Sanvi sends Mukhi ji behind Aru. Mukhi complains this is her childishness. Sanvi says this isn’t childishness, this her a usual jealousy of a lover. She holds the diary saying it has now been confirmed that he also loves Aru. Mukhi denies the fact and says he can’t love Aru, they have so many different. She is a fragrance of city, he is a wild flower in a village. Sanvi insists love isn’t done thoughtfully, she sends Mukhi to get Aru back before she goes far away. Aru walks

on the road crying. She thinks how Mukhi was enraged when she talked about Sanvi’s child’s father. As the path gets deserted, Aru notices someone stood right behind her in veil. Everything goes blank afterwards.
In the hospital room, Mukhi gets a call. It was the kidnapper of Aru, Anshu. He tells Mukhi he has kidnapped Mukhyani of the village. Mukhi asks where Aru is. Anshu asks him to arrange for forty lacs only. Mukhi warns him not to hurt Aru at any cost. Sanvi suggests Mukhi that the kidnapper must know Aru is a Mukhyani. Mukhi ji gets a call again, he warns if something happens to Aru he won’t leave him alone. Anshu warns if Mukhi try to involve police, he won’t see the face of Aru. Sanvi tries to convince Mukhi to go and arrange for money, he shouldn’t worry about her as she is safe here. She prays that Rajan got love in life after a long time.
On phone, Dharmi calls Rami and tells her about the situation of jewelry and says Anshu said he got a gold egg laying hen. Rami argues she had sent Dharmi with a one crore jewelry. The call was interrupted by Mukhi’s call who asks Rami to arrange 40 lacs urgently, for Aru. Rami guess that kidnapper can be Anshu. She calls Dharmi again, Dharmi tells Rami that Anshu dislikes that her sister lives a life of luxury. There, Mukhi gets a call from Aru’s father, he was worried what he must tell them. Mukhi silently listens to the concern of Aru’s parents, he says Aru is with him and insisted to show him Ahmedabad. He promises to drop Aru home in the evening. Her parents were relieved as Aru is secure with him.
Anshu speaks to Aru why he kidnapped her.
There, Mastana brings the bag of money to Mukhi ji. Mukhi ji gets a call from Anshu about the location and drives towards it. Aru had been continuously struggling in the hut. Anshu gets a call from Rami. Rami asks Anshu what he has been doing in Ahmedabad and asks if he is doing some business with Mukhi ji. She says she knows everything. Anshu says Rami is really cunning, he says he was asking money from Mukhi ji as ran some of Aru. Rami offers Anshu 80 lacs. Anshu first switch the recorder on, and asks Anshu to kill both in return. She tells Anshu he must not be seen in the country afterwards. Anshu calls her a huge player, and was even ready to kill his father.
Mukhi ji reaches the location. Anshu’s goons held a gun over him. Anshu asks what if something happens to Aru.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji and Aru were burnt in the huts. Aru cries out of suffocation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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