Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji looks behind towards the crowded shop. Aru’s face had been masked by umbrella. He calls someone as Gaorani but it was another girl who turns around. Aru had returned from the shop and saves her jalebis to eat them with Mukhi ji. She hits a man on the way, it was Anshu shocked to see Aru. Aru doesn’t notices him. Dharmi was on call with Anshu and says its because of his carelessness that they lost the jewelry and they have an ultimatum of only two days. Anshu says he has found how to save themselves from this problem. At home, Aru thinks about sharing the jalebis with Mukhi ji, this way he would fogive her. Mukhi comes to the room, Aru apologizes him. She thinks about offering the jalebis with him but before Mukhi ji speaks that she must not destroy her life for a mistake. Their

wedding was a mistake and a betrayal for them both, he frees her with this relationship today. He says her dreams won’t come through the way of Amboli village, she must return and seek her dreams. Mukhi gets a call, he confirms if everything is fine and turns his face away. Aru lay on the bed crying. Mukhi ji sits up thinking Aru is too young, she must have some dream prince for herself.
The next morning, Aru’s parents stop Mukhi ji for Namkaran. Aru’s mother asks for a promise, to return soon. Aru was crying behind the door. Savitri says they understand he is uncomfortable in their small house. Mukhi says houses aren’t measured by yards, but by hearts. Their house is too large. They stop Mukhi ji to have Halwa Aru has prepared for him. Mukhi ji takes a bite and smiles. Aru smiles too. He looks towards the door, Aru hides behind. Mukhi appreciates Aru’s cookings in front of her parents, but her destinations are somewhere else. Aru’s parents claim Mukhi is the best man for Aru, she couldn’t live a better life. Mukhi turns to take a leave. Everyone calls Aru while Aru was crying behind the room. Mummy goes to look for Aru towards the door. Mukhi ji takes a leave saying she must be busy. Aru goes to the bed and cries hard after he had left. She questions herself why is she crying, she wanted to return to the city she belongs to. She finds a bag of Mukhi ji on the table and runs with it. The bag fell down and she finds a diary in it, recognizing to be hers lost diary. She wonders how it reached Mukhi ji. She runs behind but Mukhi had left in the jeep. She runs calling his name behind.
On the signal, Mukhi stops the jeep thinking about Aru. He looks behind the jeep, then takes a turn with the jeep. Aru had reached the signal then. She wonders why Mukhi left towards the city, hires an auto and chases Mukhi. She remembers about forgetting her cell phone at home. The auto driver asks to drop her where she hired. She stops the auto spotting Mukhi ji’s jeep. He had stopped by a clinic. Aru hopes Mukhi ji is fine and comes to reception. In the room, Aru finds Mukhi ji with Sanvi. He asks what she is doing here. Aru questions what he is doing with Sanvi. Mukhi ji explains he came here to drop Sanvi, then snatches the diary from her hand. Aru says the diary belongs to her.

PRECAP: Anshu kidnaps Aru and calls Mukhi ji for a ransome of 40 hundred thousand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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