Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharmi tells Aru to go and find a girl for Mukhi, she says to Mishri and Mukhi that she will speak to Aru for not worrying much. Mishri discuss with Mukhi how different are these two sisters, one is calm while other is like a storm. Mishri was upset, Mukhi asks if she wants Halwa. Dharmi gets an idea about Halwa.
In the kitchen, Aru and Dharmi assures the cook they will cook for whole Dharamshala. Aru was cooking Halwa and promises to teach Dharmi. Dharmi watches Mukhi and Mishri coming and takes the spoon from Aru. Aru had left the kitchen before Mukhi entered. Dharmi was relieved.
Mishri asks what she is doing. Dharmi says she is cooking Sooji ka Halwa for Aru and everyone. Dharmi offers Mukhi and Mishri to taste it, and repeats Aru’s words about frying Sooji until it begins

to smell. Mishri goes to get medicine for Mukhi. Dharmi comes along. In the way, Mishri shares her concern about who would take care of Mukhi after she will get married. Dharmi says the one worth her brother would surely come to them soon.
The next morning, Aru asks Mishri why she is brushing alone, where is Mukhi. Mishri says Mukhi has gone to walk, he had 3 bowls of halwa last night made by Dharmi. Aru gets confused about Dharmi’s act and takes a leave from Mishri. Mishri says she is aware Aru doesn’t discuss her problems with anyone, but she offers Aru to share any of her problems with her if she wants. She says Dharmi told Mukhi her husband left her for a rich girl. Aru was sure to indulge Dharmi with her work soon and find a good proposal for her. She was worried thinking about Dharmi.
In the village, Jamuna speaks to Kaka that there was no robbery last night. Kailash comes to tell Mukhi his trick worked and there was no robbery last night. Jamuna hears about this plan.Aru’s parents come to Mukhi to ask about Dharmi. Dharmi had brought Aarti. Papa says the family of daughter in law were inquiring about them, they thought of going to her Uncle’s place. Dharmi tells them to go, they shouldn’t break the relations. She then brings the thaal to Mukhi and Mishri, Mukhi’s hands weren’t washed. Dharmi puts a bite into his mouth and turns to go upstairs. She gets dizzy and was about to faint.
Aru comes to office where fumigation was going on. The receptionist tells Aru to take the data in hard drive and take home to work on laptop. Aru says she doesn’t have a laptop, she would have to go to net café. She then agrees to take the data on hard drive. She gets a call from her Mama to deposit the whole payment of apartment. She takes the data and asks Gautam to come to her net café near her apartment. A colleague warns this drive contains the data of the whole agency.
Gautam comes to Aru who asks him the number of Dupatta order person, she needs advance. Gautam was confused, then says there are some money issued but after the order she would get two lacs. Aru cheers. Gautam says they must make some more investment for that. Aru was worried where she would get so much money.
There, Mishri and Mukhi take Dharmi in auto towards hotel. They find Anshu’s number on Dharmi’s hand and calls Anshu.
There, Gautam watches the data on Aru’s drive. She tells him its 2500 contacts, a whole agency can be opened with them.

PRECAP: Dharmi tells Aru she wants to marry Mukhi. Aru was determined to get Mukhi married within given time frame.

Update Credit to: Sona

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