Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri tells Uma to go and tell everyone that the bride is coming. Uma leaves. Aru begs Mishri that she does not to marry Mukhi but Mishri insists her to do so. Aru tells her to call the police.
The car in which Dharmi and Rami ben were going, broke down. The diver hears the police siren. Rami ben opts to hide behind the car while the inspector asks Dharmi where is she coming from? Dharmi tells him that her husband is waiting for her across the river when he inspector gets a phone call from Mishri. Mishri tells him that the bride has ran away. The police inspector tells Mishri that there is a bride who is standing beside her. Mishri tells him to bring that bride to her. The inspector asks Dharmi about her name and about her husband. He sees Rami ben, went to look for her when Anshu arrives.

He tells the inspector that she is his wife, they have been married for three years. The inspector asks for a proof, Anshu shows him a picture of him and Dharmi. Anshu asks if he can take his wife with him. The inspector permits him to take her.
Mishri was told by the Inspector that it was not Dharmi but some other girl with her husband. Mishri tells the inspector to keep on search but he tells her that it can take all night. Mishri requests the inspector not to tell anyone about it.
Mishri requests Aru to marry his Brother as she has done everything Aru has told her yet. Mishri insists but Aru still couldn’t say yes. Aru’s mom asks Mishri to stop, her daughter will not agree, she must go and tell everyone. Aru’s mom and father will apologise. Mishri was on her way when Aru stops her and ask to call Mukhi. Aru says that she will that the decision by knowing Mukhi’s first. Msihri nods her head.
Mishri and Aru goes to tell Mukhi. Aru was sure that Mukhi will not agree for this marriage. Aru tells Mukhi everything. Mukhi stares Aru and then nodes his head. Mishri stands up happily and tells Aru that Mukhi has agreed.
Sharabi was trying to call Rami ben and tell her everything that happened in her absence but her phone went off.
Aru was being dressed by Mishri and her mother. Aru had tears in her eyes. She refused to wear the bangles.
Mishri brings Aru to the Mandap. Rami ben came back dancing when she saw few kids staring her. She tells them to go and have food. She thinks to herself that she must control her happiness for some time. She goes inside to console Mukhi when she sees a bride sitting beside him. For a minute, she stops but then says that she is happy that he is getting married. The pandit continues. Mishri promises to herself that she will not let anyone know about Aru and Mukhi getting married. Sharabi sees Rami ben and run towards her, Mishri stops her telling her to go see the decorations of Mukhi’s room. Mishri forbids her to come out or she will fire her. Mishri run towards Rami ben. Rami ben asks Mishri what is happening? She replies her saying a wedding is happening, Mishri says with the blessings of god everything was resolved. Savitari comes giving Rami ben family old ring for Dharmi. Rami ben was confused, she asked Mishri if she has told everyone about Dharmi. Mishri tells Savitari that she Rami ben was with her looking after the decorations. Mishri asks Rami ben to give the ring to Dharmi.

PRECAP: After getting married Mukhi asks the Pandit to take the bride aside as he wants to talk.

Update Credit to: Sona

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