Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhiji and Aru stop for tea. Aru complains why they stopped and when they were to stop, why did he refuse first? Mukhiji says problem with everything. It’s impossible to understand her. Tea comes. Aru starts drinking it in plate. Mukhiji sees and recalls when Aru was taunting him for drinking tea in plate like that. He laughs. Aru asks why laughing. Mukhiji says no one knows from where people get habits.

Ramiben is angry as she wanted to torture Aru more, but she left. But she is sure that Aru and Mukhiji will never be together.

Mukhiji is paying and Aru goes somewhere. He searches her and finds her removing air from car wheel. Mukhiji asks what she wants. She wanted to be free, progress, wanted to go Ahmedabad and now she’s avoiding going there. He asks why. Aru

says when he knows she doesn’t want to go there, then why he’s forcing her. Why he doesn’t understand she can stay in village for longer. Mukhiji keeps asking why and she says she doesn’t have answer. Mukhiji asks around for car repair and they continue their journey.

They reach Aru’s place. Aru falls asleep on Mukhiji’s shoulder. She wakes and both are very close. Mukhiji says they reached. He gets down and opens Aru’s side door and gives her a hand. Aru asks whether their togetherness was till here only? He says seems like it. Both go to pick bag same time and their hands touch each other. She then asks whether they will meet again? He says doesn’t seem like it. She won’t live in his world and there is no place for him in her life. Both start walking in opposite direction. He tells her if she misses village, then she can come. She says if he misses Aru, then he can come to city as well. He says she wanted them to tell him to stay with her, but things will get worse that way. He starts jeep and watches her go from mirror. Aru faints. Mukhiji stops jeep and runs to her. Some people come. Mukhiji asks them whether they know her house. They say yes. Mukhiji takes her to her home. All family members get shocked seeing Aru unconscious. Mukhiji takes her inside and says he doesn’t know what happened to her. Some family member says whether it’s a good news that she’s pregnant. They take her inside. Mukhiji blames himself as he didn’t drop her till her house. Aru was acting. She sees an insect and run. Mukhiji gets angry saying she created mess for herself now. He walks out in anger.

He sees a snacks place and recalls he had read about it in Aru’s diary. He orders one sweet. After eating, he says Aru was right. Aru too comes there. Mukhiji gets shocked hearing her and wonders what he will tell Aru when she asks why he’s eating sweet there.

Precap: Aru sees Mukhiji’s jeep outside hospital and gets shocked. She rushes inside.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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    Love is in the air..???

  2. i think mukhi brought sanvi to hospital

  3. There a subtle love between Mukhiji n Aru but both of them r behaving innocent.

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