Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru was shocked when Mukhi asks if she would come to his village, leaving her city. Mukhi offers her water against her cough. Aru denies saying someone would surely want to be Mukhi’s wife. She counts his property, his villages, his money and his greatness. Aru’s phone bell rings, it was her boss. She gets the call and cheers hearing the call. She says she already knew and happily goes towards the boss. She tells Mukhi that Roopa’s father has taken the responsibility of marrying her. Aru tells Dharmi to inform Mummy Papa she is going to office. Mishri calls Dharmi near to them. Dharmi watches Mukhi eat whole green chilli and wonders how someone can have so much chilli. Mishri asks Dharmi if she likes chillies like her brother as well; then asks Dharmi to share about herself. Dharmi says

Aru is younger, she does the job and takes care of parents. She breaks into cry and leaves. Mishri was worried about what happened to her.
Aru comes to office and was happy watching the female candidates waiting for Aru in the office. She thinks Mukhi won’t remain unmarried for long. People called him a little old fashioned. Someone says he seems to be a joker, illiterate. Only a single lady liked her, and wants a time for two to three days. Aru was relieved.
Mukhi speaks to some people about plantation activity. He was shocked to watch Dharmi about to suicide, as she stood on the wall of balcony.
Aru receives her money from a foreign couple as their guide. They were ready to stay in the Dharamshala. Aru thinks they will get the best of Gujrati experience only here, as Mukhi is here. There, Mukhi had come to Dharmi’s help. She didn’t come down, Mukhi tells her to jump down and not to care about her parents or family at all. Then forwards his hand which Dharmi holds. Aru had brought the foreigners downstairs inside. Dharmi cries that she has become a burden over everyone in her family. Mukhi says everyone is of some use. Dharmi says he doesn’t know about her. Mukhi says one has to take tough decisions and fight the troubles in life, she must not consider the trouble as one. Dharmi cries that her husband left her for money, parents hold her as a burden. Mukhi asks if her life has ended after her husband left her. He inspires her and makes her smile. Dharmi thinks it would now be easy to mould him.
Mukhi speaks to call and was worried about the robberies in the village. Aru comes there, Mishri gives Aru an ultimatum of three days. Mukhi tells Aru she had a lot of days to find a good girl, he asks if she takes the challenge of three days or would still waste his time. Aru again shouts at Mukhi about time but it was again day dreaming when Mishri says she believes Aru can do this. Aru says they must get ready to go to a girl’s house today. Upstairs in the room, Aru calls the lady and asks if she had discussed with her family about the proposal. Dharmi hears her saying Mukhi has to leave to village in three days.
Dharmi notes the number from Aru’s diary, she talks to the lady that Mukhi is already married in village and has a child as well. They were in a hurry only to hide this truth. The lady was thankful to Dharmi. Dharmi thinks no matter how much Aru tries but she won’t let him marry someone else. Aru denies the news on call, but the lady wasn’t ready to inquire about him.
Aru was hopeless and comes to inform Mukhi about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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