Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next morning, Rami tells Aru to find a good proposal for Sanvi when she goes to city, else Sanvi would keep on wandering in other’s houses.
Aru comes downstairs and says she wants to speak to Sanvi but in front of everyone. Mukhi ji asks what she wants to say. Aru asks Mukhi what is Sanvi for him? He says his best friend. Aru asks Mukhi why he never thought about finding the right guy for Sanvi, when he himself came to city. Mukhi ji says this doesn’t need to be said right now. Aru asks why not get Sanvi married once again. Only Rami nods at Aru while everyone else was silently upset. Aru says she now understands, Sanvi is expecting someone’s child if that’s the reason? Mukhi ji stops Aru but she goes to speak to Sanvi directly. Sanvi was uncomfortable, Aru asks what kind

of proposal she wish for. Sanvi tries to get rid of Aru’s hand and says she doesn’t want to remarry. Aru tells her not to be worried for the man who doesn’t even want to name his child. Aru says such matters are normal these days. Mukhi ji stops Aru saying she doesn’t need interfere in her personal matter. Mukhi ji stops Aru strictly this time. He holds her hand and drags her away into the room. Aru resists trying to loosen his grip, he throws her over the couch in the room. Mukhi shouts at her to tie her luggage and not do anything, he hands her the suitcase.
Later, Mukhi asks Sanvi why she wants him to forgive her. She misbehaved with Sanvi in front of everyone. Sanvi tells Mukhi her feelings have changed, she has started to love him; can’t he understand. Whatever she is saying is because of her jealousy, which she feels watching her love with someone else. Mukhi says Aru is used to do everything without thinking about anything, she married him unthoughtfully and then she went into the factory without giving a thought. Mukhi says she belongs to city, she has dreams and other intentions. Sanvi says lovers have a world of their own, they only live in that. Mukhi says Aru will return to city tomorrow and he will get involved with his own works. Sanvi says it isn’t so easily, he will see.
In the room, Aru cries while packing her bags. It was raining outside, Mukhi ji walks into it. Sanvi’s words echo in his mind. Aru sleeps beside the bed. Mukhi ji comes into the room, all wet of rain. Aru stands up be he doesn’t pay any attention, turns the lights off leaving Aru crying then lay down to sleep.
The next morning, Aru was waiting with her ticket in hand. Mukhi ji comes inside asking if she is ready. Aru hides her ticket in hand and asks Mukhi ji about her ticket, if he knows about it. Mukhi ji tells her to look around, she will find it. He goes to search for the ticket around the room. Aru was upset and thinks he would find this ticket in the room, the way he is looking for it. She rolls the ticket and chew it. She choke because of it, Mukhi ji brings her water out of concern. She watches his concern as he wipes her tears. Mukhi asks what she is looking at. Aru asks if he is still annoyed. Mukhi ji says they will lose their train. Aru says they couldn’t find the ticket, it seems it’s not her fate to go to Ahmedabad. She says they can confirm the ticket for some other time. Mukhi ji says he will drop her by jeep now. Aru was heartbroken.
On the way, Mukhi ji drives rashly. He thinks if what Sanvi said was right. Aru asks Mukhi ji if he doesn’t want to hear from her today. Mukhi ji says it’s up to her wish. They look at each other. Aru says he only wants to get rid of her, and wants her to go away from here. Mukhi stops the jeep asking what she wants. Aru says she has a head ache, she needs tea. Mukhi ji starts the jeep again and says there is no tea, he only wants to reach Ahmedabad at the earliest.

PRECAP: In the Ahmedabad, Aru asks if they won’t meet again? Mukhi replies it doesn’t seem so. She watches his drive the jeep away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Poor aru and mukhi, they both have feelings for each other but can’t understand or may be trying to avoid.. but sanvi finally made mukhi realise that its aru jealousness..
    I hope they realise their love soon

  2. Show is about to end…that’s why all this haste by the producers and director to drop Aru off at the her mother’s home

    1. Is it confirmed that the show will be ending? Awe, I really love this show and their chemistry so much :(…

  3. Mukhi is trying to make aru express her feelings by her self.

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