Yeh Meri Life Hai – Epi-1


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so lets begin

vicky :stop it yaar . lets go home ur mother will be waiting for u
ragini :ok

vicky and ragini goes to gm

sumi comes out
sumi:vicky comes out with arathi
vicky:ma is there any special u r taking arathi
saying this he laughs seeing ragini
sumi:actually this is the 50th time ragini tried for suicide
sumi also laughs
ragini :stop it every time some one is coming in the middle
sumi:do u think sanskar come for ur stupid silly fight
ragini:it wasn’t silly . he thinks am so possessive
vicky: u r possesive ragini accept na

ragini goes to her room

sumi:vicky u r seeing her from ur childhood . when will her childish attitude will change
sumi:don’t divert me . she can’t be like this through out her life . i was in shock when she said sanskar accepted her proposal .now see what happened i have two daughters swara and ragini . my elder daughter is like this .
vicky:u can’t tell ragini like this . she is really good in singing .she is having a good future maa

the scene shifts to swaragunu’s room

swara:sit in ur side ok . this is restricted and this is my side
ragini:swara i need that
swara:no u will not get it
ragini:yesturday also because of u i was late u did not allow me to bath u were bathing for 1 hour
swara:so wat get lost
ragini:stupid sister
ragini twists her face and goes to her bed
ragini takes her teddy bear
ragini:see teddy hw cruel she is i will not leave her like this
swara is reading
ragini goes and ons the radio and disco dewaane song play
ragini start to dance
swara gets irritated and come near ragini
swara:ragini ragini
swara taps on her shoulder
ragini:u know so say it disco dewaane
swara shouts
ragini:what swara
swara:can’t u see am reading
ragini: so wat can’t u see am dancing
saying this she again starts to dance
swara goes to off it
ragini stops her
ragini:it is restricted for u
swara calls sumi
sumi comes
sumi :wat is this (she keeps her hand on her ears)
swara:see maa she is not allowing me to read
sumi goes and off’s the radio
swara keeps on telling about ragini
ragini is just standing like a statue
sumi:stup up swara. i know everything. the problem will surly start because of u only and it is ended by ragini .
swara:mom u r allway supporting ragini its not fair mom
sumi:shut up ragini u come with me

ragini:mom y everyone are hurting me mom
sumi:the fact is u r innocent ragini. in thi society a innocent girl who allways specks the truth and obey the rule can not survive ragini.ragini u should stand in ur own legs ragini
ragini hit sumi head and tells
ragini:am standing on my legs only mom
sumi:listen ragini . u know about ur father
ragini:he is a army officer mom . who scarified his life for this country
sumi:ok he scarified his life for this country . but go and ask to this country about him nobody will know him .
ragini:mom u r confusing wat u want tell . tell it directly
sumi:ragini allready am suffering from cancer and after me who will take care of u ragini
ragini:mom nothing will happen to u
sumi:suppose if it happens means wat will u do
ragini: vicky is there na
sumi:no ragini u should not belive anyone like this ok
sumikeep on telling advice to ragini

precap: ragini going to a job

guys hw is it am not happy with this if it is nice i will continue about ragini ‘s character . ragini is a playfull type .

Credit to: anamika

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  1. aww so nice pls continue! ragini is so innocent and cute. pls continue and one question is ragini the lead if yes then i am really very happy! pls continue its good

    1. thank u for ur comment ragini is the lead

  2. Wow so nyc ragini is asusual awesome di…..hope to see this ragini in serial also but they spoilt it….

    1. thank u for ur comment priya

  3. Superb episode and plz continue

  4. Continue… Waiting fr raginis character to shape up into a natured one.. RagLak /ragsan?? Nor probs as far as ragini is d lead .:)

  5. Nice yar…

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