Yeh Meri Kismaat Savitri Devi part 2

Rushi here with part 2
Thanks alot for all ur beautiful comments
Dear friends amnot at all hurt
I respect all ur opinions
Iam glad to see ur love for Kabir
Kabir fans there is a twist in tale
Ur Kabir isn’t negative(I hope u like twist)
So am continuing
This is part 2 n last part

Ok so these two shots were continuation from present epi of real serial

Part 1-Both Kabir n veer realize their love for Sanchi
Kabir writes letter n proposes sanchi
She refuses Kabir gets furious
Veer too proposes sanchi
She gets teareyed
She gets Kabir’s msg
Asking her to marry him or he will let her secret of being sanchi Agarwal out
Sanchi tries to approach veer for help
Veer asks her to marry Kabir

Sanchi is shocked
Veer leaves lift
He rushes to washroom
He looks a mirror
He breaks down
Tears flow
”Sanchi I love u I love u lots I cannot help u I just cannot
I dnt deserve u am prankster, sanchi Kabir is perfect for u
Sanchi yeh meri kismaat hain ki u can never be part of my life
I never got true love in life
My mother also left me”

He weeps

Sanchi is walking tear eyed

she gets a msg from Dr Kabir

”Miss Agarwal u just have half-hour I will go to Dr Malhotra if u dnt agree”

sanchi is confused
fb shows sanchi promising her mother to fulfill her papa’s dream

she remembers her moments with veer n tears drop from her eyes

Kabir is shown walking towards Dr Malhotra’s clinic
Sanchi stops him
Sanchi (hesitation tone)-Sir sir sir am am ready I mean
Kabir(with glitter in eyes)-Really?
Kabir-Thanks sanchi ma wd be so happy to hear this Tdy evening I will organize get together n tell everybody I hope u dnt mind

sanchi nods

sanchi enters her room teareyed
pragya-Abbhe yaar y did u do this we could have done something else
isha-sanchi u love veer
sanchi (teareyed)-maybe it was veer’s prank I dnt know what matters most to me is papa’s dream

she looks at her father’s ashes pot.

Veer is standing near panipuri stall
He remembers his n sanchi’s moments
”miss golgappa I dnt know how I wd stay without u”

veer gets Dr Malhotra’s msg
”kabir has organized get together do be there”
veer drinks alcohol
his eyes get red

Sanchi is getting ready
she imagines veer
veer-miss golgappa u r looking beautiful
sanchi-thanks veer
she realizes veer isnt dr she gets upset
pragya isha look on helplessly

All have gathered
Kabir looks dapper in black full suit
Dr Malhotra-yes Dr Kabir tell us what is it

Sanchi [email protected] veer he is unable to [email protected] her

veer’s pov-sanchi u will get biggest surprise of ur life in sometime am sorry I did all this for u


veer proposes sanchi
she leaves
veer-may be she felt shy

veer is happily walking in corridor
he hears Dr Malhotra’s voice
veer looks inside room
He sees Dr Malhotra talking to coma patient

Dr Malhotra-15 years ago I pushed u from terrace so that I become owner of this hospital
Now ur daughter sanchi is working here with fake id n now I will ruin her they think sunil mishra that u have died but I have kept u alive u cannot die I own ur breath

veer is dumbstruck
veer’s pov-Sunil mishra’s daughter sanchi sanchi Agarwal sanchi mishra papa’s dream
miss golgappa’s father is alive sanchi Agarwal is sanchi mishra

Malhotra hears veer’s voice
scenes of sanchi breaking rules flashes before his eyes

Malhotra n Veer look at eachother worried
veer-How could u do this Dr Malhotra I will tell ur truth to everybody

veer’s phone rings it falls from his hand n gets connected

”Kabir beta did u propose sanchi she agreed na to become my daughter in law tell me tell me”

a scene is shown kabir n vveer r discussing something they keep cells on table n pick opposite so phones have exchanged veer has Kabir’s phone n his mum called up

Veer is shocked
Dr Malhotra smiles evilly
Dr Malhotra-My dear son I know u love sanchi Agarwal opps sanchi mishra but she will never marry her father’s killer’s son so let her marry kabir I will make her meet her father n keep my secret with u or I reveal her secret n get her rusticated

Veer gets thinking
He sends msg to sanchi frm Kabir’s phone (so kabir nt negative he never threatened sanchi)


Kabir-Thanks everybody for coming i want to tell u all something very imp

sanchi closes her eyes
Kabir- our Dr Malhotra is great
He snatched somebody’s dream n tried to kill him

Kabir plays video of Dr Malhotra talking to coma patient n he threatening veer

All r shocked

Fb shows
Dr malhotra picking Kabir’s phone but call is still connected
Kabir’s mum hears his threat to veer
she comes to Kabir n tells him everything Kabir looks at veers phone he sees many pics of sanchi

Kabir takes his phone from veer

Kabir-In my phone camera is always on because any student can come n do anything in my cabin they will disable cctv but nobody knows my phone’s camera will capture everything n dats how everything got captured (isn’t dr Kabir smart?)
police comes
inspector-Dr Malhotra u r under arrest
Dr Malhotra-Kabir u did wrong I willnot spare u
Kabir-Till date I was doing everything wrong by being ur puppet first time I did something right

Sanchi is teareyed to her father she sits besides his bed hugs him
veer keeps hand on her shoulder
sanchi gives him angry look
sanchi-veer what do u think urself to be? u can make anybody marry anyone r u hero?

veer makes puppy face
veer-mujhe laga yeh meri kismaat hain that u cannot be mine
sanchi-idiot I am ur kismaat I love u
she hugs him
All clap
Kabir smiles tear eyed
Sanchi-Thanks sir
Kabir-veer always keep her happy its an order

veer nods n lifts sanchi in his arms


~~~~~~SANVEER FOREVER~~~~~~~~

I hope u all enjoyed this
Any suggestions
criticisms welcome
One request sanveer fans please write sanveer ff please
love u all
take care

Rushi signs off

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  1. Story is superb I love very much. I love kanchi much. But l love very much the story Please update a more story of sanveer.

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awwww such a cute story I thought it was a ff so that’s why I really thought kabir became negative due to love but the twist u added is amazing ?????? so kabir never threatened Saanchi in fact he helped out to reveal the truth and Saanchi’s dad is alive! Wow finally that Malhotra got arrested! So sanveer loves each other and got together ??? loved the last pay when kabir lifted Saanchi in his arms please do write more stories u r an amazing story teller love u ???

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I mean Last part when veer lifted Saanchi in his arms ?????????

  3. Swetatitli

    Beautiful story

  4. awesome story
    i love kanchi more than sanveer but that doesn’t mean that i hate sanveer they are also very good couple.

  5. Very nice story

  6. i love sanveer.Its awsome .I really like it.Waiting for nxt epi

  7. i love sanveer.Its awsome .I really like it.Waiting for nxt epi

  8. i love sanveer.Its awsome .I really like it.Waiting for nxt epi

  9. Superrrbbb yaar awesome,really didnt expect such a twist…plzzz post more os…

  10. osm episode, thnx a lot for not showing kabir as a villain………..finally malhotra has been punished………. felt bad for kabir in the end………..and dear plz don’t stop writing……..ur writing is too good………..eagerly waiting for ur next update asap……

  11. Trisha139

    No criticism for such a beautiful story..::your twist was just mind blowing …lots of love for this one

  12. No way,I know kabir is good but he can’t do anything against Dr malhotra… If he finds out about Dr malhotra, m sure he will talk wit Dr malhotra first,he is unlike veer, he won’t expose him in front of everyone bcoz he respect him a lot

  13. Awesome.keep writing dear.Loved it ????and ya i ma Kaanchi fan but im gonna write a ff on Sanveer named “unknown love for u”.But i am soo busy so i can’t update it in this month.

  14. AnahitaAnnie

    I read the first part and I waited for the second. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and at the end u nailed it.. Loved seeing Kabir indirectly acting as Cupid.. And I am a Kaanchi fan but all sorts of ff are warmly welcomed.. If u have time pls Pls write more.. All of u will try to support and congrats on completing a successful ff.. A huge hug..??

  15. AnahitaAnnie

    And I love ur positivity.. How u adapted yesterday’s comments swiftly amd respected others opinion.. Thats a really magnanimous thing to do.. U rock Rushi!!

  16. superb keep writing amazing love sanveer?????????????????

  17. VINAL

    Amazing yaar thank god kabir is not villan & I think so in real story also saachis father will be live

  18. Amazinggg

  19. Thank u yaar the twist was amazing not I am a kanchi fan so reading like kabir be alone little bit hurt…BT still it was good and thank u for making value of our comments….

  20. Thanks for not making kabir negative . it was unbelievable twist and the way u changed the story line hats off .loved your ff keep it up.

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