Yeh Meri Kismaat – Savitri Devi-Part 1

Hii friends am Rushi
I have written ffs on yhm tashan e ishq yrkkh
Am fan of sanveer I love seeing them together
It hurts alot to see no ff on sanveer
I would love to write ff
but am little occupied with my studies so tdy thought of writing two shots
This ff has two shots n scenes for both sanveer n kanchi fans as I dn’t want to disappoint anybody
I hope u all will read this
please do let me know ur take on this short ff

Okay so to start with this os is a continuation from Real episode of savitri devi telecasted on 24th July (today)

So just a lil summary
Sanchi Mishra is working at Savitri Devi Hospital as an intern but with name of Sanchi Agarwal as Dr Malhotra (dean of hospital) had striked out her name)
Dr Malhotra’s son Dr Veer Malhotra likes Sanchi
He is a prankster
Sanchi’s senior Dr Kabir’s mother wishes to make sanchi her daughter in law

Dr Kabir makes his mom sit in car
He looks outside window
He is lost
(Flashbacks of sanchi falling on kabir, they doing surgery, sanchi answering Dr Malhotra,sanchi touching feet of kabir’s mom giving her medicines r shown)
kabir smiles
Kabir’s mom-Trust me beta sanchi is perfect

Veer is happy
He tells his friend sanchi just called him Bee
Veer’s Friend-Veer yaar by calling u Bee sanchi doesn’t actually mean it
u should tell her clearly how u feel about her in matters of love delays should not be created.

Veer gets thinking
He smiles

Sanchi is trying to study
Fb of veer coming close to sanchi is shown
sanchi blushes
sanchi’s pov-sanchi no no no ur aim is to fulfill papa’s dream u dnt have time for all this focus sanchi focus

Sanchi gets Dr Kabir’s msg
She comes to his cabin
Kabir-Dr Sanchi I need to search my records to find bed no 10 patient’s case history
Sanchi-ok sir I will help u

Sanchi starts searching files
Kabir looks at her adoringly
Both keep hand on same file
They have eye contact kabir gets lost in her eyes his hand is over metal band of file it enters his hand n his hand bleeds
Sanchi notices n rushes to him she helds his hand cleans wound
she applies band aid
kabir adores her
Kabir’s pov-Ma is right she is perfect

Kabir is writting something
He keeps tearing pages
He admires his wound

Kabir gives some letter to sanchi
Kabir-Dr Sanchi this is imp please read it soon n report me

Sanchi opens it she is dumbstruck
”Sanchi my Mother feels u r perfect Will u Marry me n make my imperfect life perfect?”

Sanchi enters Kabir’s cabin
He is nervous
sanchi-sir I think u have given me wrong letter
Kabir-sannn sannn Sanchi I meant it it was for u

Sanchi is speechless
Sanchi remembers promise given to her mother

Sanchi-Am sorry sir I want to only focus on my career now

Sanchi leaves Kabir is furious he starts throwing things

Kabir-How dare she say no to me

Sanchi is stressed
She gets Veer’s msg
”sanchi come on terrace”

Sanchi is shocked to see entire terrace decorated with heart shaped balloons
She sees veer sitting on knees
Veer opens his arms n shouts
Sanchi I love u

Sanchi freezes
Veer goes near her n whispers
”I love u Sanchi ur dreams r mine now I can live I can die for u”
Fb shows sanchi n veer’s fights, veer getting heart, they saving ms Lalwani, Kabir’s mom hugging Sanchi, His proposal

Sanchi panics She turns to leave Veer pulls her she comes in his arms they have intense eye contact
sanchi is lost
she frees herself n runs teareyed
veer is confused

sanchi is sitting on her bed confused
she gets msg from Kabir
”Miss Sanchi Agarwal u cannot reject me marry me or ur secret is out n also ur papa’s dream will remain incomplete”

She panics

Sanchi shows msg to pragya n isha

pragya-Abhe yaar I feel veer Truely loves u Sanchi tell everything to him he will sort out

isha-I never thought Dr Kabir can stoop so low
sanchi we know u too love veer

veer is very upset he is giving injection to a patient
sanchi comes there
veer leaves
sanchi goes behind him
He ignores her
sanchi enters is his lift he tries leaving sanchi blocks his way
they have eye contact
sanchi-veer y r u ignoring me? I need ur help
veer is quite sanchi goes close to him
sanchi-y r u silent u have helped me always veer veer veer veer say something
veer turns his eyes
tears drop from his eyes
Veer-Miss Sanchi Agarwal marry Dr Kabir

veer leaves

So frnds what do u think
How veer n Kabir came to know sanchi’s truth y veer asking Sanchi to marry Kabir?

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  1. Priyankashaurya

    finnaly i got a sanveer ff…thnx u a lot…..i too love sanveer……………i like varun a lot…thnxxxxx

    1. hey dear even I have written a sanveer ff do read if u have tym

      1. Priyankashaurya

        yar sorry i had read it it was realy…nic….plzzz dnt mind as i had comment here first time…as i m meharya fan……soryyy ……plzzzz/,……… u realyy wrote nic……dnt feel hurt plzz…..n may i ask u one thing…..r u bengali….

      2. yaa i am a bong n u??????????

  2. Nice.

  3. Wooow…!!!Loved ur ff…N sanveer ??

  4. Pls don’t narrate kabir as villan types… I am a kanchi fan if like sanveer u can wrote BT don’t narrate kabir as villan once again plssss…

  5. No i don’t like blackmailer and superegostics kabir n sorry 4 my cmmnt if it hurt u

  6. No i don’t like blackmailer and superegostics kabir n sorry 4 my cmmnt if it hurt u kabir is gentleman he never forced sanchi 4 marrige

  7. awesomeeeeeeeee nice concept pl. continue with the next part and update the next part soon eagerly waiting …

  8. Nice but if it is sanveer so I have a request pliz don’t make our Kabir negative we love him and cant see him negative

  9. Seriously tumne to kabir ko villain hi bana diya i am so disappointed i don’t mind agar ff sanveer par h par kabir ka character change mat karo

  10. intersting twist don’t separate sanveer next post soon

  11. Everyone has their opinion its ok to hv a sanveer moment but please do nt make dr kabir negetive… we kanchi fans have always seen him as our male protagonist so kindly do not project negetive character for dr kabir

  12. ya plz don’t make kabir negative.
    I like kachii so plzzzzzzzzz don’t do this.
    episode thik tha but I don’t like sunveer
    sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ……

  13. Please don’t making kabir negative.

  14. nice..but i don’t like kabir in negative…if you want sanveer means write it..
    but don’t make kabir -ve

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg kabir as a villian here ???? Saanchi loves veer veer loved Saanchi kabir loves Saanchi this story is gonna be damn interesting!!!! How all three individuals r hurt due to love ??? and also gonna be damn emotional
    Let’s see what happens will kabir turn back to positive or veer turn to negative or what can’t wait for the next part upload soon

  16. nice episode
    sanveer lovely pair

  17. I loved it even I have written a ff on sanveer do have a read

  18. Don’t potray Kabir as a villian or adamant character.. It’ll spoil the goodness of his character instead u can make a strong line of Kabir mom gets a proposal for saanchi to her mom and show the dilemma of saanchi whether to accept her mom’s wish or veers’ .. (just a suggestion) no offense..Looking forward to your next stroy Rushi dear..Keep going..

  19. If you want to write ff on sanveer that’s ok.. But you can’t make kabir so cheap and blackmailer… He is nice and respectful doctor and a wonderful person…. So pls…

  20. Trisha139

    I agree with you guys …you wrote well even story has a very good plot but please don’t show kabeer as too bad …continue soon …

  21. love it dear keep writing

  22. nice yaar, being a kanchi fan can’t bear such portrayal of kabir’s character………btw everyone has got their own opinions,but still plz don’t show this….our kabir can be khadoos hitler, strict,but he’s not an egoist or a blackmailer kind of person, sorry yaar if hurt u in any means, btw ur ff is nice……waiting for next……….

  23. Superb iam glad bcz there is one of sanveer
    Continue dear

  24. Well you shouldn’t portray Kabir in a negative way, its spoiling his character, anyways no offences but I’m a Kanchi fan, but your episode was good so keep writing

  25. WardhaRosYY

    Storyline Is different and good.
    And one suggestion:- it’s not necessary that in love triangles one should be bad. I mean don’t make Kabeer negative. if you wanna keep sanveer it’s superb as there are not many ff’s on that but don’t make Kabeer negative,

    1. Wardha I really missed ur episode… its very nyc story plz continue writing ff

  26. awesome but don’t make kabeer negative

  27. Finally sanveer fans are here… I was waiting for u ppl and it ffs… I was feeling very sad seeing all Kaanchi ffs… ppl plz encourage sanveer more…

  28. amazing writting.. but i am kanchi fan. It is okay you can write about sanveer but do not make him villain

  29. VINAL

    Nice concept finally one more ff for sanveer as there are so much of kanchi

  30. Sorry for late comment. But…it is really wonderful. Beocz i always want a love triangle between them. And sanchi should agree to veer. Becoz i love sanveer. Just a cute and nice couples are they. Let’s come to the storyline indeed awesome. Why veer is saying that she should marry kabir. Don’t give up so easily veer. But i hope so..that sanchi will soon understand the feelings of Veer and confess her love. Just waiting for ur next part. soon..

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