Yeh MAUSAM Hai PYAAR Ka (Episode 1)


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so the love story in the MAUSAM of PYAAR starts here…..

Holi special episode

A man is shown driving a car.
Suddenly his phone rang.
Krish:Yeah.This is Krish.Haa,I’m on the way..(Krish,a handsome man who is our hero)
(Krish reached the location of Holi celebration)
(Ayush saw him and both had a hug by wishing Happy Holi)
Ayush:I’ve been waiting for you since morning 7.Now it’s 8..What a punctuality !!!
Krish:Arey Ayush,there were some celebration in our locality.I went to drop mom and dad.
Ayush:Come on yaar.No one dared to put colour on you right??But today I’ll make you a Holi mountain..
Krish:hey,stop it…you know that I don’t like to be coloured on Holi.
(Neha came near Ayush for colouring him)
Krish:Hey,this is your sis,right Ayush??
Ayush:Yes.Meet her.

A girl is shown running behind another girl shouting”ADITI…STOP…
(Aditi, a gorgeous girl wearing a white lehanga is shown)
Aditi:No my dear Janny,you cannot catch me….
Jannath:Stop yaar..I’m tired.

Aditi clashed with Neha and it made the whole Holi colour fall on Krish.Krish didn’t see her face.But Aditi didn’t realize that and continued playing with Jannath.
Krish(in angry tone):Who is that Badtameez Ladki??
Neha(smiling):Krish bhai,she is Aditi Mishra.She is a nice girl and also very smart.She was the BEST OUTGOING STUDENTS of our college.
Krish:it’s unbelievable!!! Such a Badtameez Ladki to be the Best student of college???
Ayush:leave it yaar..You look nice in this look..(and laughs)
Krish:Arey,stop your laughing and give me another dress to change..
Ayush:Yes,come on..
Ayush and Krish went to Ayush’s house and Aditi,Neha and Jannath are on full mood of Holi.They went to stage for dance performance..

precap: their Dance and Krish entry..

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