yeh love hai (intro)


Hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope u liked my 1st ff “love beyond ages” and now I’m back with my new love saga …..
Pls support me and leave your comments back about this ff even silent readers also pls comment because the comments will give encourage to me..hope you enjoy
Intro of characters
Ranveer- a young business tycoon, a happy married man
Ishaani ranveer- a young designer , wife of RV
Sanskaar- doctor
Swara- medical student
Ragini- designer
Naitik-a business man

Akshara naitik- wife of naitik , singer
Abhi- rockstar
Pragya- designer
Akshara and lakshya are siblings , abhi is friend of lakshya, swara is cousin of akshara and lakshya so these 4 people will always be together
Pragya and naitik are siblings
Ranveer and sanskaar are siblings and ragini is their sister
Ishaani is ranveer’s cousin as well as his wife
Lets go into the episode
Scene 1
Ranveer’s house
(Sanskaar is commonly known as sanky)
Ranveer: arey sanky what are you saying …will this idea be gud because your bhabi will plan amazing surprises but I’m weak in that. So nothing should get spoiled as this is our 1st anniversary.
Sanky: bhai. I’m there na this will be the most amazing surprise so u don’t worry
Ragini:bhabi is coming .
Ishaani: arey what are you doing here? Sanky didn’t you go to hospital?
Sanky: no bhabi today I’m not going anywhere. I feel dizzy so I’m going to take rest.
Ishaani: what happened. Ok u go and take rest in your room. I’ll bring soup.
Ranveer: I also feels dizzy, biwi can u make me a soup ,I’ll be in our room.
Ishaani: MR.RV I know what you are planning for now go to office bye……………
Ragini: bhai and bhabi, still I’m here only u start your romance after my depature
Ishaani: acha today come early to home , maa has brought alliance for you so the groom are coming to meet you.

aa and cancel this, I don’t have any interest in marriage
Rv: it’s not like that my little sis . marriage is a nice and gud feeling so please accept this for our maa because she is in worse condition after the death of……………
A servant comes and calls ishaani ………….she goes
Ragini: I understand……..bye
Rv: bye, take care
Both ragini and ranveer cry and goes, sanky seeing this feels bad
A temple
Pragya , akshara prays in temple and akshara get reminded of something , she gets scared and faints
Pragya: bhabi , what happened?
She sprinkles some water, akshara regains consciousness
Akshara: nothing lets go home
Pragya: bhabi please don’t think of that incident , forget it
Akshara:I’m trying to do….
At recording studio

Abhi:laksh can we sing this song
Laksh: ha this will be gud
Abhi: hey u know 1 thing this time the backdrop designer is some girl
Laksh: what is there in that
Abhi: arey u pagal
Laksh: kya
Abhi: if she is nice then she will be given increment
Laksh: what increment
Abhi: she will be mrs from miss
Laksh: u wont change at all but I don’t have any interest in love and marriage. But didi is forcing me to get married.
Abhi: marry yaar . that will be gud
Abhi teases him and then practices for their concert
The screen freezes……………………

Precap: ishaani and rv dances in a gala event, sanky cries seeing some pic, seeing swara there ragini gets angry , sanky gets scared , akshara het nightmares

Credit to: supriya

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  1. Wow nice yaar. Continue
    There’ll be So many twists I think so.
    Meeting of every couple should be unique.

    1. ya many twists are there

  2. hey sis ur intro is marvelous………but too many characters are alot confusing ………pls reduce the unwanted characters like NAKSHARA….SWASAN…..if possible…….pls sissy don’t mind & don’t get hurt

  3. Welcome back supriya. Interesting epi waiting for the nxt one

  4. No plzz don’t remove Swasan

  5. I’m a bit confused are ishaani and ranveer cousins. And if so then that’s a bit weird that they are married.

    1. cousins insense ishaani is rv’s aunt’s daughter

  6. ranjani chetty

    So many characters in this ff it’s very difficult to remind so pls cut the characters ma kind req don’t mistake me dr sis supriya

  7. Superb supriya
    Great start

  8. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice Intro

  9. Hey it is good starting but their is too much characters

  10. Hi your stry will b good I think and I have feeling it’s going to have lots of secrets that needs to come out. Carry on but just one problem is I think there are too many pples in this story and will b hard to understand and I think ud b bored with reading it. Sorry if I offended you I’m only giving my opinion but that does not mean you should change it. I think your story will b good I already liked the story to read, so go a head and continue with your story even thought it’s got lots of pple I like your stry and somehow I think it will b different. So plz don’t get offended of what I wrote as I don’t mean to hurt u or offend you.

    1. its k i’m not hurt definitely i’ll make some changes

  11. nyc intro…really happy to c ishveer as hubby wifyy..yaar lyk tat all saying..plzz cut unwanted charecters like…nakshara..

    1. k ya i’ll di

  12. yaar..plzz chang the cover pic as ishveer or else..give all’s pic in cover…then give same importanc to all…if any one write abt kkb ff..then their full concept is for abhigyaa only…so plzz try to understant..this is keen request

    1. sure i’ll change
      i didnt had pic so default pic has been kept i’l change it

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice intro.all the best .keep rocking.

  14. Superb Intro……Go ahead…….

  15. Woo.. Amazing epi ???? love ishveer scenes

  16. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    nice intro but……ishvee……r…cousins…??? it sounds so weird…..please do some changes there….pleaee

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