yeh love hai (epi-2)


Sorry guys I was busy with my entrance exams…… I couldn’t update regularly…..

Scene 1
At concert
Abhi sings a romantic song reminiscing pragya…she too hears it and feels something strange…then she realizes that she is in love with him…after the concert pragya meets abhi and proposes him. He gets shocked as well as happy and hugs her….they both decide to marry that day itself so they went to a temple and marry infront of swara and laksh…..

Scene 2
At rv house
Ragini: the party was awesome na?
Sanskaar: ya gud
Ishaani: sanskaar y are u so sad? What happened?
Sanskar: nothing bhabi
Rv: ishaani ,please get my file
Ishaani goes to get file suddenly she feels something and faints . all get shocked and goes….ragini calls the doctor…
The doctor comes and checks ishaani….and tells them that she is pregnant…all gets happy and ragini tells everyone that her varun is gona come back…..

Scene 3
Abhi and pragya come home but dadi refuses to accept first but abhi convinces her and she accepts pragya ….
Swara calls akshara and informs about pragya marriage .akshara informs this to naitik and he feels sad as he couldn’t be present at his sisters marriage….akshara feels sad and thinks every bad thing is happening only because of her and feels sad…she then takes a decision that she will go somewhere and out of everyones life and goes out without informing a naitik. She keeps a letter near his pillow and goes………………..

Scene 4
Swara gets a call from ishaani and tells her that she is pregnant …swara feels happy and says she is going to become maasi and dances. Suddenly ragini comes so ishaani cuts the call..
Ragini: bhabi I know u are talking to swara
Ishaani: no
Ragini: please don’t hide anything. Y did a lot for us . u left your own sis for our family.
Ishaani: its not like that
Ragini: I know bhabi . u love swara a lot . swara is like your daughter and she considers u as her mom as your parents are dead……
Ishaani hugs ragini and cries ….
Ragini: k bhabi tomorrow bhai is going to US for some work . so u go and stay with swara for some days .
Ishaani: thank you ragini
Ragini: its my duty bhabi….
Sanskaar hears this and feels happy…………….

Scene 5
Rv: sunny
Ishaani: kya
Rv: tomorrow I’m going to US
Ishaani: ya I know
Rv: shall I say 1 thing?
Ishaani: say
Rv: do u miss swara?
Ishaani: ya y?
Rv: you go and stay with her for sometime
Ishaani: rv?????????
Rv: ya I like swara she is like my sis….but don’t tell this to ragini . she will get hurt. You tell her that u are going to some pilgrimage and go
Ishaani hugs rv and says him everything what ragini had told ishaani earlier. He gets teary eyed and sees ragini standing there and calls her
Rv: are you sure of sending ishaani to swara?
Ragini: bhai I’m not angry on swara. I know whatever happened is an accident. Swara did not do anything. But my fear is only 1 thing , y accident happens only with swara. I’m scared of it only but I don’t have any regret for her.
Ishaani: thank you ragini

Scene 6
Laksh calls ishaani and wishes her . he teases her and she also teases him that her child needs mami….he gets shy and informs about pragya and abhi’s marriage. She gets happy and informs everyone…..all calls abhi and wishes him. Abhi gets shy and thanks everyone……….

Scene 7
Dadi comes to abhi and asks him to get ready as today is his sugharat ..he gets shy and laksh teases him……
Ragini comes to pragya and hugs her and calls her as didi…
Pragya gets emotional and thanks her for coming…..
Ragini says it is her duty
Pragya: does rv knows you have come here?
Ragini: no didi..i have come here to fulfil my duties as a sis
Pargya hugs her and ragini helps her to get ready
Laksh sees ragini and thinks to propose her but something stops him from doing that…….his inner feeling tells him that if u propose her then u are doing wrong with swara…he gets shocked and screen freezes………

Precap:abhi- pragya sugharat ……………swara and ragini dances together…………….ishaani and rv love talk

Credit to: supriya

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