yeh love hai (epi-1)

Ishaani: rv how is this saree?
Rv: this is like aunty’s saree
Ishaani: this?: nooooo
Ishaani shows all the sarees but rv denies. Ishaani gets sad and leaves as ragini calls her

Scene 2
At naitik’s house
Swara: didi today is rv and ishaani’s wedding anniversary
Akshara: what for that?
Swara: shall we go?
Akshara: listen swara , you are not a small kid. You know all the problem then y u want to go there? Still you have any………
Swara: no didi its not like that
Akshara: then don’t talk about them
Swara: ok didi and sorry for disturbing you. You take rest I’ll come later
Swara goes and akshara rests……she get dreams and nightmares like she pushes somebody from the cliff…she wakes up with screaming…all come and pacify her.
Pragya: bhai u can take bhabi to somewhere, maybe she gets fine there
Swara and laksh: ye ache idea . yes jeji u take her somewhere
Naitik: ok I’ll book tickets and we’ll go to Moscow
Swara: gud
Pragya: ok guys bye . I have some work

Scene 3
At recording studio
Abhi: ok laksh we had enough practice now lets go to the stage
Laksh and abhi goes to the stage and laksh notices the backdrop screen is about to fall and sees a young girl standing and ordering the servants to do work but he couldn’t see the girl’s face ,. Suddenly he and the girl sees the screen falling and the girl shouts laksh rushes to her and pulls her towards himself and they both fall on each other and then sees the girl as ragini. They both get shocked. Ragini getting teary eyed goes from there and thinks why she is attracted to him even after all these problems and goes. Laksh also feels sad and goes. Abhi notices this.

Scene 4
Rv’s house
Rv: sunny what are you doing? You didn’t get ready still?
Ishaani: what will I do ? I don’t have any gud saree. So I need new saree.
Rv: are you joking? The guests are about to come. Go and wear any saree which you have and come down fast.
Ishaani scolds rv cutely and goes
She opens her cupboard and sees a bok kept there
She opens it suddenly rv comes from behind and shouts surprise….
It is a saree. Gold colour with black border full of embroidery work and it looks awesome. She thanks him and asks what gift he need. He says I need to make you wear the saree. She gets shy and nods yes……..he makes ishaani to wear the saree and they both have an eyelock.
And they share romantic moment
Suddenly ragini knocks the door and says guests have been arrives and asks them to come fast.
They both go down and all complements them. Then all asks them to dance so they both dance and cut cake all the party events will be going on and suddenly swara comes there

Scene 4
At sanky’s room
Sanskaar cries seeing a pic and sees swara and gets happy
Ragini also sees swara and gets angry she goes to her and slaps her hard sanskaar tries to stop ragini but couldn’t. she takes the knife and says
Ragini: killing you is not a sin. I’m gonna kill you
She throws the knife on her face sanskaar shouts ragini…and swara also shouts…..

Scene 5
Laksh and abhi get ready for concert and laksh gets a call so he goes to attend it. Suddenly pragya comes and asks for laksh . abhi is stunned with her beauty and does not respond anything. Pragya keep on calling him but he does not. She gets angry and scold him but he is mesmerized with her beauty. Then laksh comes and she says that akshara and naitik has left and gives him the house key as she cannot come home at night as she is having an important work and asks laksh as abhi is mentally disturbed person. He says no and laughs. Pragya goes and laksh wakes abhi. He says fuggii…….i love her. I need her in ma life. You need to unite us . you have to do this for your friend. Laksh laughs and goes….

Scene 5
At sanky’s house
Sanskaar looks at swara’s face and is shocked.
Ragini then reveals to sanskaar that she is not swara she is kavitha and she wears mask like swara’s face . so she made this drama to show her true colours
Kavithaa: but how do you know?
Ragini: my dear I know about swara. She won’t wear like the dress u have wore now. So I got doubt and followed you. I heared you talking to someone and saw you removing your mask
Kavitha: so smart ragini
Suddenly police comes and arrests kavitha
She sees everyone with a evil look and says you will suffer a lot and goes….everyone goes…..the screen freezes on sanskaar’s sad face and rv-ishaani’s happy face…..

Precap:marriage of abhi-pragya, ishaani faints all are tensed……..

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