yeh kya ho raha hai?

i m here again with absolutely nothing :p bt yeh kya ho raha hai..omkara vacation pr gaya hai, rumi toh tia ki bhi daddy nikli…ekdum solid, bechaara rudy,
annika is again tadhibaaz again n shivaay he is foolish yet i pity on him! lol!

dhak dhak dhak dhak everywhere,tell me saumya why do u fear? …bcuz idk abt rudra bt when shivaay comes to know u r luv angel he will not leave u so easily my dear…


n i luv ghochu(acp randhawa) now….

shivaay is all gone now.. 😀

what do u think what will happen?
n actually the pt is itna sab kuch ho raha hai from past few days n i couldnt write an os abt it toh socha i should rather ask yeh ho kya raha hai?

lets fly to ishqbaaz land with trivago now ,until then……
see u! have a nice weekend,a nice day n an awesome night!
sending reikis n rumi’s aashirwaad to u all…
gocha! wish me luck n i ll wish u diwali! xD (trying to make a bussiness deal here)

bt well i seriously think tht why is shivaay not always drunk?

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  1. Me bhi yahi soachti hu ki why was shivay not always drunk..i think he behave sensible when he is drunk?lol

  2. i agree with pakhi i feel pity for anika

  3. Awesome analysis??I had such fun reading it “Rumi Tia ki daddy nikli” hahaha
    And “I love ghochu” ??

  4. Shaza

    ???even when he is drunk he talk in a normal , not the words but his accent ??..and yea Soumya should be scared of shivaye after the super awesome advice she have given ?..and rumi as Tia’s daddy , can’t stop laughing , awesome analysis yr ?..ROFL….rumi as Devi seriously made me say ” yeh ho Kya raha hai( OMRU style ?)

  5. Tulasi

    Hahaa r8 kashi…y wnt shivaay he bee in nasha always..??? Atleast sach tho bahar aathi….kadoos …….baagad billa….dnt evn know his feelngs…..khud hurt hota hain…aur anika ko bhi hurt kartha hain….

  6. He is all lattu over Annika now…cheapde if I say in Annika language….kahi pe nigaahe kahi pe nishaana

  7. Sat

    Hey kashi dear sorry for the late comment.
    Shivaay toh bahot dignified or classy hain. Isilye woh kabhi nahi drunk tha. Your questioning is really good. YEah even I feel that when shivaay comes to know that soumya is the love angel, he is going to kill her???

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