yeh kya ho gaya?-shivika os


hanku for an overwhelming response last time ๐Ÿ™‚ … now after thhat sangeet part is out by u me aur tv…i feel the marriage is soon approaching..
n yess we will soo see shivika first hug! n every1 thinks D is Daksh cuz he is a bit too much touchy n creepy ..n he spoilt the gift moment though it ended up well with the thanku..n today shivaay will ask “shaadi krogi?” in front of god’s idol he would say daksh later so bhagwaan ke saamne pooch bhi liya aur poocha bhi nahi..waiting for the day when he says “will u marry me annika” n she will say a “yes” but the truth is that this is not going to happen since shivika marrying soon…only too much enviousness can let the luv u marriage..else i wonder what kind it will be..i just dont want hate or bride swap marriage,if this happens i ll stop watching show…but consequences resulting or a groom swap would go xD

so here i am with shivika shaadi..which is not a proposal,neither a hate thing nor the vulnerable bride swap..


shivaay pov
i was all ready wearing the royal blue sherwani since annika felt black on an auspicious day isin’t good..though tia says i look handsome in black but..i dont know..why do i always tend to think n do around what annika tells me…why is it? why is the feeling of getting married not right? why does it feel so wrong?

annika’s pov:
i am looking quite different in this peach lehenga..peach beacause its billuji’s favourite colour…i had always thought that only red is worn for one’s mariage…bt i realised these rules could be broken for someone you love…love? is that what i say i have with him? or it is much apt with billuji?billuji? why do i always think about him,what is the connection?
no! annika! what are you you are getting married n you are thinking about you falling in luv ?

a little later,
shivaay was sitting on the mandap anxiously ,with a fear,with some lust,with a wrong feeling yet waiting impatiently…
soon, her would be bride was walking down to him…n annika too..she was looking extremely beautiful in peach lehenga ,not at all blushing but with a feeling of a stone kept on her heart…shivaay n annika both felt something wrong about it ….
as she walked she could see shivaay staring at him,n thinking to himself “wow!she looks like an angel on earth,so exquisite…but this is wrong! i m not getting married to her” as he ignored his would be wife n continued to stare at annika who started to blush hard,making her look even more beautiful through his eyes…
on the opposite side, annika too thought to herself “thanku billuji! thanku for keeping my wish..u look so dashing n dont forget,hot as hey! why am i staring at him n blushing when he is seeing me with those eyes..when my going to be is on the next mandap..this feel is surely wrong!!” ,she thought ignoring the eyes who were actually not glancing her….

the brides sat on their respective mandap’s… tia with shivvay n annika withhh daksh..the hall was set beautifully by the wedding planner n the bride herself, n if u took a look of the hall through a satelite view or at an angle of 90 degree, u could only see shades of peaches n blues with not a single trace of black…
n if we give a closer look to the grooms then daksh was also in royal blue with a similar style of the difference occured in their looks,while shivaay looked a bit too royal n graceful with a sense of maturity n tint of sadness in his expressions whereas daksh looked quite opposite..n not to forget some part of his sherwani was black,tia’s favourite colour…..
n similarly if we give a closer to the brides then,both of them were in peach but the style of lehenga itself,spoke alot…..tia with a much glittery n beautiful one but a bit too showoff tube top having no proper chunni as a cover but the creepy smile for the betrayal,n a hidden feeling of sadness with a covering feeling of greed which acted one made her look quite off in her own wedding whereas for annika,her lehenga was a very simple one with nothing much but elegance as she carried it out in a full grace..lookiing like someone’s to be ….whihc was not in the case of tia…

as they sat down n panditji started to chanta some mantras…..there was a sudden powercut…not even a single light was glowing to show us a little hope of something good to be happen n darkness filled the room accompanied by fear,fear of annika from the she closed her eyes,scared of dark, flashback of long forgotten time started outpouring..the time which led to only misery in her life, the day which lead to the biggest loss of her life,the day when she lost her parents n the day when a few men took her sister away,at the orphan….. she started to feel pain as if someone was slicing her or continously scribbing her heart n soul with knife…she was loosing her control..she started crying as she remembered the incident like a movie playing in her mind,how her parents were celebrating their marriage anniversary with a no. of people in a large hall n how the power got cut n two men came in with arms n how everyone left running ..leaving their family alone with the criminals..also she remembered how her mother asked them to go away with chutki, n last time she had a glimpse of them was when they were relentlessly being slaughtered by knife leaving no chance to escape death…n she could helplessly do nothing but get scared by dark n big bussiness empires as
annika screamed and soon a pair of strong muscular hands wrapped around her n embraced her in the most soothing hug one could ever give to someone calming her down but unknowingly making her hyper again as she saw history repeating itself…n making her cry even more as she didnt wanted her loved ones to leave her again..making her hold shivaay even more tightly as she thought same big family,same big hall,same wedding celebration n same loved ones accompanied with the same power cut…she felt as light will come again n so will the evil…
when lights came she still had her face dug inside his chest
forgetting the no. of people looking at them n the no. of eyes who could be questioning later, she asked shivaay ” u wont leave ever leave me alone ,will u?” n shivaay who was comforting her by gently moving his hand on her head now caressed her face n told her “i wont ever leave u annika” …”promise” annika asked “pinky promise” shivaay said.. n she again digged her head in his chest…n the next moment shivvay too asked her the same n further ,leaving the fact that he was marrying someone else n the people around he digged his head in her neck n asked her “annika, i ..marr…. ” n before he could ask her tudhhh..a vase fell down… suddenly the focus of everyone was distracted towards the vase..
“aap boliye” annika said…shivaay contd ” will u m… ” dhummm….a container fell again distracting…..
” this is irritating! if this happens again..i ll get u n me out of here” shivaay said.. “dont get distracted ,billuji” n he continues “annika marry… ” dhahaaamb….this time the artificial pillar set…
“oho! i will not give him any money now…i asked him to place it correctly n asked twice for the assurity of it not falling” annika said…”now who is getting distracted?” shivaay looked..”uhhhu! uhhu!” did annika …

two men one with bullet other without bullet give a khidki todh performance…as the security was high at door..
“shivaay singh oberoi!” he said angrily..but someone interrupted”abbe! chilla baad mein lena,iss sab ke paise nahi diya hai maine…pehle help me come inside”…now they were helping two elderly women to come inside giving them hand..
the women were roop n gayatri…
shi: gayatrii u r not dead..? ani:gayatri u r not dead? acp:gayatri tum marr kaise nahi sakti ho?
gayatri:mai mari nahi kyunki mujhme junnon thi,taakat thi aur sabse badi baat pyaar tha ..apne pati se jisko tum logo ne berehmi se khud ko khatam krne par majboor kr diya..bass ushi ke badle ki vajah se mai mari nahi!
shi: aur roop bua aap?
roop:mai apne pati ko jail se bahar nikaal bina nahi reh sakti…
anni:oh so u both have come for this purpose? (annika holded shivaay’s arm tightly by both her hands n shivaay looked at her n she gave him a tensed look)
gayatri:now i wont leave u shivaay singh oberoi..u r dead!
everyone started running here n there leaving family n the bride grooms… as the gundas started to tehas nehas the things…..n he aimed at shivaay who was already running as annika held his hand n pulled him or actually made him ran from here n there…

omrupinky: shivaay! tu shaadi kr…hum inko sambhaal te hai!
pinky+daadi:haa panditji! aap non stop mantra padhiye…
n pandit started chanting mantras…
—————–after some time when they were caught n sent to police…
pandit:vivaah sampann hua..aaj se aap dono pati patni hai
pinky:OH MY MAATA ..pinky shouted!

every1 was shocked as the scene was quite hilarious… tia n shivaay married daksh n annika..samjhe? tia married daksh n annika married shivaay!
because actually daksh was tia’s D n they loved each other so seeing the things i dont know how but they realised n got married…
whereas shivika? annika wasnt giving a chance to shivaay to settle n they were continously running here n there around mandap..n in last 4 rounds shivaay was holding her hands n running here n there because the shooter soon realised that to kill shivaay target should be he pointed gun at annika…btw did i forgot to tell u tht before om n pinky asked shivaay to marry fast rudra served them with fruit punch for energy? :p

n now
when everyone asked yeh ho kya raha hai..
tia n daksh looked down…
rudra seeing them sang ik ik “universe yehi chahta tha..kyunki teri jhuki nazar teri har adaa mujhe keh rahi hai yeh dastaa” om” rudra!!! (contd to sing)yehi shaks hai joki bahut time se inka secret boyfriend bannkr aa gya” …
n then befire it could get serious shivika looked at each other n started laughing till their stomach started hurting n then suddenly background tune changed..n they both got a bit serious faces .n then suddenly shivaay opened his arm in srk style…..n annika ran n hugged him… n then he lifted her a bit n then they ghoomofyed around their orbit..i mean u guys understand right like a hug in which the hero slightly pick the heroine up n they r so happy that they take a circle round…fixed at a place..

then everyone started laughing….
n shivika made a frown face..
simultaneously annika speaks shivaay n shivaay speaks annika…
then he says i ll say first then annika says ladies shivaay denies..finally they come to a point tht both will say together n they do

“i m sorry..maine yeh shaadi jaan pooch kr nahi ki,bass ho gyi..m sorry”

now both get astonished to hear same things n before they could react all others did n said…
“u guys dont know but yeh shaadi krke tumne itni badhi galti ki itni badhi galti ki , ki ..” now rudra says “hum mooh dikhaane laayak nahi rahe” “shut up rudra!” said everyone…
“where were we? yes.. ki… tumne apni zindagi ki sabse acchi galti krdi…. aur ab bass uss sabse badi galti ko sudhaar kr finally keh do”

“kya?” shivika ask
“i luv u” everyone says
“i luv u alot” shivika say
“hum bol rahe the tum dono ek dusre ko i luv u bol do” they say
“mai..aur i luv u..inko/isko..NEVER” annika n shivaay speak
“dont behave like kids…keep ur ego n zidd aside” they say
“meri ego? ego iski hai” shivika say
“aur tum meri copy krna bund kro” shivaay say
“haww! mai aapko copy kr rhi hoo?jhoote! aap merko copy kr rahe ho” ann say
“tumne merko jhoota kaha? tum ho jhooti” shi says
“aap apni patni se aise baat krenge” annika shouts
“toh tum apne pati se u baat krogi” shouts shivaay
“u naa billuji..u r just hopeless baggad billa kahika” annika says
” dont call me that ohk! n kahika nahi yahi ka,pannika!”
“dare u speak me pannika” says she
“ohk baagad billi!”says shivaay
“baggad billi?” says she
“ab if u r calling me baggad billla then bagggad bille ki biwi toh baggad billli hi hui naa” showing her that annika logic sign
“haww! meri billi mujhi ko meoww.. vaise aap bhi naa ekdum billu hi ho” she said blushing a little after tht billi thing
“annika,language! please dont use more new words! n vaise tum bhi koi kamm pannika nahi ho” he says
she smiles(everyone gets a breath as finally they stopped fighting bt yeh shivika hai aise kaise rukk jaayenge) n says ” mai aur naye shabd bolungi baataiye ,aapko kya khurduri ho rahi hai?”
shivaay “khurduri?? yeh sunkr mujhe michmichi ho rahi hai! aur u r not going to use any of these new words now!”
aanika” n vo jo aap bol rahe hai?”
shivaay “when did i say any of ur words”
annika”fir michmichi kisne kaha?
shivaay “vo mai>.”

“guys shut up!!!” everyone said “please fight later n discover n speak new words later! first speak the important 3 magical words” they say
]”ohk!” shivika say frustated”
” u r billu!” said annika n simultaneously shivaay said ” u r pannika!” in an angry n disgusted tone
“haww” they say n continue their fight….

“inka kuch nahi ho sakta” all they take them in their room n lock them..

—–after some time,both annika n shivaay r lying on the fruit puch effect finishes..n while sleeping n cuddling into each other they say i luv u..

thats it! i know it was one of my most bakwass i really wanted to show this,as i was always influenced with the ending of singh is was so lovely haina…

this time i allow criticism as u might be thinking yeh padkr maatha phodh i still hope u like it…cuz ummed pe duniya kaayam hai..n all champa n chmelis n tamatars n andaas accepted

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