@Sarna mansion..
After reaching home kunj goes to his room and seat in his couch. he was thinking the mall incident that what’s on going now a day’s. he was also lost in twinkle thought’s. he get to know that twinkle was only hospital girl who dressed his wound.

Her Beautiful angelic face, melodious voice, her Beautiful eye’s. when he loves his twinkle he vows that never ever in his life except her he will not love any other girl, for his it was her only her but that was other thing now he hate her why because he thought that (nhi bataungi?).

He was lost in this thought when mahi come to his room and stand beside the couch and she places her hand on his shoulder kunjs thoughts got broken and he looked at there was mahi looking at him with concern, kunj pat his side to gesture her to sit beside him, she sit beside kunj, kunj wraps his arm around mahi’s shoulder mahi leanes in his chest then kunj kiss on her head. Bro-sis love uh knw☺☺

M: what happened bhai, in which thought ur looking lost..

K: Nothing my lovely sister.. caressing her hair lovingly☺..

M: Acha ur ok right, I’m noticing that after returned in India ur looking so lost whenever I saw you,

K: Nothing is like that mahi don’t worry…ur bhaiya is fine☺

M: Nhi kuch toh hai batao kiske bare mai soch rahe the?..

K: kya mai kisi ke bare mai soch rhi thi well muje toh nhi pata tha, thanks batane ke liye.. kunj joked folding his hand like namaskar? and mahi laughs..

M: bhai ap bhi na, wese I love my bhai like this not that sadu wala mood.?

K: Acha ajkal bohot tera us stupid pati jesa ban gyi tu lgta hai, and now my sister also pulling my leg like her idiot husband?

M: Bhai sanghati ka asar and suno meri uv ko kuch mat bolna he is not my idiot husband infect he is super idiot wala monkey?..

Saying this both bro sis laughs? just then uv enter kunjs room with frown in his head? with his hand on his hips, it was fake but he pretending its real? but He was looking secretly admiring both bro-sis love also feeling sad that he also wished for a sister..

(but little he knw that he have really a sister maybe. who is it??)

and here both bro sis was looking like innocent baby who didn’t steals any chocolates?

U: Oye Kya bola dono bhai behen ne muje abhi abhi, m I looking like that huh?

K/M: Yeah Idiot/ Monkey.. both r laughing?

U: Dekho toh kese besharamo ki tarah dono bhai behen jawab diye ja raha hai huh?

Mahi was just suppressing her laugh..

K: Abey besharam hoga tu hum bhai behen innocent hai samjha. or jhut kya bola tu toh hai super idiot wala monkey..

U: Hwww ek toh meri badnami kar rahe ho mere pith piche upar se muje direct hi bole ja rahe tuje toh bad mai dekh lunga saala? or tum khe khe kya kar rhe ho ana jara ekbar dikhata hun tumko?

Pointing towards mahi saying her wisherply and she gulped giving uv to her sheepishly smile but kunj back roared at him?

K: Abey don’t uh dare samjha agar meri behen ko kuch kiya toh..

U: Oye meri biwi bhi hai mai Jo bhi karu tuje kya be?, Ab wo sab teri sath thori na kar sakta mai?

K: Dekha mahi teri pati kitna besharam hai sambhal is gadha ko..

U: Hww mai gadha toh tu kunj the great Bakri?hehe..

They are just continued and mahi was getting irritated with their this fight she shouts..

M: Stop!!!!!!!.. bas karo ab dono, uv tum bilkul chup raho ab meri bhai se or jhagra mat karo.. uv mouth got open.

U: dekha abhi end mai apni bhai ka hi support lia na, haye dost dost na raha or pyar wo bhi gya?

M: Ho gya ab, toh lunch karne ajao dono saying this she left from there.

U: Tuje toh mai bad mai dekh lunga saala.. uv murmurs while glaring at kunj and left from there behind mahi, kunj just laughing and later he also left toh have his lunch at downstair..
Next morning in kunjs room after having breakfast, he was sitting in his bed playing his guitar just practicing for his next concert. he called uv to his room for some urgent talks. uv come and seat beside kunj..

U: Bol kya hua, kyu bulaya..

K: About my concert, everything is setting properly right?..

U: Yeah they are preparing for it I talked with the manager about it..

K: well do uh knw the schedule when it will be happen..??

U: Hmm after 2 day’s ABC place at the evening in 7 pm..

K: Good when everything will be confirmed uh just tell me ohkk..

U: Sure saala shab.?

Their convo was end but kunj want to say something but how to start he is confused but thought to left it,, but uv sense it that he want to talk about something then he sigh and finally ask him seeing his inner fight’s..

U: so pehli bat ka the end..

K: so…??

U: so bol dusri bat kya hai.?

K: Konsi dusri bat.. trying to hide it

U: Listen I knw uh well kunj so don’t hide it just spell the been..

K: I want to talk with uh about something, it’s eating up me since yesterday..

Then he tell about twinkle everything to uv their 1st to last all the things has happened. uv also same laughing holding his stomach.

U: Hahaha kunj hahaha?

K: Kya hua be has kyu rha tu..

U: Toh or kya karu hahaha? tu kya samjhta hai be khud ko, sabko kya muje samjha hai jo tuje jhelega..

K: Tu muje kaha jhelta ha, jhelta toh mai hun tuje idiot..

U: tere sath esa hi hona cahiye woah finally ahi gyi ek meri side se badla lene wali tu sher to wo sherni?

K: Badla lene wali nhi, pagal khane se ayi hai sab log or tu bhi huh, chup hoja warna pitega mere Hand se..

U: huh or tu my foot se.. he was rolling on the laughing hard..

K: tera foot huh ye le mera foot..

saying this frustrated kunj give him a kick with his foot and poor uv fell down from the bed and his butt hit on the ground he screams.?? while kunj smirks?

U: Ayee mammy tut gyi kamar??

K: Ab tere sath hi esa hi hona cahiye..

U: Chup kar kamina tuje toh aj mai..

Uv got up from the ground and goes to bed and start fight with kunj then he pushing kunj he seat top of kunj and raised his hand give punch to kunj, but he caught it and just then mahi and yuhan come to kunjs room, both was shocked to watch the scenario, mahi fowrns and yuhan just looking confused why they are fighting.. uv saw them seeing mahi angry face he gulping his throat and got up from kunj.. whilst kunj was just enjoying this baning bechara?

M: Uv phirse tumne start kardia?..

Y: Pappa ap bhttt bule ho, meli mamu ko kyu mal lahe ap?

U: Haye sare duniya meri hi dushman kyu bane hai pehle mera biwi ab beta huh, areh beta mai toh tumari mamu se pyar kar rha tha.. KuHi’s eyes widen both burst out laughing, while uv glare both of them??

Y: Kya pappa pyaal wo bhi mamu se toh meli ma ka kya hoga.. he is watching his ma n mamu being confused..

U: Nhi nhi beta I love ur mom..

Y: toh mamu se kyu pyaal kal lahe the?

Uv slap his 4head and KuHi laugh on him..

U: Haye leke jao ise mahi kon sikhaya yeh sab use

M: Bap hi itna naughtiness ki dukan hai toh beta toh hogi na.. Mahi was smirking?

U: huh zalim duniya biwi toh gaya ab beta bhi, sabke chinta hai ise lekin iske pappa ka nhi, making a fake upsetting face.?

Y: No no pappa mai apse bhttt sala pyaal kalti hun sachi??

He is saying with his cute sa baby voice while uv melts listening this.. he goes and picked up yuhan from mahi and give him a pick on his head and yuhan also give him pick on his pappa’s check.. while KuHi smiles at them..
Episode end here..
Precep::: Kunjs concert will happen.. Twinkle remembering their childhood moment..
Assalamu alaikum all☺☺
This chappy is for Sia dear??

Well I’m very busy time nhi hai but time nikal ke likha hai so it was as always not good and thanks to 15 people who cmntd in last one??

Next will post soon if i get sufficient comments InshaAllah? So do cmnt people tata??..

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