@TM mansion..
After reaching home kunj enters along with varun and chinky and twinkle in his arm’s.. Leela saw this come running towards them asking many question but twinkle calmed her saying this that it’s just minor accident nothing happen much then leela said kunj to took her upstairs their room..

Reaching their room kunj placed twinkle in her bed with carely both is looking each other eye’s.. chinky saw this and coughed to gain their attention coz their all was present??

L: Thank you puttar tune jo bhi kitta meri kudi nu waste..

K: It’s ohk Anty koi bhi hota toh mai esehi karta.. Looking at twinkle and she is just looking at him with frown?

Then leela took varun and kunj at downstair in living hall and left twiky was alone in the room..

@At living hall..

Leela said both to sit down in couch she will bring tea and snacks both of them and goes to kitchen and here varun is teasing kunj about elevator incidents…

V: Kya be aj toh bara hero ban gya apni baho mai meri saali ko utha ke??

K: chup be she is injured how can I left her der alone..

V: ohho alone and what, the way uh look at her lagta toh hai vai kuch kuch hota hai.. he start singing? and kunj Punch him in his arm..

K: chup kar saala esa kuch nhi hai jesa tu soch rha hai..

V: toh kesa hai vai jara hum bhi toh sune?

K: or tu bhi toh tha na waha teri hone wale biwi ke sath akele romance tune jarur kia hoga..?

V: huh romance itna bhir mai toh khara hone ka chances nhi toh romance kya Khak karunga? but tu toh lift mai akela tha haina khudki bolna?

kunj give a death glare to him and murmurs dono ke dono pagal hai (mentioning about uv and varun?) and he become silent after leela come from kitchen goes near them sit in other side of couch..

L: Lo puttar ji snack’s khao ji..

V: Kya formality karte ho ap Anty kuch din bad toh officially damad ban jaunga na is ghar ki..

L: Acha but mai toh apko abhi sehi apni damad manti hun.. listening this varun gets happy..

V: Aww thank uh Anty ji ap kitni ache ho wish mera sasur bhi esa hota.. he said dramatically and leela laughs and look at kunj he is silent all time and sitting quite..

varun excuse them saying before leaving he want to go twikys room and meet them leela give permission and he goes their while kunj was alone then leela start asking his about..

L: Acha puttar tumara name kya hai.?

K: Kunj, kunj sarna.. giving a simple smile..

L: Acha or Parents ka name??..

K: Manohar sarna and Usha sarna.. Leela was shocked listening this.. she is thinking about that incidents..

L: Acha kya karte hai tumare papa.?

listening this kunj become silent leela notice this and ask what happened..

k: my parents is dead when I was younger.. kunj eye’s gets moist but he composed himself..

Leela is numb to listening this she start to doubting upon kunj being Bunny coz his parents name also same and also died in many years ago..

(note: she don’t about kunj’s real name only known as Bunny to them)..

Leela was looking at kunj and caresses his hair lovingly to comfort him and kiss his forehead.. kunj also feeling motherly love after so long and get emotional..

Leela was about to say something when varun come and said that he have to go now.. Both Leela and kunj stood up and she goes near them and said kunj to come chinkys marriage with his family.. both took blessing from leela and left there..


@and other side..

In twinkle’s room twinkle is sitting on the bed and chinky is bandaging her right foot’s ankle and twinkle was sitting just quietly but when it’s hurt she winches in pain..

T: ouch!!! di..

C: ops sorry sorry yarr..

T: Hmm it’s ohk..

C: toh bata kese hua ye sab..

T: wo hum jab lift mai thi na tab suddenly wo tham gyi and

she told her all etc etc also about fight and also about hospital incidents..chinky was laughing so much listening all this??.

C: ohh god meri twinki kabse itna ladaku ho gyi? matlab innocent+ strict toh tu hai hi but kabse ladai karne lagi hahaha?

T: Diiii bas karo wo hai hi itna akdu toh mai kya karu sarr pe bitha ke rakhu huh..?

C: Nhi nhi sarr pe nhi apni godh pe bithake rakhde.. naah sry tu toh apni baby bunny ko apne godh pe bithayegi hai.. teasingly?

T: Hwww diii kya bat kar rahe.? or meri bunny baby tab tha ab nahi.. or wese bhi toh pata nhi dikhne mai kesa hai or kaha hai muje toh uska asli naam bhi nahi pata I knw only bunny name of him?..

Saying this she become sad chinky sense this and tried to diverts twinkles mind..

C: ohho tuje pata hai twinkle aj hamare sath lift pe kya hua..

T: ohho romance shomance kya? listening this chinky blushed..

C: Areh lift mai itni logon ke bich kese romance karu pagal hai kya.?

wo kya haina itni logon ki dhakka khake ek moti lady ke heel se na varun ke per mai lag gyi jor se and usne itni jorse chillaya na sab hasne lage uspar hehe.?

T: Hww di ap kitne bure ho shadi se pehle hi itni torture or apne bhi unki majak udaya this is not fair.?

Both sister was talking and leela come to their room with lunch 4 twinkle.. and she feed her with her hands.. and their chinky crack jokes..

c: ohho shadi meri hogi or lad pyar isko diye ja rahe ap meri kya hoga ab?

L: chup badmash tu bhi aja tuje bhi khila deti hun..

Then eela feed both and they are just eating lunch like their childhood and while eating with they are talking and chit chatting..
Episode end here…
_____________× _____________

Hey All don’t knw what i write always.. and after this chappy I’ll not drag anymore will write only in shortcut..
And aaj kunj ko shock nhi dia? but soon he will get shock about 2 persons keep guessing?
Guy’s mein pagal ho gayi hoon.
Thank uh who cmnted in previous one???
Keep reading and cmnt tata.??

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