Hallo guy’s… Thank u so much 4 ur cmnts..but my cmnts are decreasing..its ok many of has der exam but m happy which I got coz I deserve this much only…now happy reading….
Kunjs residents…

Now next day morning all were gathered in dining table to have der bf…After sometime der bf was end and now kuvi left from der in some important work in kunjs room only leaving bebe and mahi alone in hall now dey r sitting in hall and chit chatting with eachother……
“Yeh accha hua hum ab hamari pehle wale ghar mei reh sakte hai phirse”…Said bebe smiling..

“Ha bebe wese bhi muje Ma Papa ki bahot yad ati hai..!”…Said Mahi while having tears in her eyes..!!

“Ha puttar us ghar mai meri Manu or usha rani ka bahot yaden hai..!”…said bebe also having tears in her eyes…!!

“Ha bebe but m happy hum kal ja rai hai wapas India”..said mahi smiling….
Meanwhile kunj and uv was retuning with kunjs room…Now dey were in just mid stairs and both is look eachother heard der convo…Specially listening about his Ma-Papa who were not in dis word any more…kunj stood glued at his place and having tears in his eye’s…which is notice by uv and he understand everything…..
“Kunj don’t break down if you’ll break like dis den we will able to not face this problems..!”….said uv to kunj……

“Hm I knw i can’t let dis happen and I can’t fell weak but m going break der hope but what can i do its very difficult to stay away from des house which i missed the most.!”…said kunj with broken voice…

“Yeah u have to be strong 4 bebe and mahi and pls control urself i knw dey are hoping wrong but u have to do it.!”…said uv consoling kunj….

“Yeah u knw na uv only mahi knw all dis but bebe don’t knw about the bitterness truth..but i have to do dis 4 my families betterment..I have to keep away der from des house but now m going tell the dis news but.!”…said kunj with tensed voice…..
But uv assured through his eye’s to kunj dat he is der wid him always by keeping his hand on his shoulder to let him knw he’ll handle dis…now kuvi come to the hall and both want to couch and kunj set beside mahi and uv is bebe…..
“Kunj lag nai raha ke aj to hum dub ne wale h is nadia kia pani se..!”…Said uv dramatically…

“Ha lagto esa hi raha hai ki aj hum to pura gaye..!”…said kunj smiling looking here n der…
Now bebe and mahi looked eachother and understand dat both are trying to change the atmosphere by giving der bakwas wala jokes…??
“Accha ji esa kab hoga batao jara..!”…said mahi looking uv in starn looks….

“Areh dono ganga or yamuna jo baha rahe ho to hum to dubenge na.!”….said uv sacredly…

“Tu phirse suru ho gaya khotte.!”…said bebe looking on uv….

“Ab kya kare bebe ab ap dono to rukne na name hi nai lete isliye muje hi start karna parta hai ap dono ko rukne ke liye.!”…said uv laughing…

“Chup kar badmash ab ruk.!”…said bebe rotating uvs ear and uv was screaming…

“Aaaaaaaaaa bebe chor do mai behra ho jaunga bachao mahi.!…said uv pleading to bebe…??

“Kyu ab mai kuch nai kar sakti apne sade hue jokes marke khud hi sadte raho.!”….Mahi said laughing,??…

“Mahi kesi biwi hai tu meri huh..Aaaaaaa bebe lag rai hai chodo mar gaya.!”…said uv almost screaming,??

“Maja aya puttar ji ab or dun.!”…said bebe to uv now leaving his ear,?..
Uv was like no no,? not more its enough,?..and now he is sitting with puppy face,?everyone was laughing at uv condition,?…but soon kunj tell bebe and Mahi dat der is something to tell about der Amritsar house….,
“Bebe and mahi i have to tell something u something important about our recently leaving house in Amritsar.!”….said kunj to dem….

“Kya bhai anything is wrong, kuch hua hai kya.!”…said mahi with tensed ton….

“Ha Mahi wo kya haina hum apni us pehle wale ghar mai nai reh sakte.!”…said kunj to Mahi..!!

“Kyu kya hua puttar esa kyu us ghar mai meri Manu or usha ki yaden hai or mai us ghar pe kabhi nai gayi muje janeka bahot man tha.!”…said bebe getting upset..!!

” I’m sorry bebe ap dono ka ki wish ko puara na karne ke liye but hum waha ab nai jasakte kyuki waha par pblm hai ap sab mujpe varosa karte hai na.!”…said kunj trying to believe upon him..!!

“Accha thik hai phir jese teri marji puttar par muje to apni Bharat jane ke liye or nai saha jata.!”…said bebe impatiently..!!

“Ha meri bebe hum kal hi jayenge India thora sabar karo ap muje hi dekho mai kese sabar karke jhelta hun apki punishment ko.!”…said uv putting his both hand on his ear fearing of bebe…!!

“Kya bola tune nalayak ruk tuje to mai.!”…said bebe getting up in the couch try to catch uvs ear again but uv run from der getting afraid and saying….” Bhaaaaagooooo..!”…..dat bebe can’t catch his ear dis time..while everyone start again laughing seeing uvs antic,??….
At night after dinner everyone was der room…In bebes room she was sleeping…In Yuhis room uv was sleeping with his cute little boy yohan in his arm like der is no tomorrow and Mahi was sitting with support of headboard silently crying and remembering her childhood time with her parent’s and caressing her son’s hear… And in our hottii kunjs room he was sitting in his big balcony having guitar in his hand and also remembering his parent’s having tears with his eye’s……
Now he Start’s singing with so much pain, hurt, passion and emotions having in his heart,❤ which was conveyed need of his parent’s love specially his mother,??….
Jab chot kabhi meri lag jati thi,,?…
To ankh bhi to teri bhar ati thi,,?…


“Jab chot kabhi meri lag jati thi,,?…
To ankh bhi to teri bhar ati thi,,?…
Ek choti si phoonk se teri,,?…
Sabhi dard mere hote the ghum,,?…”(2)__

“Aj bhi koi chot lage to,,?…
Yaad ati ho_ yaad ati ho tum,,?…
Aaj bhi meri ankh bhare to,,?…
Yaad ati ho, yaad ati ho tum,,?…” (2)__

Maaa~ meri maa meri maa,,?…

“Teri baton mei apni har ek main,,?…
Uljhan ka pata laga leta tha,,?…
Teri hothon ki roti aksar hi,,?…
Bhook se jeyada kha leta tha,,?…” (2)

“Teri kissa main, tera hissa main,,?…
Jo sabko aksar sunati ho tum,,?…”

“Aaj bhi meri ankh bhare to,,?…
Yaad ati ho, yaad ati ho tum,,?…”(2)__

Maaa~ meri maa, meri maa,,?….(2)__
Now kunjs singing end with so much pain his hurt crying remembering his parent’s death conditions in front of his eye’s… He is crying badly saying..”Maaaaaaaa”……???….He in his balcony only due to tired of crying continuously sitting floor only……….,
And in Amritsar Taneja house…
Twinkle was in her rooms window…cool wind touching her beautiful innocent face…and she is having a unknown feeling in her heart…fighting with her over comes emotions… And seems like der is something will happen tomorrow dat it will change her life fully…Her life will be changed…something will be going to happen and that to soon…What is it dis feeling.? What will happen next in her already messed life…Now chinky come to twinkle finding her der and asking her why she was der its very London time….

“Kya hua twinkle kuch pareshan se dikh rai hai.!”… asked chinky to twinkle seeing her tensed..!!

“Kuch nahi di bas kuch ajib sa lag raha hai esa lag raha hai ki kuch hone wala hai.!”…replays twinkle looking into her…

“Ha hone wali hai na bhukamp kyuki tu ajkal moti ho gayi hai or jeyada der yaha khare rahegi na to ye zamin daab jayenge hahaha.!”…saying this chinky start to run from der to bed and twinkle mouth was O open to listening her,,??

“Hwwwww di mai moti ruko dikhati hun abhi.!”…. Saying dis twinkle was run behind chinky end up with pillow fight….???..
Episode end’s with kunjs crying face and twinkles laughing face……..
To be continued……..,,

So guys how was it..??…Well upcoming episode will be good and funny, romance kyuki hero is coming back to heroine,? and “InshaAllah” I’ll try my best….I’m not forcing anyone to do cmnt so if u like it den do cmnt only,☺…..

Ruko meri bat kahtam nai hui abhi tak,,?? suno sab bahot accha kam kar rai ho TU chorke so jis jisko leave karna hai uske liye sab chut hai jao or jeelo apni zindagi,?? simran ki babuji tume kuch nai bolenge mene unhe rok liya,??…But u knw mai ye Tei TU kabhi nai chorungi Buddhi ho jaungi tab bhi nai,?? Coz I can’t leave twinj and can’t live also without twinj never ever in my widest dream………??
Ap sab best writer ho kitna Fabulous likh pate ho areh proud karo khud pe but nai phir bhi TU ko chor ke chale jate ho or muje dekho mai to thik se likh bhi nai pati but phir bhi twinj ko apni yadon mai rakhne ke liye try karti hun jitna hosake..or try karte rahungi jabtak ap sabki tarah ban na jau……or cmnts ki bat I knw I can’t write well so muje bura nai lagega less cmnts se kyuki jese meri writing hogi log to utna hi cmnt karegi na,?? Jo meri ff ko like karenge wo jarur cmnt karenge Jo nai wo nai so chillax,?? and keep trying and never loss hope…

Or Adeeba kamini tu mil muje tuje to mai,…………kuch bhi nai bolungi infect tujse mai kabhi bat bhi nai karungi tu ja jesa marzi wesa kar….For everyones study is important dats why m not angry with u…but I Love u meri littel soutan,??
Stay happy always,,☺☺
Keep laughing like mad,,??
Load’s of love,,❤?❤?❤
Bye bye all,,??

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