Yeh kaise thi mohabbatien (Kriyam Special)

Today after many days thought to write a ff for the fans So choosed the topic from my previous ff i.e Yeh kaise thi mohabbatien (kriyam special)
In previous FF we saw about Ishra,yuvani bonding fighting and much more in middle lefted due to studies and guys now finallllllyy i ammmmmmmmmm
Backkkk!!!!!!!!! to write the ff
As by the topic yu all would have understood what will the article feature but i am known for making suspence anytime anyones entry so dont be
suprised. so hereee weeee beginnn our ff the “Yeh kaise thi mohabbatien – kriyam special”

Birla house –
Krishna is getting ready and she is looking soo beautifull she wears her manglesutra and holds her and thinks of saiyyam and smiles . Saiyyam
comes from behind and asks her why is she smiling tell me also i can also smile. she says u cant understand it, and goes .
He says this girl is mad and smiles and says time has changed and thinks something and laughs. Yuvraaj comes there and says saiyyam i want to
talk with you.he says sure and sits. yuvraj says i know u had a very tough time from past days i know in what condition u will be in . saiyyam
‘says i am got used with it.yuvraaj says i know u r not my son but i considers u as my son and u can talk and share things anytime.saiyyam says
Krishna and saiyyam dances romanticaaly on tu hi junnon ….. a very senstaional dance saiyyam dream breaks and he wakes up and smiles
and looks at krishna and says is it really happening …

Its morining dadi says where is amma mai and others and says its her birthday today and everyone must wear good clothes . Yuvraaj comes to
suhani and says we shld invite ishita and raman also she says for sure they are over matchmakers and smiles and their nokjhok starts
….. Sambhav is in jail and thinks of all the incidents and thinks how can his own blood did against it and says i am comingggg veryyyy
Soooonnn . Suhaniii birlllaa be ready i will come fast as wind and evil smilesss while the show comes to an end

Precap : Raman meets saiyyam and asks if he loves krishna while sambhav looks in shockkkkkkkkkk……………………………

Know its a small update but regurarly will update the article if no extra work comes so be ready for what is gooonaa nexttt happenn
in this exciting thrillinng next episodee of yeh kaise thi mohabbatiennn (Kriyam special – 2)

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  1. Aarti32

    It was interesting..But sambhav always gets on my nerves.. Ughhh!!

    1. KartikK

      Thx very much I requested tu team to let me add pics within making it more interesting

  2. You gotta continue it!!

  3. Nice

  4. Kumud

    Nice but short and pls update regularly also WELCOME BACK

    1. KartikK

      Ya will update it regurlary and with pics within also

  5. Nice…loved it?

    1. KartikK

      thx 4 yur feedback

  6. Good episode…

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