Yeh kaise thi mohabbatien episode 5


Guys i am back with the 6th episode of yeh kaise thi mohabbatien
(introduction-episode 1) so i noticed yesterday on my fanfiction
people said i dont worry about them but it is not true before
reading i recommed yu read it as a writer so that yu can uderstand
my pain….
So here it goes…………………………………………..

Janki being shocked as how Raunak said it and says beta i know
yu are upset with me but it doesnt mean yu will do like this
Riya comes and says the mistake yu did is not forgivable
to which jankli replies that how dare she is to talk
between his son and him. Raunak says enough and goes..
Janki is angry and says i will have to do something
so that he again trusts me…………………….

Shanti is singing ……………….
Mere agne mein tera kya kaam re
Doli mein bethado bidai ka bus namm re…..
But it turns out to be dream of her
she says she loved that games but now our
whole family is shaken. Karan comes and says
Badi nani.Namita also comes and shanti hugs
her and cries…………………………………….
Mein puchtavaaa ki
na tere bin lagta jee plays while we bought to the flight
Raman comes in australia and looks for taxi but is not
he walks and some goons are following her..
Meanwhile ishita is also driving car there
Ishita is remising ruhi”S and his moment when and a fb show
The video link to this fb is here: please watch it
before reading
we hope will they meet or else what future has hold?

Yuvraj comes home and krishna and yuvani greets him

Precap : Raman fight with goons ishita gets shocked
seeing raman and comes there some hits on raman”s
Head he sees ishita before getting unconsious
says ishita she shouts raman……..

A spoiler at last but not the least
: ishita helps raman but goons they got an item
they proceeds to them they are about hold
ishita”s hair when an unknown hand stops his

much twists ahead i hope will like it

Credit to: Kartik

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  1. Sorry dr..but i cnt understand why u r posting ur ff in this blog..its not yhm sns blog its ssel blog…

    1. Dear it also contains ssel charactets

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i duno karan,namita,shanti…
    raman attacked by goons n ishita reached there?so ishra meeting is going 2 happen.plz write long updates

    i’m also a writer.but i have never discontinued any ff due 2 low response.once i start a ff i finish it off 4 my loyal readers n i feel if a writer is passionate 2wards his stories he shudnt discontinue it at all.

    i’ve asked u a doubt regarding pyar ki silsila on part 5.plz check n reply

    1. I recommend yu to go SPK wiki page

    2. Sry rahul I think today I will not be able to upload the episode but mostly likely it can be at 6 I will try my best

  3. I m sorry as I got much angry I can understand
    But now it’s my request please continue
    Sorry for being so much rude
    Hope you understand

    1. Kartik(ff writer)

      No need to say sry tell me how is my ff new twists that are coming day by day
      I want reunion of ishra as in real tommr it has happnd

  4. It is really nice karthik….i like ur ff very much make suhani and yuvraj rrunion…fast

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