Yeh Kaise Thi Mohabbatein – Introduction


Guys I am new to this post and yu know new does something what old can”t. i will try my best to make my best fan fiction of all time as this will be the mix of serials

First introduction –
Raman bhalla
Ishita bhalla
and same as yeh hai mohabbatien ok.
this is the story after 7 years of yhm like going now

i am telling first that there will be lot of twist so please be calm and wait and also and for the first time there will be spoilers for this fan fiction it is so good na okay
so much introduction have been done so lets start the story i know yu are exited to know the story and yu will now be curshing me 4 not starting the story yet ya
okay now truly i will start the story so here it is here it begin.

7 years have passed yuvraj and suhani have been away and so is ishra. Shocked yu will be wondering now where does yuvani comes between ishra
its also a twist. as i said in begining. Raman and yuvraj are ceo and so is shravan suryavansi. now again shocked agin yes or not. vidya left shravan
years ago when he did”nt trusting her she has a boy named vivaan and what ………………………………………………………………………………………..

don”t worry not ending it yet .Raman leaves with suhani and pihu and yuvaan whattt yu r goot be kidding me how this happended dont worry
its just the beginning and vidya leaves with her ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
ofcouse dont tell me yu were thinking i will make her with Raunak sir oh no yet agin another twist how much twist are there but still to tell
is this the beginning oh no its the not i request every user of tellyupdates or experts help if am doing something wrong i am doing whats
best 4 readers so please make suggestion also yet i will make it myself based on star plus
so the starting much has been introduced.
Yeh hai mohabbatien song plays raman is drinking and yelling at his past memories that how ishita left him and remebering his beloved \
ruhi just then shivam comes and says bhai what are yu doing . raman replies that if he understand his pain and starts remising ishita
and said that lady ruined my whole life my daughter . Shivam says to forget the past and move on .. raman stands and walks outside
but cant and falls shivam hold her and said i will make yu to the home . ahem says to gopi that he fears had come true our grandson
is now asking for his father . he said he cant and fears what if he asked this to vidya the screen freezes on gopi”s tensed face

AT home raman is shown and song plays
“Subah ki kirno ko rokein jo salaakhein hai kahan
Jo khayalon pe pehre daale woh aankhein hai kahan
Par khulne ki deri hai parinde udh ke choomenge
Aasman aasman aasman”

guys i hope yu liked this story and will upload the next episode as soon as possible
so hope 4 what will happen next and guess in comments what will happen next soon as this
is published
and at last enjoy this song

ha, jaane do na sh: hey paas aao na
A: o o o jaane do na sh: hey paas aao na
A: chhuo na chhuo na mujhe chhuo na chhuo na dekho chhuo na chhuo na chhuo na
Sh: o o o paas aao na a: jaane do na
Sh: aao na aao na paas aao na aao na dekho aao na aao na aao na
A: ho o o o jaane do na sh: paas aao na
A: hun.. chhodo kalaai dekho ro doongi, hun…
Chhodo kalaai dekho ro doongi, jaao main tumse nahin boloongi
Sh: maan bhi jaao meri baat sanam, haathon mein rahne do ye haath sanam
A: chhuo na chhuo na mujhe chhuo na chhuo na dekho chhuo na
Sh: paas aao na a: jaane do na………..

A spoilers last but not the least
Meher and abeer come face to face after 10 years

still not sure whats happening
and guys this is my first fan fiction so iam not writing much
as we cant add thw whole story in just one episode

Credit to: Kartik

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    wow…u r blending all sp shows where leads r separated.Ishra yuvaani,Shravya,Mehbeer.Raman is spoiling his own life.lvidya’s son wants 2 meet his father shravan ets c how these couples will unite.plz give long updates n update daily

    1. For you fans only

      OK bro

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Bit confused

  3. For you fans only

    Guys its just the beginning what it is said in hindi aage aage dekho hota hai kya
    its was just the first episode only yes there will be a bit confusion but it will clear soon

  4. Wow what an amazing story yr just continue it

  5. what raman leaves with suhani and yuvaan its so great and what of naitik and akshara

  6. bro yu are just amazing waiting for the next episode

  7. Spoilers for the fan fiction its just amazing

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