Yeh Kaise Thi Mohabbatein – episode 9

Raman asks Ishita did she really want to get his adi married to aliya. Ishita says yes because He loves aliya
Raman says that it should be your dream as it can never happens never ever!!!!!!!!.\

Hello Guys a great evg to you Yu would be wondering how without intro i am starting dont worry as you would
Understand by reading continously.No need no read last 7 episodes. As i already told
This will be misture of star plus popular serials so dont wasting time lets start this story

A young yuvaan is shown (22 years) who is with a girl recognizes as krishna . They plays

then there comes Suhani and asks what are they are doing they tricks and makes suhani
laugh suhani smiles. Somewhere a guy is shown his face is not shown but he says
How everything changed what if thius had never happened it would have been better
When he goes suhani pic fell from his pocket ……..

Jaggi is eating food and compliments the food and says she to gopi you are
anapurna Gopi remises ahem while she gets emotional and goess

while Kaisa yeh mood haii playsss………..
Jaggi says this family is starange still that dr krishna had divored her
but he worries for her .

Adi comes to meet aliya and compliments her dress she says so mr handsome
what should we do .There a guy comes and says I will do what shld i do
While with a Evil smile. he calls someone ..

The guy reveals himself as saiyamm..

Ishita worries 4 adii….

Precap : Raman and Yuvrajj comes face to face and says yu While ishita
Looks in shocked

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  1. Jasminerahul

    r u the one who used to write a ff on different start plus couples?u said u had made a vm 4 the ff.but never saw it.Is this d continuation of that ff?But there was no adya n GoGi in it.
    anyways this update was gud.GoGi scene n adya scene were nice.
    saiyamm is from which serial?

    1. KartikK

      Saiyamm is from Suhani se ek ladki while great to see after a very long period

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