Yeh Kaise Thi Mohabbatein – episode 1

Guys i am doing the fastest update for my new story Yeh kaise thi mohabbatien . i know yu
are eagerly waiting for this . so here it starts episode-2 …………………………
Song plays –
yeh kaise thi chahate ..
ban gayi hai hasrate ..
Pal pal badi yeh hai mahabbatien… as we are brought to the show
Abeer asks Naitik about work. but naitik doesnt listen and is
thinking something else. Abeer asks what is he thinking he says
he was remising his past abeer puts his hand on naitik”s shoulder
says forget about past and we have to move on he says yes .
Scene shifts to modi house where pari is talking to gopi bhen
asks about vidya she says she is bhalla house raman wakes up
and asks neelu for a nimboo pani.then yuvan comes there and says
chachu how r u now he says i am fine yu go. then pihu comes says
papa gd mrg. raman hugs pihu says he will never leave him alone

Suhani comes and asks kids to go out and says raman why yu drank
last night to which raman replies that she should do his work only
not to interfere in his life.

Ishita is seen aliya comes and says amma yu are looking beautiful
She says really . she says yes. mani comes there says we got a
good contract from a company in india whose Ceo name is Sharavan
suryavansi. she says sharavan such a cute name and remises his adi.
Raunak is on his way to home and comes and janki greets him but
he doesnt even look at her and walks toward his room. and cries.

so much twists had arrived i know first time reader will get bit
confused but after reading updates there confusion will go away.

Precap : Akshara slaps Romi……………………………….

a spoiler at last but not the least
Raman meets ruhaan meanwhile Naitik slaps Naksh for his rude behavoir
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  1. Wow bro this story is amazing please update 2nd episode as soon as possible
    i am big fan of yu

  2. Nice but a lil bit confused

  3. I also have a little bit confusion

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice, no more confusion now as I read the introduction part again

  5. jasmine Rahul

    This is part 2.Right?Not Part 1.
    Raman is sad.he is very rude too.So Mani’s company got contract from Shravan;s company.So they will meet soon.why raunak is avoiding Janki?why is he sad?

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