Yeh kaise pyaar hein – Episode 6

Hey guys this is nithu…thanx for ua support guys but please do comment…silent readers please comment i know that you dnt want to waste  your precious time but guys think of me besides having busy schedule im trying to write ff for you…in my last ff i wrote yuvani scences too but my bad luck the part i wrote was deleted and that great work is done by my cousin…now im cuming back to hyd from vij …so im lil free now so im writing my ff …ill stop my nonsense and come to the ff..but guys please comment guys i wrote ny ff in ny memo and copy pasted guys ull have a probem.that while reading u guys will come across
im sry guys…but that has no meaning
Rudy gets a call…it was sumos call…a smile appears on his face suddendly without knowing to him..he leaves suhani near icecream food truck and goes to aside to speak with her…
Ru: i have sent you the location where i am u shd cm now
 Sumo: duffer oberio..are you mad or dod you not have your protien shake
 Ru: y
Sumo: did you see the time …dumbell..
Ru: y shd dnt you have watch…
Sumo: oh my mata..rudra..
. Ru: dnt speak like my choti maa..
Sumo: do you think i dnt have anyother work rather than speaking with you…i shd speak with my aai and my shonu…
 Ru gets angry after hearing shonu …
Ru: you shd come otherwise ill not speak with you sumo…and ill complain abt you to my love angel..
Sumo thinks that this is the crt time to tell him that im love angel..
Sumo: okay but y …shd i cm<
Ru: suhani di and i are near icecream foodtruck to eat ice creams..
They continue their chat for sometime

In the meanwhile
Suhani sees a grp children staring at the food truck…she understands those children are
beggars ..she counts the no of children present there and buys 2 costliest icecreams for each of them there
Children gets happy and kisses suhani on her
Ru suddendly ask sumo to be on hold and takes pictures of suhani with kids and sends those pics to sumo…

They speak for a while about suhani…both will be praising her…

In the meantime one of the children asks suhani whether she has any cracker with her
Suhani: yes…sneha…i have few with u want to burst them
Sneha: yes di…bcuz whn we see our age boys or girls bursting them on diwali … we feel sad that we cant burst them thats y di
Suhani hugs her and says okay my jaanu..ill bring
She opens her car and brings them crackers…
Just then sumo comes there
Sumo: mr dumbell where are you…
Ru: ask the beautifiul chubby and bubbly girl present there….
Sumo sees a girl who wears a white gagra choli
and has black step curly hair…
Sumo recognises her as suhani and asks
Sumo: suhani di ..
Su: hie sumo…

Sumo: u look pretty and hugs her
Su smiles and says thank you sumo…
They break their hug

Sumo: where is ur ladla brother …<
Su: he is there …did you come for him in this odd time that too alone….did you inform anyone atleast you can bring om bhayya with you

Sumo: di today bade baal waale bhyya is sad
Su : why what happened to him
She gets tensed sumo relaxes her
Sumo: di actually bade baal waale and ishu di had a fight…
( guys in my ff riddhima is not om gf…she would be ……………to their love story guess the space dear..and do tell me about you idea in the comment section)<
Su: oh…!! For what reason did they fight…
Sumo: di itz soo silly..ill tell you later now im going to rudy…
Suhani brings the crackers and play with kids
In the same road yuvi passes by and thinks about suhani..he smiles reminding suhanis smile…he was lost in her eyes
Just then his heart says suhani is near him…he follows his heart…he stands at back of his angel but powergets off..suhani runsaway with kids to someplace and bursts a flower pot…yuvi sees a girl jumping with crackers in her hand…
Scene shows the feet of hers …yuvi can hear the sound of her anklets..then her waist is shown which was half covered…then her neck was shown ..her neck was decorated with a diamond necklace..then her smile was shown then her eyes where shown..yuvi was completly drowned in her eyes…
Somu who iz behind yuvi observes this and becomes happy…
And gets teary eyed…
Yuvi runs near suhani….suddendly a boy push suhani…our hero yuvi..runs
And catches her…by her waist they both gets lost in their eyes ….they share a very beautiful eyelock..and yuvi wanted to taste her beautiful red lips…he goes near them..suhani closes her eyes but their bad luck sumo disturbs them
Sumo: di for how much time u will be like this..
Su and yuvi comes to their senses..
Sumo takes suhani from there…suhani feels embarassed…she goes and sits in her car…and blushes remainding their movements
Rudy goes near yuvi and hugs him
Ru: thanks for saving my bubbly chubby darling
Yuvi thinks that rudy may suhanis bf and gets angry
Yuvi: may i no who are you…and how you relate  her
Ru: y
Yuvi: bcuz i saved and its my responsibility to ask ..
Ru smiles and
Ru: im the brother of 3 brothers and 1 sis…im the smallest of all…the one and only…RUDRA SINGH OBEROI; and you saved all our
brother ‘sheart..that is " SUHANI PANKAJ SINGH OBEROI
yuvi was shocked hearing pankaj name
Yuvi: pankaj singh oberoi..!!!
Ru: do u no him
Yuvi: yeah, He is a ruthless bussiness man and can go to any extent for his bussiness and loves
his family alot…he becomes the great wall of pankaj when his family faces anyproblem…but due to a accident he dies
Ru: do you know that much about my; bade papa..

Yuvi: whole world knows him…
;Ru: yes…
They have some talk and become very good friends and then they exchange their numbers and goes to their respective cars ..
In rudys car
Ru: sumo yuvi is too gud we became friends with in seconds
Su: who is yuvi now rudy
Ru: di he is the one who saved you
Su blushes and sumo observes this
They reach the OBEROI MANSION
Shi: you came this much late and we guys are waiting for you like mads…and sumo you know how much we were tensed..for you…
Om: suhani called and informed us otherwise i would have taken my car and searched for you like a mad…atleast you can imform me..why did you do like this sumo…and rudy dnt call her out at this odd hours…understood…
Rudy nods his head like a small school boy
Sumo goes near om…and holds her ears…but om turns his face…to the other side…sumo cries….
Dadi comes there and asks evry one to have their dinner
Su: dadi its mid night and bhayyas dint eat their dinner
Suhani gets very much angry on her brod
Roshiom: suhani we never have our dinner without you….
Su: but bhayya this will effect your health and dnt be like small kids..
Ru: yes bhayyus…understand
Roshiomru: but we cant even eat food with out you…
Su: stop it guys…okay come lets eat
Sumo slips from there
Evry1 expt sumo are presentbin dining hall
Suhani: aree where is sumo….
Om: dint she come
Ru: no bhayya i think she took my place in her room now
Rohan: come letz go and bring her
Om: evryone be here only…ill take food to her we both will have dinner together
Suhani: thats like my bhai…
Om kisses suhani on her forehead and goes
to sumos room
He sees her crying near her window he hoes near her and cups her face
Sumo: bade baal wale bhayya aap..
Om: yeah…its me u dint come for eating your dinner so i came here to have dinner with you
Then suddendly….
Roshirusu: we also came here to have dinner with you
Sumo and om smiles…
Sumo wipes her tears…
Evryone have their dinner in sumo room they play antyakshari..they have a wonderfull time
Everyone goes …to their rooms
At night rudy gets up to see if his sumo is alright or not
He sees sumo crying catching a pic in her hand
Sumo: bhayya!! Why did you leave me alone…bhayya…u know here bade bhayya nd bade baal wale bhayya tc for me alot!! Rudy makes my day…all are like my family..bhayya y u left me…bhayya..!! I love you bhayya please come bhayya…please come back for me…please..
And falls on the kneez crying still..
Rudy runs near her
He hugs sumo
Sumo buries her head in rudys chest and cries alot
Sumo: bhayya ..!! Y dint you take me along with you bhayya…i want to be with you bhayya..!! Please come back otherwise ill come near yo….
Rudy shuts her mouth
Sumo: rudy…i love my bhayya..alot…i miss him soo much…
She cries more
Rudy cups her face
Ru: sumo relax…

Ru: i cant imagine your pain…cuz whn my shivaye went to china for a week i missed him soo much and cried lot…i cant evn imagine the pain your going through but sumo..but cry this bad…dnt hurt your self…tell me one thing …do your bhayya like if you cry….bcuz of him…does he like you to be  hurt bcuz of him..
Sumo nods her head in negative direction
Sumo: no…he will feel bad
Ru: then stop crying
And wipes her tears…he hugs her….
They broke their hug
Sumo:rudy i have a plan for om bhayya
Ru: what
She discussez her plan which is mut
Ru: nice idea but this iz risky
Sumo: yeah..but we shd do this for ishkara…
Ru: yes… sleepy dnt cry like a baby again
Sumi: okay
Ru goes to his room and sleeps
as usual…all siblings had their dining table fight…suhani chokes ..shivaye makes her to drink water…
Just then anika comes to mansion
Shi: aagayi musibat..
Suh:how you that its anika bhayya
Rudy and om raises their eyebrows
Ro smiles …
Shi: jus like that
Ru: om you told you will go to your gallery early today
Om: yeah..!! Dumbell thnx for rem me
Om takes his keys…
Suhani comes in his way
Om: what suhani baby
Su: nothing…
Om: tell m..
Then su inserts a sandwich in his mouth
Om iz munching his sandwich..
After eating<
Om: whats diz suhani

Su: u ppl will scold me if i dnt have my tea…nd how u guys thought i ll leave you if you dnt have food
Om smiles and hugs her..
Om: su and rudra…i kept your dress nd bag ready…
Su: thanks bhayya
Om leaves
Ru and sumo calls a girl..
Ru: ishu di….
(Guyz its ishana)
Izhu: tell me rudy any prob why are you …tensed
Ru: bhayya is in prob
Ishu: what happned to him…
Ru: juz now i was speaking witb him…i think he had eaten something in which drugs are mixed..please take him to hospital…we all are on the way…but struck in traffic…di fast…
Ishana…is broken….she takez her car and drives fast to om gallery…..
isha shouts..OM..OM…OM…
OM doesnt hear her as her kept headsets  listening to songs…and searches gor colours in his cupboard..
Isha runs everywhere calling himm…
She gets tensed and cries alot…she goes inside …
She shouts OM….OM….
this time he hears ishana…and runs near her…but in anger…(as they had a small tom and jerry fight)
He touches ishanas shoulder…
Isha turns and seez him…
Om is surprised seeing her crying…
She hugs om..soo tight that evn air cant pass by..she cries alot…om comforts her….he also hugs her…he breaks the hug
Om: what happned isha…y r u crying ..and wipes her tears
Isha: are alright…om…
Om:y r u asking me like that

Isha: for god sake answer me are you alroght…
Om: yes dear..
(They forget their fight)
Isha hugs om agaim
Om what happened tell me for heaven sake…
Isha tells evrything to om
Om gets angry and call him
Om: ill not leave you rudy…
Rudy lifts call…
Om: rudy r u gone mad…pranks are done to a limit.. see u made my ishu cry soo much..her eyes became red….
Ru: om listen..
Om: no
Ru: shh…listen..this was a plan by rumya.
Ishkara: who is rumya …is she a new enemy
Ru: no its rudy+sumo we wanted to make you both realise how much you love eachothet.. and cant see your life in a prob…so..ladayi bandh karo gandhi ji ko yaad karo..and gale milo
Sumo: yeah bhayya…
Ishkara smiles…and says yes….

No precap

Guys this iz quite big…ill post my nxt epi in december…im sry guys actually my xams are frm nov 21 to dec 10….i needto prepare for my xams as i dnt know a single word in any subject…wish me all the best giys…
And guys i need few suggestions for my nxt epi…please…if time permits ill write another epi…

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