Yeh kaise pyaar hein – Episode 4

Hey guys this is nithu….Guys pls temme if my ff is boring…I’ll stop my ff…I’m not getting comments…u no guys…for writers u r comments means everything for us….we don’t get money out of this…but please guys do comment I don’t no if my ff has any silent readers or not..if there are any ls do comment…I thought to stop writing but today I’m soo happy because I’m going to send my nature photos to one of the big photography college’s..Guys do wish me all the best…
Now I’ll stop my faltu …and start my ff

PINKY:oh my mata Jithani ji…
Janvi: what happened pinky
Pinky: suhani is late today
Janvi: don’t worry pinky I know that she’ll manage everything very carefully…she is not rudra to worry
Pinky: yes…ur corrects Jithani ji
Scene shifts into a car which is black in car (BENZ)
Suhani is driving the car
rudy: Didi please stopthe car
Ru:please di
Su: okay
Rudy starts the car and drives it very fast
Su: dumbell oberoi please drive slow…
Ru: wear your hellmate di
Su: in car no one will wear hellmate
Ru: I mean seat belt
Su struggles with it but finally she locks it
Su: today I’ll not spares Rudy…
Ru: it’s k di …I reached to your destination all the best di..I know you’ll handle everything very well
Dnt be tensed after your work fresh your self wear this dress for the dandiya night
Su goes inside and sees everything is going on smoothly…as she thought

It’s evng
somu: come fast Yuvi u r getting late
Yuvi comes out he looked stunning wearing a blue colour kurta and black colour punjabI pyjama
Somu was wearing blue clr lehanga
They both look gud
Somu closes Yuvi eyes with a black cloth
Yuvi:wat is this Somu
Somu: wait Yuvi…
Yuvi: r u u taking me to a romantic place to kiss uh
Somu: shameless I told all these will happen after our marriage
She drives to a garden which is beautifully decorated
She asks Yuvi to opens his eyes
Yuvi slowly opens his eyes
He sees a beautiful girl wearing a black colour lehanga and golden colour blouse…her hair was black and curly….her eyes were big …the kajal she applied made her eyes more beautiful…
She wore a necklace on which love is written….
She wore big earings..which made her to increase her beauty…..she dint apply any makeup…except blush and lipstick
Yuvi was mesmerised seeing her …he was lost in her smile…..
Somu waved her hand in front of yuvi’s eyes but he dint respond so she bit him on his hand …
He saw her very angrily..
Somu: sry
Somu: how is this garden
Yuvi: very beautiful ( looking at suhani)
Somu: really wow!!!
Yuvi: let’s go inside (as he sees suhani going inside the gardens having diyas in a plate which she was holding and moving forward speaking with kids….)
Somu: yuvI I had love at first sight
Yuvi: with whom
Somu:with u nli
Yuvi: really!! I Dnt belive in love at first sight
Somu: I love u soo much dear…
Yuvi: u no Somu I dint love u….when I saw u
Somu: that means …
Yuvi: NM..
somu: will you challenge me
Yuvi: what challenge
Somu: I’ll show you a girl you should make her to fall in your love …she shd love you more than me…
Yuvi: how can I break a girls heart Somu
Somu: if you love me you shd do it Yuvi then nli you’ll no that how much I love you
In her mind

( sry Yuvi I m doing this for you…I’m doing this for your future..someone shd be with u …when I’m not going to be with I’m…)

Reason will be revealed later….

Yuvi: okay
Somu smiles and she holds her sticks and plays dandiya with suhani …
Somu thinks (Su is nli perfect for yuvi)
She calls Yuvi
Yuvi sees suhani and he is lost in her smile again…
Somu sees this and smiles
Somu showeSomu Yuvi suhani
Somu: you target is suhani ….
Yuvi: okay


Guys happy Navratri…I’m happy as I just got to no dat I’m leaving for vijayawada in my 3 days of my vacation I’m soo happy cuz I’m gonna meet my grandparents after 2 months….I’m sry as Im boring you guys with my stuff…it’s a very short update…I’m sry nxt will be lengthy…
Thanking you
Yours truly
(It’s my actual name)
Love you loads…
Bye guys if I’m satisfI’d with your comments let’s meet in my nxt epi…

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  1. Episode was nice mohita ( nithu)…
    And I 100% agree to you’re note and I am also thinking the same that my OS is bore …
    Mohita happy navrathri to you Dr…
    Good episode and if u wish after seeing the comments you can stop dear..

    1. Best of luck Dr may u be selected


    This was a beautiful episode. And ur ff seems to have a very clever concept behind it. I agree with you about the comments and i will make sure i alwaus comment, because im so excited for this ff and dont want it to stop. ☺ x

  3. Gd one dear….u r on ur way to vja …..its my place….n happieee navaratri dear……it seemed to be sum mvie ……i dibt get d mvue namee… i know it…..somu challengng yuvi to make a girl fall for him…!!!!!

  4. hai mohitha.episode was very nice .ur ff will never bore because it has wonderful concept behind it.waiting fr yuvani meeting.all d best fr ur competetion and enjoy ur vaccation in vijayawada.wish u a very very happy the way i like ur name because it was a combination of my mom and dad’s names.

  5. Shilpa-Saraj

    Mohitha sis.. Loved it… Im sorry i couldn’t comment for so long… But frm now onwards il comment regularly.. And one more fhing.. Ur ff is never ever boring.. Loved it to the core.. Wanna see hw yuvi makes suhani fall for him

  6. this episode is outstanding mohita siss. i this scene is from baadri movie than in movie i like that scene while reading it its really superb.i’m also from vijayawada , happy navrathri and all the best.plz continueand plz update nxt epi asap

  7. Hey ur ff is not boring yaar…as i already said anything related to my lovely YUVANI d bestttt!!!!…plz update asap….and wish u a very gud luck …ohh ur leaving for vijaywada…that sounds gr8..even i thought of going to tenali..but we dont have hldays this week…happy navrathri …

  8. MOHITAAA NEVER SAY UR FF IS BORING! It’s the most unique FF I HAVE READ ❤️❤️ Di I lied it to the core and don’t end it x I always rea the FFs here bcos I get put at peace when I rea these x I sometimes don’t get to comment but I feel I had to to stop you from stoping to write… Your writing skills are amazing x I don’t want talent to disappear it’s what the fans need x ?❤️ Anyway it’s amazing keep wiring Di x ??

    1. I loved it to the core not lied x ??❤️

  9. Ruksy

    this is amazing and good luck

  10. Superb but need some brotherly love and moments it will be more awesome like ,sushiomroru sciences superb yaar keep it up

  11. No dear,,,dnt stop writing,,,,this is the only SSEL-IB FF that I’m reading,,,,,really loved this epi,,,

  12. Avani kamdar

    Ioved it plz post asap

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