Yeh kaise pyaar hein – Episode 3


Hey guys…!! Thanks for your support guys please do comment becuz I take out time for you guys to write my ff…nothing more than your comments make me happy…I’ll try my level best that both ssel and IB fans will be happy ..Guys please do comment I’m really very sick and having hectic study schedule. ..I hope you understand my problem…

Every one laughs
Shivaye : suhani Rudy rohan bhayya Om come and have your breakfast

Everyone smiles and go to the dining hall
Su: bhayya Mujhe kuch bhi nahi Khana hai ( bro I don’t want to eat anything)
Roshiomru : y …
Su: becuz I have an important work..I’m sry u guys continue
Shivaye : no ways suhani
Su: bhayya aap na siri anika ki battery mante ho Khabi Khabhi Harare batt Ko bhi sunlijiye.. (bro ull listen nli to anika times listen to us also)

shivaye : naam mat lena uss ladki ka..
Su: bhayya I no that app Ko anika see Pyaar hua per aap yeh kun nahi mante ho..
Shi: becuz I don’t love her..and
roruomsu: she is not a khandhani
Shi: Su tum batte mat gumao..mein tum Ko Bahot ache see janta cone and eat..
Su: aap karoo kuchen nahi ho sakta…but I’m not eating bhayya
And she starts going

Shi: omshiro tum logo ko samosa ka smell nahi aa raha hein
Omshiro : haan bhayya dhekho rudy Ko kaise kha raha hein samosa Ko
Su turns and sits on table and stretches her hand for taking a samosa into her plate but just then shivaye takes the bowl of samosas into his his hands
Shi: kisne kaha ki voucher kuchen Khana nahi chathi hein
Su: bhayya please Mujhe samosas dena
Shi: nahi

Suhani comes near him
Then shivaye starts running around the table
Su also runs around him for samosa..
Remaining family members smiles seeing them
Then shivaye bumps into anika
She was going to fall down but shivaye holds anika by her waist they both had a comfortable eyelock which was observed by everyone
Omrurosu cured their mouths seeing that scene

Dadi smiled
Rudy: aap dono Ko mein eke kamre mein leke Jaaunga
Shivika comes to their senses
Su takes advantage of the situation and grabs the bowl of samosas from shivaye
Shi: hey paanika tum andhi ho kya
Ani: Mr. Khanje anKo. Vale Bhagad billa…ek tho aap samajlijiye ki aap hi Mujhe dhakka diya tha (you only bumped into me)
Shi: tum shivaye Singh oberoi Ko..

Ani: billu ji aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta jab dhekho Mujhe bina batt hi Mujhe daante ho
Su aap dono bas karoo mera sir dhuk raha hein aap dono ki ladai ki vajh see
Shi sees suhani was scolding them by munching samosa…
She starts coughing shi Om ru ro runs to her ..they see suhani eyes turnEd into red
Om shouts bring water to su
Shi :paanika jaldi Jaa ke pani leke aao
Ani runs

Meanwhile Rudy pats Su head
Ani brings water and made her to drink..
She stops coughing all gets relaxed
While going back..she gets hit by shivaye and water falls on him…
Shi gets angry and starts to score her but just then Rudy takes her inside his room for a work..
Shi thinks anika I’ll not leave you!!
And he does his signature step which makes Omro tensed


guys you want yuvani meeting to be special right …ppl who no bhadri movie I want to skip you a question will you guys like the same scene where pawan kalyan meets the heroine. ..or any other scene gusset please do tell me I’m really sorry for ssel fans! Hope you can understand my point I’ll make sure in my nxt epi my ssel fans would be happy

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    Loved it even if it wasnt about Yuvani x everything is so sweet and lovely. Great x

    1. Nithu

      Thank you sherya

  2. No offence ENGLISH please was so looking forward to your fan fiction but I couldn’t understand anything ?

    1. Nithu

      I’m soo sorry dear I’ll write both in hindi and English dear

  3. Ruksy

    amazing loved it

    1. Nithu

      Thanks rusky

  4. Shaza

    Ep was awesome..loved shivika …though I’m not a Yuvani fan ..but exited about them in ur ff ……pls part the next one ASAP….

    1. Nithu

      Thanks di…I’ll post asap

  5. Loved it x ❤️❤️

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      Thanks aqsaah. …

  6. i love it….. its is amamzing epi .plz make their first meeting in ur own style that will be superb.plz update soon nxt epi.

  7. I dont want badri kind of meeting!!…plz do something special..

    1. Nithu

      Okay bhargavi I’ll surely remember it

  8. hi nithu how are u. i missed all our ssel ffs.this was really very lovely.specially anika calling shivaye bagad was very cute.our yuvani meeting should be very romantic.all d best and nith u know suhani si ek ladki is going to be telecast in telugu also in the name of kundanapu bomma.

    1. Nithu

      Yes di..I know it..thank you for your support di….

  9. Very nice I like it but please English is can’t able to understand

    1. Nithu

      Sure dear

  10. Nice one Nithu 😀 Keep going,,,,

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      1. 😀 😀 yea one of my fav scene

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