Yeh kaise pyaar hein – Episode 2


Hey guys this is nithu!! thank you for the wonderfull support. …I try my level best to satisfy you guys!!! U know guys I felt my ff was not gud and no one would like it but to my surprise every one are liking my ff…and supporting me thank you soo much…Guys

a man is shown sleeping on a bed in luxurious room covering his head with a white coloured blanket..
Just then a girl enters into the birla mansion with the help of sharad
She enters into the room of that man and sleeps besides him..
A bird comes out from the clock..and starts singing…as it is 12 O clock
Then she shouts”happy birthday yuvi” in his ears
He wakes up …and with a shock and says
Somu tum
Somu: yes it’s me only
Yuvi:you scared me mad girl
Somu: are today is my would be husband birthday and how will i not wish him
Yuvi: thank you meri hone Vale bivi
Then Yuvi claps all the lights turn on

Somu gets up from the bed and asks Yuvi to get up…
Yuvi: how can I get up Somu I dint wear my dress except my short..
Somu: hey bhagwaan! !what kind of husband I’ll be having!!
Yuvi sends her out and dresses himself
He comes out and hugs Somu. .
Somu: Chalo abb leave in my house now and come to my house tomorrow my mom made your favourite sweet (jalebi)
Yuvi: no yaar I won’t come
Somu: y Yuvi. .
Yuvi: if my dad comes to no that I’m in your house …he ll start scolding me and starts pampering you..I can’t see that..

And Yuvi keeps his face sad
Somu laughs and cups his
Somu: uncle Ko mein sambhal loongi you come and have jalebi..
Yuvi: then it’s fine I’ll come tomorrow. Morning and eat my sweet and you don’t dare to touch my sweet
Somu: theek Hain and come to my home after having your bath
Yuvi: y Somu
Somu: we ll go to temple
Yuvi: Somu u no nah
Somu : u ll not belive in these traditions but for my sake you should come
Yuvi: okay

pinky: roshiomru where are you boys
Janvi : pinky why do you shout at them early in the morning you know right before suhani comes down all the brothers except Rudy comes down and make every thing ready for those both..
Pinky: I no it but that only makes me tenses!! Jithani ji
Janvi: but y
Pinky: oh my mata Jithani ji you don’t no
Janvi: if I no y would I ask you pinky
Pinky: I’m tenses because if these three brothers pampers them both it will be a problem
Janvi:problem for u pinky
Pinky: nahi Jithani ji problem for suhani
Janvi: suhani Ko but y
Pinky: when she goes to her sasural who will do all these things she should learn all the house hold things from now
Shi: nahi maa!! Suhani koi karma nahi Kareegi
Pinky: par use sasural mein
Shi: do the hell with her in laws !! She is my sister her husband should only manage everything like we do to her and

I’ll find her such a husband
Om: don’t be like that shi if she falls in love she’ll do everything by herself and will not make her husband do anything
Ro: haan shi
Shi: yeh tum dono Pyaar ke baare mein pair see bol rahe ho …it’s k now let’s start our work those will be coming down
Omro: haan

And three starts their work..
Shi prepares breakfast ,Om takes out dress for Rudy and suhani , rohan packs RUDY’bag and he keeps matching ornaments and Chappals for suhani and shoes for Rudy. ..
Suhani and Rudy comes down
Every one gets mesmerised seeing Su and Rudy
Rusu: what happened to all why are you killing us with your looks…
All laugh together. ..

Precap: yuvani meeting

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  1. Nice episode!!!..but somraj ko ek saath imagine karna bahut mushkil hai yaar!!….anyways badri story is lyk dat…after all yuvani will be d end game….so anxiously waiting for yuvani first meet…..and one more…we all lyk ur ff….anything related to yuvani will obviously b d best!!!…so keeping going?

    1. Nithu

      Thank you bhargavi……you give me confidence. …ssel not IB family is very gud…


    Great episode! Too excited for yuvani meeting! And of course we will love your ff since its amazing… xx

    1. Nithu

      Thank you sherya for ur wonderfull support and sherya I’m missing ua ff ease update it if your free


      Ill update it right now xx

  3. Akshaya

    Great episode

    1. Nithu

      Thank you di

  4. Shaza

    Yea it’s pretty good …I’m not yuvani fan though ..but the story seems good in the ff and pls introduce Anika fast …?..I know it’s hard to handle so many charector shut try to introduce Anika ASAP…and post the next one ASAP …

    1. Nithu

      Di I’m thinking of yuvani and Shivika’s meeting in my next epi…I’ll introduce her di…

  5. amazing epi i like it so much and the four r so caring and suppoting for suhani i love this point in this epi .plz make very special the first meeting of yuvani.plz plz updae asap.

    1. Nithu

      Thank you sri I’ll make sure that yuvani meeting would be special

  6. Jazz1

    Awesome episode

    1. Nithu

      Thank you jazz..

  7. Really really really good! ❤️❤️❤️ Nithu do it’s awesome x Who is pinky again? But it’s awesome apart from that ??

    1. Nithu

      Aqsaah pinky is shivaye ‘s mom and Janvi is rudra and om’s mom

  8. Ruksy

    this is great loved it

    1. Nithu

      Thank you soo much rysky

    2. Nithu

      I mean rusky

  9. no words to say.

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