Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rupa is thrilled to see Manvi’s gift. She is giving me her favourite anklets? She dint use to even let me touch them earlier. She wears them. Rahul climbs up the stairs. Manvi is standing in the terrace. All his fans make videos seeing their favourite rock star in front of them. Rahul knocks at the door. Rupa stammers seeing him outside. She is about to fall but he holds her hand. He notices the anklets. He recalls them to be the same anklets that he saw the other day. Did you come in my concert tonight? You were at the ruins near the market day before yesterday? Rupa nods all dreamy eyed. Manvi wonders why so much commotion is happening downstairs. Why is everyone coming out? What has happened? She peeks down.

Rahul asks Rupa to join him for the auditions tomorrow. I want you to

sing with me. Tomorrow is the last day for the audition. It will be a last chance. I never believed in fate but fate only brought me here. I was looking for this voice. Somehow I found it. I don’t believe in fate but I think you get what is in your fate. She goes to bring a notepad. Manvi comes downstairs. Rahul writes down something on a page. Give it to any of the guys and they wont stop you from coming inside. Please come. Manvi notices Rahul leaving. What was he doing here? She takes Rupa inside.

Rupa keeps looking at the page. Manvi asks Rupa about Rahul coming here. Why did he come to meet you? Rupa is all dreamy. He wants me to sing with him. he has called me Delhi tomorrow. he said that he has been looking for her only. Manvi reminds her that it is her engagement tomorrow. Rupa doesn’t want to lose this chance. it is my dream. All the people outside are waiting for him only and he met me. He saw me earlier as well and remembered it. I will never get such a chance again. Manvi gets angry. How can you trust such a liar? How would he know anything about fate? You are a good singer. He heard you singing and wants you to sing along for his own good. He doesn’t care about you but only of him. How can you break your promises to your parents and fiancé? It might become a headlines tomorrow if you go to Delhi. He uses girls only for his good. People like him can never be anyone’s. He will come in your life as storm and ruin everything! There is no truth in his romantic songs. The girl whom he will marry, will be the most unlucky girl in life.

Rahul felt nothing different after meeting Rupa. It cannot be love if I felt nothing. She has no qualities of my dream girl but I love her voice.

Raj and his friend talk about a construction project. His friend has got a plot but it is not vacant. The residents are ready to leave the place but one Bengali guy is bent upon not leaving. He is a music teacher named Upmanyu. His house lies in the centre of my plot. I wont be able to avoid that particular house. Raj agrees to do it.

Rupa’s mother asks Manvi to bring Rupa for the function. Manvi comes to Rupa’s room but she is not there. She notices a letter kept on the table. She reads it. She has left for the audition. Manvi gets all the more angry on Rahul. How can you use someone’s emotions like this? Manvi’s mother knocks on the door. Manvi lets her in, but closes the door again from inside. She shows the letter to her mother. It all happened so suddenly. I tried to make Rupa understand but. I have to bring her back anyhow. Maybe she hasn’t left Agra till now. Don’t tell anything to anyone till I bring Rupa back. Make any excuse. No one should find out about it. I have to go and meet the man I detest the most in life – Rahul! Only he can tell me about Rupa’s whereabouts.

Raj asks Rahul if that girl will come. Rahul is sure about it.

Manvi comes to meet Rahul in the hotel. She meets the manager. She requests him to allow her to meet Rahul. My friend came here for audition. I am not his fan. It is a very important matter. The manger allows her. Raj and Rahul exit just when Manvi and the manager board the lift. Manvi rushes downstairs. Rahul asks the receptionist if someone came to meet him or left any particular message for him. Raj interrupts him. It is bound to happen as you are a rock star. Leave it all on your secretary. Raj and Rahul leave. Manvi cannot see Rupa there. Maybe she left directly for Delhi.

Rupa hopes that Manvi turns out to be wrong, and Rahul’s promise is right. She calls Rahul.

Manvi’s mother thinks of telling her husband. Rupa’s mother has BP problem. Manvi’s mother thinks of Manvi’s words. She thinks against telling her the truth at the moment. Rahul asks Rupa if she is coming to Delhi. She nods. I am leaving a lot many things behind me. She is about to tell him about her engagement but he asks her to look forward. You will become a good star one day. She gets all positive. She boards a taxi to Delhi. Manvi misses her by a minute. I will have to follow Rupa all the way to Delhi now.

Manvi thinks of talking to Rupa’s father. Maybe he will handle it. She calls Mr. Singh aside but is unable to talk to him as people keep talking to Mr. Singh. He gets a call from one of his relatives. He goes to give the phone to his wife.

Rupa comes for the audition. She gives the paper to one guy. He already knows about her. He asks her to practise in audition rooms. She goes inside. Rahul and Raj reach just then.

Rahul wants his father to hear the voice of that particular girl. It is so sweet that you will go mad after hearing it. Her voice quality and texture is just amazing! Raj can feel the excitement in his son’s voice. I will surely listen to her.

Rupa’s mother wants to check on Rupa. Manvi’s mother stops her. Both the girls are getting facial at home. Rupa’s mother talks about old times. We dint have to buy all these creams and stuff. She goes to check on the arrangements. Manvi’s mother hopes Manvi comes back in time.

Precap: Rupa falls down a bridge in a river. Manvi screams hearing her scream.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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