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Outside the door, Manvi advises Sonali not to work too much in kitchen. Your migraine will increase. She also asks Dadi to take her medicines regularly. Dadi tells her not to make them feel small. My son cheated your father years’ ago. You are again talking about our problems instead of yours. Manvi gives the key back to Sonali. You gave it you your DIL. I am not a part of this house now. Sonali refuses to take it. Raj and Rahul can say anything but I cannot snatch this right from my DIL. Dadi tells her not to force Manvi. She can compromise with anything for us but not with her self-respect. Don’t force her. I wont stop Manvi today. I will only pray that she comes back soon. Manvi seeks their blessings. She shares a tearful hug with Sonali. Sonali tells her to take care. Come back

soon. A tearful Manvi finally leaves.

On her way home, Manvi thinks of her marriage with Rahul. Why did you punish me Rahul? You said that you wont cheat me. You broke my heart today. On the other hand, Rahul too is heartbroken. Raj comes to his room. I knew you will never disappoint me. You did the right thing by showing the status to that girl. you brought her back on earth in a second. I am glad that you sent her back to th right place. Rahul warns her not to think he supported him. End this topic here only and don’t raise it again. don’t even think to teach me the difference between right and wrong. At this time, you are the worst person in my eyes. Raj asks him what he did. Rahul says yes, not you but the animal was at fault that came before your bullet. It left my life under a curse. Raj is stunned. You know everything? Rahul nods. I got to know everything even though you tried to hide it. You knew of all the changes that were happening in my body, of my whereabouts but you kept quiet. What right you had to ruin my life? Raj says I did it all for you, your success, and for fame! Rahul tells him not to drag him in that. You killed an innocent animal for your greed for money and fame. Did you not trust your talent? Raj replies that he did trust his talent. I got greedy to keep this success all my life. I made a mistake but I had no idea this will happen one day. Rahul says it came true. Why will you care for my life? You got what you wanted. Why do you care whatever happens to me because of the curse! Raj says I loved you after your mother’s death. I did everything for you. I loved you so much your own brother is jealous of you today. Rahul points out that the reason is he is the money making machine for him. This is the only reason. I am the most talented of all your kids. Raj talks about what all he did for his sake. Rahul asks him if he wasn’t rock star Rahul today; had no identity in the society, would you have done this also. Raj gives a positive reply but Rahul notices him fumbling. I got my reply. Please leave. Raj leaves from there.

Manvi thinks now I understand why you took so much time in coming back. You wanted to break my heart with a proper plan. I hate you! She is crying. Sad song plays. Rahul angrily breaks / throws stuff in his room. He picks up the guitar gifted by Manvi to him. He recalls it to be her gift and hugs it tight. He thinks of his happier times with Manvi. I love you Manvi. But only Rahul Sabharwal knows this, not the animal inside him. This is why I have to separate you from me!

Shilpa is taken aback to see Manvi in tears. They hug. Shilpa asks her what happened. Is everything fine? Did you hear anything about Rahul? Manvi cries. Shilpa asks her if Rahul is fine. don’t scare me. I will call Sonali and ask her what happened. manvi stops her from calling anyone. Rahul is back. He threw me out of the house. Shilpa is taken aback. How can he do so? Manvi says he can do anything. I was dumb to give him chances. Shilpa suggests making them talk to the Ghose family in Durgapur. Manvi replies that relations don’t need proof. I will not go back in this house. I gave many chances to Rahul. He married me stealthily. I never doubted him for his involvement in Baba’s accident. He threw me out of the house. I tried my best to trust him but I cannot do it anymore. Shilpa understands her pain. I will talk to Rahul. MAnvi gives her her swear. You will not call anyone from that family. You only said that love is important to keep a relation like marriage alive. It was never there in our relation so there is no point of keeping this relation anymore.

Rahul picks up the book that he gifted Manvi. He recalls the entire convo with her that day. Not you but even I wont be able to forgive myself for what I did to you today. I wanted to be near you till I was me. But I don’t want you to be near me because of the animal inside me. Forgive me Manvi. I was helpless. I cannot see you hurt. I want you to hate me as much as I hate myself. I hate myself and the person who is responsible for my condition. I will never forgive dad for what he did. I hate you dad! Your greed to gain everything left me with nothing, not even my love!

Manvi looks at the article in the newspaper. She thinks of Rahul’s words. She closes her ears in shock / pain. Enough! She looks at their photo in the paper. I only made one mistake of trusting you in my life. I had so many misunderstandings because of your goodness. It is good that they all broke now. I don’t have to find an excuse to hate you now.

Strong wind blows. Rahul’s body begins to change.

Manvi reaches out for the plate of food when she looks at her mangalsutra. When Rahul broke the relation with me then why should I keep it around my neck? She is about to tear it when her phone rings.

Rahul is having a hard time as his body turns into a tiger.

Manvi is shocked. I will just come!

Precap: Manvi talks to her Baba who is having a hard time breathing. Doc tries to keep him breathing but the monitor beeps showing a blank line.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. i have to admit rahul is strong…it needs guts to make your loved one hates you the most ….its so hard to gain love but on the other side its too damn easy to gain hate
    i think manvi’s father wiill have a comeback…hope he will tell her the truth

  2. &TV’s popular showYeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum(Balaji Telefilms) has been bringing a lot of drama for its viewers.With the current focus on tiger track, a lot many twists and turns have been planned to keep the drama going.Now in the coming episode, Maanvi (Saanvi Talwar) will be seen fighting with the tiger (Karan Kundra).Shared a source, “Soon a dhamakedar fight sequence will take place in the show wherein Maanvi and the tiger would get into a tussle. Yesterday, the actors shot for a power packed sequence.”Furthermore, Upamanyu (Kali Prasad Mukherjee) will recover from coma and Maanvi would learn that Sujoy (Arun Rana) was the culprit behind all the murders.”Will Maanvi manage to prove Sujoy as the in court?We tried reaching Saanvi but she did not revert.The promo of this sequence is being shot and the episode will air sometime soon.

    1. Ohhh dats grt… Thanks fr the news

  3. Sad, boring and dragging

  4. love u rahul wat a sacrifice u hve done.. Really felling sorry fr uuu.. AND the nxt epi is a twisting one….

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