Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul, Manvi and Manager run away from the place being scared but then come back to check on Yugant. Yugant’s body goes missing which worries Rahul, Manvi and the manager.

Agni and his mom drag Yugant’s body. She is panicked as things can go against them but he tells her to let him do what he wants. We should leave asap so I can meet Yamini. She says you want to meet Yamini after killing her husband. She is not in India though. He says she will be back soon after knowing her husband is no more. She wont spare Rahul and manvi. She will destroy them. His mother thinks don’t know what Kabir is up to but he is playing with a very big danger. Support him.

Manvi and Rahul come in the room. He is still in shock thinking about shooting Yugant. Manvi is pained to see him thus.

Rahul will never harm anyone on his own but I know this wont leave him. He will keep blaming himself. It is also true that that man would have killed me if Rahul had not done so. She tells Rahul not to blame himself. It was not in your hands. He says I left a man to die. I shot him. You cannot even imagine it. She reasons that they went back there to look for him but he wasn’t there. What if some animal took him? he says I had ten minutes time. I could have saved him. I want to go to police station to confess everything. I wont be able to live otherwise.

Rahul and manvi come to police station. The Inspector is happy to see Rahul. I am a very big fan of yours. How did you come here? Rahul shares that they came for vacation. He confesses his crime narrating everything honestly to Inspector. Inspector says how the body can go missing. Rahul says I have no idea which is why I came here. Manvi adds that it happened by mistake. Inspector sends constables to inspect the area. He also alerts control room to look for the body. It has happened for the first time that someone confessed his crime after doing it. I will take your statement in a while. Rahul asks Manvi if he is doing anything wrong. Manvi declines. you are doing the right thing.

Rahul calls his father next. Raj is in disbelief. Rahul says it happened by my hands only. Raj asks about that man. Rahul does not know anything. I was so shocked by the incident that I forgot to check anything. I am in police station. Raj tells him not to worry. I will send lawyer there. It was by mistake I am sure. I would have done something if you had told me earlier. I will send someone don’t worry. The call ends. Manvi tells Rahul she will never leave his side. He says I wouldn’t have done this without you. She reasons that it happened because of her only. He denies.

Raj speaks to his lawyer. Rahul has been through so much but not anymore.

Yamini breaks down seeing Yugant’s dead body. Please talk to me. You cannot leave me alone. She cries repeating the same thing over and over again. Please talk to me once. We cannot part now. We were together for 500 years. How can you leave me? Agni says he was only talking about you all the way from here to the jungle. He was missing you as well. I am sad that you couldn’t meet him for the last time. Yamini demands to know who did it. He shows the video to her. I am also to be blamed. I couldn’t save him. I was making video of havan from far for Amma. I saved myself somehow. I never thought Yugant ji will need me. I heard that he is immortal. I later realised that it is only till you are with me. I got late. I thought to show you the photo of the killers atleast. I know you will take revenge for it. Forgive me that I couldn’t do anything. Don’t spare those killers. She answers in affirmative. I will ruin him and his entire family. He has snatched Yugant from me. I will snatch his everything from him. Agni thinks this is what I wanted to hear. She asks about Rahul. Agni says I don’t know anything about him but I heard him talking in jungle. They would blame Yugant for everything. It might create a problem. Yamini refuses to let it happen. She leaves.

Agni’s mom questions Agni on what he did. He says I very well know what I did. I gave Rahul to Yamini. He wont live for long now. We only have to sit back to see the drama.

Constables couldn’t find anything. They think maybe Rahul is mistaken. Rahul says it wasn’t so. I shot a bullet at him. There was blood. He explains everything in detail. Lawyer says don’t take the blame on you. you might be stressed because of the drive. Inspector might be right. Manvi seconds Rahul. Lawyer wonders where he got stuck because of Raj. They themselves don’t wish to be free. Lawyer tells Manvi to wait. Let me handle things or the case might worsen. Rahul says it isn’t about case or law. It is about the man whose dead body cannot be found. Yugant walks in just then. Are you talking about me? Rahul and Manvi are stunned to see him.

Precap: Manvi notices someone little Payal stabbing someone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. what the pura honeymoon chopat kar diya iss saand(agni) ne ab mujhe lag raha hai ya toh yeh dusra yugant agni hai ya fir yugant ko sab pata chal gaya voh ab Ravi ka saath dena chahata hai

    1. yar i wish tumhari doosri prediction sach ho

  2. and ya fir voh yamini bhi ho sakti hai Jo rahul ko police ke haath se chuta ke badla Lena chahati hai

  3. for our respected writers
    hm keh rhe hain k iss chapter/track ko bnd kro aur aap hmare hi demagh ki dehi krna shuroo ho gae be careful soniya ki doosri pridiction jis pe maine comment kia hai sach kro wrna yeh dehi aap ko boht mehnga pre ga

  4. Woh yogant Ki wife hai… Agani’s mom said in that yamini’s intro episode that she can take anybody’s roop.. Means she is ichhadhaari too ?

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