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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, Rahul feels restless. He thinks of Manvi. He gets Manvi’s call just then. She wants to meet him. He agrees.

Rahul waits for Manvi at a secluded place. Maybe she forgave me. Would it also mean that we can be together? Manvi comes there. He compliments her on her beauty. She speaks against it. You spread rumours about me. You sent your father to my house to insult me. You ruined my engagement! He is shocked to know that she got engaged. She asks him if his father did not tell him anything. He spoke cheaply about me. Your plan flopped. I am marrying a guy who will never leave my side even in tough times. Rahul is clueless about anything. Manvi tells him not to pretend. I am not a fool to accept whatever you say. You are to be blamed for whatever is happening in my life. I

am getting married in 2 days. what all drama will you do? He is stunned. She speaks positively about Sujoy. Rahul says no one will trouble her again. She talks about parents’ ill upbringing. He is sure Upmanyu must have instigated his dad. He wont do anything like this on his own. Manvi shares what Raj said on her engagement. I do cheap things to earn money. He is elder to me so I kept quiet. He dint care about anyone though. You father son duo are alike. You also don’t know how to respect a woman. Your father raised a finger on my character. He does the same thing with his wife? He tells her not to point fingers at any of his family members. She refuses to do anything with him. He turns to go. You have anyways left the job. She nods. Respect it above love for me. I don’t know about love but I do respect Sujoy. No girl will be able to live with you. Your father said that that house will be inauspicious where I will go. I say that whichever girl will marry you will be the most unlucky girl. He tells her to stop. Go get married. Don’t worry about my life. I am also getting married. She is hurt. He explains that Avanti does not think of him the same way like she does. Manvi leaves.

Raj comes home. He tries calling someone but the number is unreachable. He calls at the landline. Avanti picks up the call. Talwar has left for Chennai. Raj tells her about Upmanyu Chatterjee’s house. You can demolish the house now. You don’t have to wait. You should have nothing to do with such lowly people. Avanti agrees. Your work will be done.

There is a function going on at Chatterjee house. Police and other officials ask the family to vacate the house. We have to demolish it in 5 minutes. Manvi asks for some time. Upmanyu refuses to let it happen. I will pay all the instalments. He also checks the notice. We got some time for the same. Police officials refuse to let them stay inside. Manvi thinks Rahul dint do right!

Rahul is at Avanti’s house. I should agree for this wedding. Maybe things will go right for Manvi then. Think about her, if not you! Avanti is surprised to see him there. He leaves behind his phone as Rahul heads to the washroom. Avanti picks up Manvi’s call. She requests Rahul to help her. bulldozers have been sent here. Please stop it. I know your father is behind it. Please make him understand that enmity should be kept aside. I am getting married in 2 days. Please don’t let this happen. Let us end it all now. I promise to return all your money in time. Please help me right now. Avanti is curious about the caller. She ends the call without saying anything. This looks like some special call. She also deletes Manvi’s number from Rahul’s phone. Manvi is shocked.

Rahul tells Avanti that he is ready for marriage. Avanti looks at him in disbelief. She asks him to sit on his knees and propose her. That is how I will be able to believe it. He complies. He was about to say Manvi but then corrects himself. He proposes Avanti for marriage. She hugs him excitedly. Rahul looks uncomfortable. He leaves.

Upmanyu lies on the ground before the bulldozer. I wont let it happen. Manvi shows the record papers to the guys. We will pay the final instalment too. They say that they are helpless. We have to follow the orders. Avanti reaches there just then. She gives her intro. Stop all this! She walks up to Chatterjee Family. Avanti fills in Manvi and her family’s ears against Rahul. I tried to make him understand but in vain. He is behind all this. Manvi is shocked. I tried to make him understand but nothing is helping. Maybe he and his dad have a problem with your family. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood. I too am getting married. I will marry Rahul. Manvi realises Rahul was right. He is marrying Avanti. Whatever he said recently was just a revenge! Avanti acts all sweet. No one will throw you out of this house. You can stay here. Manvi thanks her. Avanti knows Manvi will stay out of her relationship. I gained respect in your eyes today. You will not go against me ever. Manvi says I will be forever indebted to you for life. Avanti tells her not to think so. She leaves from there.

Precap: Shilpa asks Upmanyu what mistake Manvi made. She was only trying to help her Baba and save this house. What did she get in return? Rahul made fun of her and you! No one can understand what she would have gone through!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. I just loved today’s episode……
    Pls unite maanvi and Rahul fast….

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  4. plz unite manvi and rahul!!
    how much we will wait??

    1. Of course in the first conversation in between both manvi and avani,was avani said that if we like the same thing again I will not share it I will snatch it from u and I think that is( rahul)

  5. I think manvi air rahul will marry each other in further episodes

  6. Lot of misunderstanding already created bet them so it will another few episodes to unite them. Let hope for the best

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