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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj asks manvi to stop just when she enters the house. She is confused. what did I do? He throws the paper at her. Everyone comes out to see what’s happening. Raj blames Manvi for leaking Rahul’s info to media. Who did she ask before doing it? Manvi denies. He speaks of his convo with the reporter. Manvi shares that she was not at home last night. He demands to know of her whereabouts. She does not disclose of the location. Raj knows she only acts to care of Rahul. You left him alone at night. She does not want to worry them by telling them of pundit ji’s last words. Nisha asks her to tell them the truth. Raj is sure Manvi will not tell them anything. She got a chance to sing with Shaleen. She thinks she will surpass Rahul. Such people cannot live in this house! Get out! Sonali asks

Raj how can he speak to their DIL like this. He wants to throw Manvi out of the house anyhow. Dadi challenges him to do so. He tells her not intervene. This girl has ruined our house since she has come here. She is the bad blood of my rival. manvi tells him to stop. My Baba is my pride. I wont let anyone speak against him, not even you! Nisha tells her not to talk to dad like this. Raj points at her upbringing again. I cannot bear her in this house anymore. Tell her to leave this house right away. Sonali takes Rahul’s name. He had heard everything as he was standing on the stairs. Manvi is crying. He asks her how dare she talk to dad like this. She points out that papa was talking against her Baba. Rahul supports Raj. You think you can do all these controversies behind my back and we wont know? My success has been lost since you came in my life. You couldn’t do anything to make yourself famous so you did all this! You left at midnight to cheat me. Why did you come back and with what right, Manvi CHatterjee? This house and I don’t need you anymore. Get out. Manvi is shocked. Dadi asks him if he has lost his mind. He regrets making manvi a part of his life. Dad was right. She does not deserve me. my life has become a living hell since she came in my life. Why are you so arrogant? You should be thankful to me. Sonali tells him to stop. You don’t know what all she did for you. Rahul shows her the paper again. now I will do what my dad says. It was my biggest mistake to marry this girl. I will not have any relation with her now. Dadi says Manvi is your wife. Rahul corrects her. She was my wife. She spoke against me in the press; insulted his father and is still arguing with my dad! I think these reasons are enough to take divorce from her! manvi is shocked. If that isn’t enough then we will talk of the class difference. I will publish this news in the paper next day. Rahul Sabharwal left his wife, the wife whose father is a useless man; whose father has no status. Manvi slaps him. I have had enough. I did not mind it when you spoke against me or did not trust me. I wont listen to anything against my Baba. I will give a fitting answer to whoever speaks against my Baba. What right or status you have to pinpoint at my Baba? He is blessed by Ma Saraswati. He might not be as rich as you in terms of money but he shares his knowledge with people. He is very rich than you guys. Dadi tells her not to take it to her heart. Manvi says we humans misunderstand people so we should only be punished for it. Give the news in the paper that Manvi Chatterjee left Rahul Sabharwal’s house for forever. She runs upstairs followed by Sonali and Dadi.

Rahul is heartbroken. Raj pats at his head. I am proud of you son. Rahul mentally apologizes to Manvi for hurting her. I had no option. I love you a lot. I had to do this to save you.

Nisha wants to go out on dinner to celebrate. I cannot believe that Manvi is going to leave the house. It feels like a dream. He pinches her to make her see the reality. Nisha speaks of how mom and Dadi fought with Dad for Manvi. They would never do this for me. He tells her to let it be. She wonders who leaked the news to the reporter. She recalls the name of the reporter. You know her well. Shaleen smiles.

Manvi thinks of Rahul and Raj’s words as she packs her bag. Sonali and Dadi come there. They ask her not to listen to Rahul. He has lost his mind. Don’t do this. She says I would have reacted to anything if Rahul had said something about me. he raised a finger at my Baba. I cannot bear it. Sonali agrees to tell Rahul about what Manvi did for him. manvi denies. doc has told us not to give him stress. If he is happy with my going away from here then I should leave. Everyone will fight till I stay here. It is right for me to leave. Rahul asks for his room if her fake drama is over. I have to go in a party. How will I get ready this way? Dadi rebukes him for not understanding his mistake. He blames Manvi for making his life public. She asks him he if thinks she can do it. Rahul answers in positive. I am also sure you are the biggest mistake of my life! Take this bag and get out of here. Manvi leaves. Dadi and SOnali cry. Rahul hides his tears somehow.

Rahul calls out after Manvi when she is downstairs. You thought I will let you go like this? You are my wife. I broke your dream of ruling on this big house. Assure me you aren’t harming me in any way. Is something in your bag? Manvi is in tears. Rahul calls out for Chotu but NIsha suggests him not to involve servants in family matters. I will check Manvi. She snatches Manvi’s purse from her hand. Manvi is continuously crying. Rahul also feels bad for her but stands helplessly. She can take anything that she got after her marriage. She cannot take anything else. Nisha checks Manvi’s bag. Rahul mentally apologizes to Manvi for behaving so badly with her. I don’t want you to look back at me ever again so I am breaking your heart like this. Forgive me if possible. Sonali asks them what’s happening. Rahul says we were only checking her stuff. She might have taken something by mistake. Dadi tells her not to do something which will shame them. Nisha says there is nothing in the bag. She might be hiding something in her clothes. I think I should check. Rahul allows her but SOnali warns Nisha not to even touch Manvi. No one will touch my DIL. What has happened to you guys? This is the worst that has happened in our house till date. She says sorry to Manvi. I cannot see you going through this anymore. You have had enough. Stones live in this house. Go, I wont stop you. no one will sympathise with you. She takes Manvi outside. Rahul thinks of their wedding. Any place can be better for you than this house. I have to do this for your safety.

Precap: Manvi tells her mother that she will never go back in that house.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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