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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi and Rahul love the room. She says we should thank mom and Shaleen for this surprise. He thinks she should love the room he has booked for her. You will love it more. They go to freshen up before going for dinner.

Payal is trying to make Tara eat something when Agni picks her up in his arms (he has covered his face with a hood). She requests him not to kill her. He warns her not to talk too much or he will kill her as well. Rahul goes to freshen up. Manvi hears Payal calling out for help. She looks out of the window. Agni thinks everything is going as per his plan. Manvi saw me. She will now do what I want.

Payal cries for Tara. Manvi shouts at Rahul that she will come just now. Rahul comes out of the washroom but she is gone by then.

Manvi meets Payal. Rahul looks

at them from upstairs. Payal cries for Tara. That uncle held Tara too strongly. He was strangling her neck badly. He will kill her. Manvi cannot see any security guard around but seeing Payal cry she says we will find her. Rahul sees them leaving. He shouts after her to stop from going in jungle but in vain. He too rushes downstairs.

Agni gives the goat to his mother. She recognizes the hood to be Yugant’s. He tells her to let him do it all as per his plan. It wont fail this time. She is worried as things are getting nastier but he tells her not to ask questions. Do what I have asked you to do. She shows him two guns. One is real with a mark over it while the other one is fake. She is scared of his plan but Agni tells her to let him do what he wants to. Stay here and do nothing. I am doing it for both of us. Our problems will end by what I am doing. She tells him to be careful. He leaves.

Manvi thinks I cannot take Payal ahead with me as the jungle is really dense and scary. Payal refuses to go back to inform father. I want to see if Tara is fine or not. Manvi suggests her to send her father here. He can help us in getting Tara back. Payal nods. Manvi is relieved to know that payal knows the way till here. She will be able to call help. Payal leaves. Manvi wonders who that man was. He snatched the goat from a little girl. What kind of people live here!

Agni brings the goat to where Yugant is. Yugant notices his cape in Agni’s hand. How did you get it? Agni says I was holding it when we left from your house. Yugant sits down to do puja. Agni looks around. Yugant asks him to sit down. Agni obliges. When will the goat be sacrificed? Yugant says it will be after a while. This goat is lucky to be the offering to my God. I will start puja now. Agni nods. I wont disturb. Agni goes aside when the puja starts. Real action will start after my drama only. He keeps the gun safely with him and joins Yugant once again.

Payal cries for Tara before her father. He says I will get another goat for you but Payal asks for Tara only. Rahul asks her about manvi. Payal tells her everything. Manager gets tensed. Rahul asks him why his security guards dint stop Manvi. Manager says we have opened recently. But the jungle is safe. Rahul doubts it. He goes to look for Manvi. Manager agrees to join him after dropping Tara to her room.

Kabir is waiting impatiently for Rahul and Manvi. They should have been here by now.

Manvi walks in the jungle but cannot see anyone. It will be foolishness to go ahead. She turns to go when she hears some strange sound. She walks ahead. Agni has his back to her so she notices only Yugant. She gets curious. What’s happening here? Agni senses her presence behind the tree and smirks. Manvi realises that these people are going to sacrifice this goat.

Yugant says the first Aahuti will be given by this goat’s blood. Manvi thinks if they are mad. Who does such things in today’s date? Yugant picks up a sword to slay the goat. Manvi’s eyes widen in shock. Agni is still sitting there. Manvi shouts at Yugant to stop. She rushes to free Tara. Agni takes the opportunity to run from there. Yugant asks her who she is. What are you doing here between my puja! She knows he will kill this innocent animal as soon as she leaves. They argue over it. He says I don’t want to impress God anyways. You don’t know me. I wont tolerate any other interference now. Manvi agrees to go but with Tara only. Agni thinks action is about to start as per my plan.

Rahul and the manager are looking for Manvi in jungle. Rahul is stressed but manager assures him they will find her.

Yugant warns Manvi to not intervene in his act or she will pay heavily. She does not care or is affected by his words. Will you kill me instead of killing this goat? Do it if you are daring enough! He drops the sword. You are right. I will kill you only. I was going to use the sword to kill the goat but for you, I will use this. Manvi is shocked to see his steel nails. Who are you? Agni watches from far. Rahul and manager, who have been looking for her, hear her voice. Rahul says manvi is in danger. He rushes to where he heard the voice coming from.

Manvi asks yugant who he is. Stay away from me. I am warning you. Rahul and manager look on. Yugant says I spared the life of the goat as you wanted it but I will make a sacrifice. I will sacrifice you instead. Agni thinks it is all going exactly the way I wanted it to. Manvi saw what I wanted her to see. She will now also see what I want her to!

Manager stops Rahul from going there. He might kill you this way. Manvi asks Yugant to stay away. Manager finds a gun there. He gives it to Rahul. Rahul confronts Yugant. I will kill you. Stay away from my wife. I will shoot if you take any step further. Yugant does not mind. I will kill you both. Rahul says I am not joking. I will shoot in reality. Agni is recording it all in his phone. He aims his gun at Yugant and shoots him. Manvi shouts in shock. Manager asks Rahul what he did. Rahul says I dint want to kill him. I only wanted to scare him by hitting at the tree. I don’t know how he got hurt. Agni says I never miss my shot. You will pay for it.

Yamini is shocked and in disbelief to know that yugant is no more. Agni fills her ears against Rahul and Manvi. Maybe it was some old enmity or something. Rahul asked us to stop the havan. He started firing when we dint agree. I saved my life somehow. I have kept the photo with me as I know you will take revenge for Yugant’s death. Yamini thinks not to mourn Yugant’s death till she punishes his criminals. She tells Agni to find out the details of the people who killed her husband. I am coming to India. Agni is content. Rahul’s death is certain now.

Yamini looks at her and Yugant’s photo. I will torment him to death. He has killed my husband. I will kill him and everyone related to him.

Precap: Yugant’s body goes missing which worries Rahul, Manvi and the manager.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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