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Shilpa walks back inside the ward. She is surprised to see Rahul wiping Upmanyu’s face clean. Rahul apologizes to her for not asking her permission but she in fact says he did good. Upmanyu is looking good. She gives him Manvi’s kundli. Rahul thanks her before leaving. Nurse tells Shilpa that her daughter is really lucky. Her husband is not just a rock star but he has a good heart too. He was talking to the patient. He was saying that the patient was his Dada ji’s favourite student. Rahul calls Sonali. She tells him to give the kundli directly to Kajal only.

Manvi follows Nikhil. Nikhil enters inside a building. Manvi stops a lady outside. She gets to know that no one from this locality can afford to go to Nikhil’s school. She wonders if Nikhil has fell in bad company or has

got some bad habit. She too comes upstairs. She is shocked to know Nikhil comes here stealthily. Why!

Sonali is waiting anxiously for Kajal’s call. Kajal disconnects the call when Sonali rings her up. Sonali gets a message. The kundli is shocking. Be careful. Take very good care of Rahul. I have to go somewhere urgently. I will be back in the few days. I will explain everything then. Sonali gets tensed after reading the message. Why did Kajal ask me to take special care of Rahul? What could it mean?

Manvi comes to her room. She keeps thinking about the room in which Nikhil entered. He is walking on a wrong path. He is only a 16 years old kid now. He will ruin his health, his life if he isn’t helped at the moment. I wont let it happen. I will have to stop it somehow.

Manvi serves food to Rahul, Sonali. Raj serves himself. Chotu tells Sonali Nikhil ate food on his way from the tuition. Manvi excuses herself citing she needs to take medicine. Raj is relieved that she is gone. She is inauspicious! Rahul feels bad. Sonali tells Raj to stop it. It’s enough.

Nikhil looks at a medicine. He thinks how his friends tease / taunt him all the time. Manvi comes just then. She throws away the medicine before he can take them. Nikhil angrily asks her what she is doing here. They are pills of headache. Do I have to take your permission for this? Manvi says you don’t have to hide anything from me. I know what pills you are taking. I saw you going there. Nikhil is shocked. You were following me? How dare you! what do you think of yourself? She replies that she dint intend to. I received a call from your class teacher. She told me you have been bunking school. You don’t have to be scared of anyone. I promise not to tell anyone about this if you agree to not take these pills. They will harm you only. There are side effects of them too. He refuses to take anyone’s help. I can take my own decisions. It will be better if you leave. She fights with him for the medicines but something drops. Raj, Rahul and Sonali hear the noise. Rahul goes to check.

Manvi asks for the medicines. I will have to tell mummy ji if you don’t listen to me. Rahul comes there. Nikhil asks him why he brought her (Manvi) here. She keeps troubling me all the time. Rahul reminds him that Manvi is his bhabhi. You better behave. Nikhil refuses to have a bhabhi like her. She is only creating fights between us since she has come. He turns to Manvi. Why don’t you go back to the place from where you have come? No one needs you. We all hate you! I hate you! Your father must have sent you to trouble me as well. Rahul slaps him. Have you lost your mind? You are forgetting how to talk to elders. First that alcohol incident and now this! She is your bhabhi. Where are you headed? He walks out of the room angrily. Manvi tries to talk to Nikhil but he is all the more against her now. My brother hit me for the first time in life because of you. No one needs you here. Why don’t you leave? No one understands me here. I am the youngest one in the house. Everyone scolds me. Please go. She tries to make him understand but in vain. She sadly leaves from there.

Sonali tells Raj about Kajal’s thoughts. He says I have been telling you from day one. That girl (Manvi) is inauspicious for us. She says it isn’t about personal enmity. I have a fear it might be something more serious than that. I cannot wait for Kajal to come back. I am very worried for Rahul. I have to find out what the problem is. He asks for the kundli. I will consult Guru ji. She does not want to wait for tomorrow. Can we not send the kundli right away? He can see how worried she is. I will go right away then.

Manvi asks Rahul why he had to slap Nikhil. You think someone can understand things because of the beatings? He says I don’t think I have to take classes from you on how to treat my brother. She argues with him. he cannot understand why she is taking Nikhil’s side when he is supporting her. Nikhil is going in the wrong direction. He lied first and now this! Will you scold me on this too? Don’t we have enough reasons to fight? She reasons that it isn’t about her or him but about Nikhil. You are his brother so you tell me. Is Nikhil like this since the beginning? Did he always misbehave with everyone? No! There must be some reason behind the change that has come in him. Slap wont solve any problem. He advises her to stay away from Nikhil. I will handle him. She asks him how he will do it without knowing the reason. She tells him about the call from the school. I followed him today to find out where is going to after lying to us. Flashback shows Nikhil buying medicines from a random guy through which he can lose weight. That slimming centre is in a small weird lane. The people there are weird. That man looked a cheater. I don’t know what those medicines are about. He was saying the medicines will kill Nikhil’s hunger. It can wrongly affect Nikhil. You were right when you said kids make mistakes. As grownups, we have to make them understand. Your father stays busy but you are closest to him. You should talk to him. Rahul feels bad. I did not know he is taking my jokes too seriously. I dint know this. Dadi was walking by but she stops outside their room to listen to their convo. She reprimands him for doing whatever he likes. I have already been a victim to it. don’t do it with Nikhil atleast. Rahul leaves from there.

Dadi asks Manvi what she was saying to Rahul. Did you two have a fight? She denies. One should take hold on a few things before it is too late. Dadi misunderstands her logic. I know why these problems are coming. Don’t worry I will make sure everything gets fine.

Dadi and Dada ji discuss about sending the newlywed couple to some place so they can spend quality time together. we will give them a surprise gift. This wont give anyone time to think.

Nikhil is crying in his room when Rahul enters. Rahul says sorry to him. I shouldn’t have slapped you. Please forgive me. Manvi told me everything. I am not scolding you. She dint complain. Why dint you tell me if you had any problem? I am your brother. What was the need to go to this stupid slimming centre? What if something had happened to you? Nikhil says how would have that affected you. You always taunted me. I used to join you for jogging, I couldn’t do it. I used to get hungry afterwards. You kept telling me to eat salads. That wasn’t fulfilling. I used to eat junk food. You had a problem with that too. no one understands me or ever tried to. Rahul side hugs him. I dint know you are taking my jokes this seriously. You got hurt because of it. Nikhil shares how everyone outside used to taunt him. Everyone in the Sabharwal House is fit, just not me. I was trying to stay fit on my own. Rahul accepts it is him actually who is at fault. I am responsible for this. trust me, I dint intend to make you feel bad. Please forgive me. Who gave you money to buy these cheap medicines? Nikhil says he used to save money from his pocket money. Rahul tells him no one will call him fat from now onwards. Nikhil knows he is fat. I myself want to lose weight. Rahul offers to make a diet chart for him. I will add exercises that you will be able to do. We will do work out together daily. Promise me, you wont get such stupid ideas again. Nikhil promises him. Rahul says sorry to him once again. You are my younger brother. You can share everything with me. Did you forget me? Nikhil nods. Rahul kisses him sweetly. He mentally thanks Manvi. If you had not told me about my brother then I wonder what he would have done to himself. Thank you so much.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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    We have already seen her show Naagin reaching the top of TRP ladders. And now we hear that she is all set to add some supernatural element in her &TV daily, Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum.

    A source shares that the Karan Kundra starrer series will now witness a major track change on the lines of Rahul Roy’s film Junoon.

    Oh yes, for the coming plot, Karan Kundra will turn into a shape shifting tiger.

    “In the coming days, Rahul (Karan) and Manvi (Saanvi Talwar) will decide to go for their honeymoon. During that time, it will be revealed that Rahul in reality is a shape shifting tiger. Due to a curse given to his family, Karan’s character will face the consequences of turning into a tiger on particular days of the year”. WTF!!!????

    Well we have to wait and watch whether Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum will be able to cast a spell on the masses just like Naagin did.

    The track will be introduced soon is what we hear.

    Unfortunately, we could not reach Karan for his take on turning into a tiger!

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  2. Precap is nisha hearing manvi talking on phone that shez going for honeymoon today itself and doesn’t want to go! Nisha is surprised that shez reluctant to go for honeymoon!

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