Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha is very much disturbed by Rahul’s words. She tells Shaleen she has never seen Rahul behave this way. He was staring and warning me in such a way that I was all scared. Shaleen tells her to calm down. I will talk to him tomorrow. She is irked. Rahul confronts anyone anytime when someone says anything against his wife! This is the reason you are behind him. Shaleen agrees to talk to Rahul right away.

Manvi thinks of both Rahul and Sujoy’s statement. Wish you had woken up Baba. Everything would have been clear then. This confusion will kill me from inside. Her inner self asks her if she will be able to face the truth. If Rahul has hurt Baba then he only has killed Niru. You only will be responsible for it. You only told him about NIru. Are you brave enough to face the truth?

She lies down to sleep on the ground when Rahul enters. She recalls his behaviour towards her recently. Rahul picks up a candle and walks up to her. She is scared. He lights the candle before her and pulls her hand forward. He applies ointment on her wound. How will your wound heal if you wont take care of yourself? You only think about others. She tells him about Niru’s death. Don’t you care about it? He denies. Everyone has to die one day. She says she was the sole witness of my Baba’s accident. don’t you find it weird that someone killed her just when she was going to tell me about my Baba’s murderer. He speaks round about. No one is certain about life and death. You came in my life suddenly, we got married, Baba met with an accident, our honeymoon, we stopped in that village! Life is fun when everything happens suddenly. I too did not know that suddenly so much will happen with me. He thinks of his accident on the night of Purnima and going to that temple. Manvi is tensed. He holds his ears as he hears the sound of bells. She asks him what happened to him. Are you in pain? Should I call a doc? He looks at her as if he is out of some trance. He looks around the room completely lost. How did I come here? I did not realise when night came. She says you were just shouting because of pain. He denies. I cannot feel any pain. We were supposed to go meet Niru today. why dint anyone wake me? She replies that she just told him that Niru is dead. He cannot believe it. we were to meet her today! Manvi asks Rahul if he does not remember anything. He denies. no one told me anything. How will I remember? She was the only proof of my innocence. How did this happen? Manvi says I told you just now about someone killing Niru. He declines knowing anything like that. Did anyone go to police? What will I do now? She was the only proof of my innocence. Where is my phone? He smells something yet again and changes.

Shaleen calls out for him just then. Rahul is irked to hear his voice. Manvi worriedly follows him outside. Shaleen rebukes Rahul for speaking badly to his wife. Manvi advices him to speak in lower tone as everyone is sleeping. Shaleen repeats it yet again. Raj and everyone else also come out. Rahul says sorry to Raj. I only warned Nisha. Shaleen tells him to be in his limits. You have no right to speak to my wife like that. You might be a rock star outside, not at home! Sonali tells him to calm down. Shaleen says everyone asks me to calm down all the time. Rahul is your beloved son. Everyone will only try to make me understand things. No one will say anything to Rahul even after what he did with Guru ji today. you all can keep quiet but I wont. Nisha is still scared. Raj asks Rahul what he said to Nisha. Shaleen is right. You are not behaving nicely these days. You don’t respect anyone. Say sorry to Nisha.

Rahul asks Nisha what he said to her. Tell everyone. Its good that the matter is out. I can now tell everyone what had actually happened. What happened that I had to warn you? Should I tell? Nisha was the one who brought the casserole that had chicken in it. Everyone is taken aback. Not just this, her best friend Avanti was with her in this. Problem starts from this fact that they stood there quietly. Maybe they wanted Manvi to get the entire blame. I don’t know why they did it. I don’t care about the reason. Rahul warns everyone. I wont leave anyone with just a warning if they try to do something against my wife. He adds that no one can stop him. Sonali asks Nisha what Rahul is saying. She tries to deny when Rahul intervenes. She accepts her mistake. It got mixed up by mistake. Sonali reprimands her for that mistake. Nisha apologizes to her. Avanti brought it for me as I had to meet mom dad in evening. The plan changed in the end. Sonali is not interested in her excuses. You could have said no to Avanti when you knew about Guru ji’s arrival. You could accept your mistake when Manvi was being scolded. Disgusting! Raj too scolds Shaleen for not finding out his wife’s mistake beforehand. Shaleen is irked with Nisha for not telling him all this. everyone leaves and the lights are switched off.

Nisha thinks Rahul cannot make her lose by scaring her like this. I wont let you dominate me like this ever again. He asks her if she is thinking about him. She is shocked to see him on a nearby sofa only. He tells her that she cannot escape after doing such evil things anymore. I will keep an eye on you always. If you sway in your step then I will throw you out of the house. Be very, very careful! She leaves from there scared.

Guru ji wakes up in the middle of the night after seeing the same temple. I cannot sit back quietly and watch it all. I will have to find a solution to it. There must be some way which even I don’t know. I will not leave trying. I left something for sure. There must be a way. He checks Sabharwals’ kundli. Is there no way to stop this curse? Wind blows. The pages of a book flip open. Guru ji picks up that very book and reads it. I found my answer!

Precap: Guru ji gives something to Sonali. I have kept everything in it. Add one of Rahul’s nail in it. Dip it in a lake or river before midnight tonight. Don’t let Rahul find out anything about this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. sonaina swati

    yar why………….why they are dragging it so much ????????????/

  2. Woe nice acting Karan i mean Rahul. Wonderful cast. Your acting is too good. Secondly above all u love ur wife manvi great. mere patni ko koi tan nahi karega… woe something nice. hope manvi or Guruji saves Rahul from curse. but wonderful… I dont want see Rahul as Neeru muderer…

  3. Ya rahul tking stand for manvi was great:) Tiger hubby 😀

  4. i think this show is going on another track…..i hope this finishes soon with my exams in month and again back to the track after this (tiger wala) finishes and love story furthur proceeds

  5. Karan kundra’s voice changed..its somebody elses..why?

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