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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doc tries to befriend the kids. She gives them toys and also puts a recorder there. She tries to ask them who they have been talking to but they keep quiet. She shows them chocolates. I will give them to you if you answer my simple questions. How did you survive in that house for so long? You are so young yourselves. Who brought you food? She notices the boy murmuring towards the other side of the room. She tries to instil confidence in them about her. Who it is? The boy says mom. Doc says she cannot be here. She is dead. Boy shakes her in denial. My mom is still alive. The recorder bursts shocking the doc. The kids smile. Doc wonders if the kids are lying or hallucinating. There is no one here. She points out the same to the kids. I have come here to help you both. Stop lying to me. Girl

says Ma is asking you not to shout on us. Doc says why you were doing drama since so long if you can talk. Boy asks her to come closer. She obliges. He says our mom is saying so. Doc asks them about it. Why can I not see her? Boy says she does not wish you to see her. She can see you and us though. Doc asks them where she is. Boy replies that she is sitting next to you. Doc scolds the kids for lying. She gives the boy punishment to stand in the corner. Don’t sit till I ask you to. She twists his hand intentionally. I don’t wish to hurt you both but I have to get this illusion out of your hand. she acts stern with them. You can act but I wont become a fool. Light goes off. Doc continues to act upset with the kids. They tell her that their mom is here. Lights begin to flicker. It gets cold. Doc gets pinned to the wall by some strange force. She requests to be freed but in vain. She falls down holding her neck.

Everyone is gathered at the dining table. Manvi comes dressed in typical Punjabi style (Patiala suit). Rahul smiles. Sonali asks her if she is looking truly Punjaban. Rahul nods sweetly. Completely. Raj advises Manvi not to go before her Baba in this attire. That Bengali can lodge another case against me for this. Everyone smiles. Rahul asks Manvi if she has also learnt to speak in Punjabi. Sonali encourages her to speak up. Manvi speaks in Punjabi which irks Nisha. Her phone rings just then. She is shocked. I will just come. She tells Rahul that the call was from hospital. It is related to those kids. She rushes out. Nisha says we were hungry all this while for this? Sonali tells her to shut up. Manvi is more worried about the kids than food. Rahul leaves from the dining table.

Manvi reaches hospital. She meets doc. Did you have an accident? doc says it was done intentionally. Manvi asks about the kids. Doc shares that they are fine. they aren’t alone. Their mother is with them. Manvi says it is good. Where is she? Doc tries to explain that she only did this to her. She isn’t alive but is staying with the kids as a ghost. Manvi refuses to believe it. Doc reasons that the kids survived in an impossible place for so many years. They are perfectly fine. She is with them. She takes care of them. Senior doc tells her to stop. Doc insists she isn’t lying but senior doc says I know you are upset because of your personal problems. I asked you to take rest but you are coming here after taking your medicines. She says my personal and professional life is different. He has spent time with the kids in the meantime. They told me you have been stern with them, raised your hand on them and that you fell on your own. She says I was doing it as per the logic behind my idea. He asks for proof. She says I had proof but that woman broke the camera before attacking me. Manvi asks for a daily report on the kids to her. Senior doc agrees. Doc tries to make her understand that the mother of the kids is really dangerous. Be careful. Manvi pays no heed to her words. She thinks the psychiatrist might be wrong. The kids are so nice. I have been with them. I am sure she might be cooking it all up.

Manvi meets the kids next. The boy hugs her. They are nice to her. boy talks to her which makes her happy. doc is really bad. She called my mother a ghost and even raised a hand on me. Manvi assures him no one will say anything to them from now onwards. Boy is scared that that doc might come in the evening. She might kill me. Manvi says no one will say anything to you. I assure you. Don’t cry. Boy thanks him. Manvi kisses them both before leaving. A shadow can be seen by the door. the kids look there. The boy asks his mother (shadow) if he did the right thing. the shadow nods.

Precap: Nurse is running when Manvi stops her. What’s happening? Nurse shares that the kids ran away last night itself. Manvi questions her on the security. Nurse says there is everything but no one saw them leaving. Manvi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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