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Rahul apologizes to Manvi. I was so much worried about you. You took such a big risk and were not even picking my calls. She jokes that she forgot him already. If I knew you will be so sweet then I would have pretended to be upset with you for long. He gets serious. I think you are doing the wrong thing by saving a criminal. She stops him. You don’t have a right to speak against my husband. He can never do so. He tells her not to lie to herself. You have seen what I turn into at night. Don’t pretend that you don’t know anything. I myself cannot tell you what I go through once the tiger takes over. It is very easy for me to kill someone in that state. She says you aren’t like that. Your heart is not so weak that any animal can take over you. You are a very strong person.

You cannot do anything wrong. Your willpower is strong enough to hold you back from doing anything which is not right. This is the reason why I love. She stops midsentence. He looks at her and caresses her face. Why did you stop? Say it. I have been waiting to hear it. You say it or should I say it? They close their eyes and lean closer for a kiss. Rahul’s phone rings just then. It is Prithvi. Rahul shares that he wants to meet him regarding some murder case. On what basis is he calling me if you have my ID.

Rahul and Manvi are at the police station. Prithvi shares that he found the dead body of their acquaintance. Prithvi shows them a photo. Rahul recognizes him. It is Rajeev, Rahul’s old manager. Prithvi cannot tell how he died. I saw some messages in his phone. You were to meet him last night? Rahul agrees. What’s the connection? Prithvi asks him if he noticed something important or different when you met him. Rahul says I was busy in my concert so I did not meet him. prithvi points out that
Manvi says it was our plan. Rahul wanted to introduce me to the audience. She calls it a tactic from their end. If my husband has helped Rajeev so much then he has no reason to kill him. rahul smiles. Prithvi is content by their replies (shows to be). They leave. Outside, Rajeev’s family cries before Rahul. He is moved. Rajeev’s daughter asks about her papa. Rajeev’s wife tells how her husband respected Rahul a lot. Rahul assures them that he will take all the responsibilities that Rajeev left behind. They call him an angel. Our Rajeev will be so thankful to you wherever he will be. They go inside.

Rahul is disturbed. He asks Manvi to leave. You should not be near me. I am a dangerous animal becuas eof which people are dying. She asks him if he has become mad. He points at the event. She asks him why is he punishing himself. You haven’t done it. That lady called you an angel. He replies that they don’t know the truth. Manvi has faith in him. you cannot hurt anyone. you took their responsibility without a second thought. He calls it guilty conscience. She knows he wont give it all up if he finds out tomorrow that he is not guilty. He talks about the animal inside him. she reasons that he is still not guilty then. that animal is responsible. He tells her to accept the truth. Accept it! Rahul drives away. NIdhi overhears them and is shocked. Rahul still turns into an animal? Manvi refuses to leave Rahul’s side even if he says anything. I will stand with you for 7 births as your shield.

The lady talks to Agni. We have killed him like we killed many others. We killed him whereas Rahul thinks of himself to be the culprit. It is good. We are turning his life hell before death. The weaker he becomes, the more easily we will win. We will have to do one last thing now.

Prithvi compliments Nidhi on the food. He notices her lost. She shares that she saw Manvi and Rahul outside. They were talking weird things. Rahul turns into an animal. Prithvi is intrigued. She begisn to talk about the curse but then stops. If I tell Bhaiya anything then he will arrest Rahul. What’s his fault in this? I will have to find out the truth before telling Bhaiya. Prithvi asks her why she went quiet. She lies that Rahul was talking about his new album in which he turns into an animal. Prithvi goes to wash hands. Nidhi thinks to talk to Manvi.

Kabir is with a girl but is upset thinking about Rahul fighting with Manvi. The girl tells him to go to the girl if he is so concerned about her. He calls her a friend. She is very different. The girl suggests him to stay away from the girl. She is married. It will only bring your doom.

Rahul is disturbed thinking about Rajeev’s family. He angrily throws stuff in his room. What’s happening to me? How did I land in all this? I wish I could believe like Manvi that I am not involved in anything. I cannot remember anything though. I cannot understand anything in that state. I should not have agreed for the concert. I should have gone out. He gets Nidhi’s call. She asks for Manvi’s number. He realises that she is the granddaughter of pundit ji. I will send her number right away. she thanks him. rahul wonders how to stop hurting others if he cannot stop himself from turning into an animal. He calls out for Chotu. Meanwhile, he writes down a list of things. He asks Chotu to bring them. Manvi asks Chotu to bring water. She is relieved to know that Rahul is in their room. He asks her if something happened to Rahul. She reads the list that Rahul gave to him (iron chains, nuts, bolts, etc.). Is Rahul thinking to tie himself down? She tells Chotu not to bring anything. She covers up saying that Rahul wanted to try a new theme. Don’t talk to anyone about it.

Manvi questions Rahul about the list. He clearly tells her she might not be looking or is trying to ignore everything. 3 people lost their lives because of our plan. I will do what I should have done long ago. I will tie myself every night so no one gets harmed. She talks about the tiger trying his best to break free at night. You will be so hurt. He does not care. She says you worry about hurting others but don’t care if you get hurt. Don’t do this. we will find some way. He has given up. We tried everything already. I cannot see anyone losing his life anymore. She understands his pain but adds that she will also lose if he gives up. Try for me atleast. I don’t want to lose. We don’t say it to each other but it does not mean we don’t feel it. we do feel for one another.

Precap: Manvi and Rahul see sleeping pills. He gets happy. if I lose conscious then the tiger will not come. Nisha hears them. why is he taking sleeping pills? He used to avoid taking pills earlier. What happened now? What’s happening?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Romance complete to karo adheme tod dete ho nw its almost 120 episode

  2. really romants ko complete toh karo or AAJ ka episode dekhekar laga ki agni maanvi SE pyaar karne lagega aur voh rahul ko marna bhul jayega

    1. Nahi abhi woh use marne jayega lekin everytime Manvi ayegi toh woh use mar nahi payega
      Bcz Manvi is dhal of Rahul 1st she need to die then Rahul
      Story turn le rahi hai bt usually we expect some romance in serial atleast woh toh thoda dalo
      Adha adhura nahi woh bhi pura

    2. there’s no need for me to talk about romance as it talked by all so i directly shifts to the next topic:yes i feel it too that agni started liking manvi as it is tradition of serials that at a stage of drama to boys loves the heroine 1 is the hero and other is some one else but in the plan of that lady rahul will killed by the lady in lion form i think he will kill an other person according to lady’s orders but manvi’s believe on him that he can’t kill anybody and her protection as protection cover will secure him from death as ell as bring him out of this mess

  3. you are right ooshi Akbar agni maanvi ko like karnr lage ga his vajhe SE voh rahul ko kuch kar nahi sakega bohot suspenence bhara track hai aur kafi lamba chal raha hai since raanvi honeymoon.romants pura nahi kiya par episode acha that??????

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