Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru ji’s men throw a net over Rahul to gain control over him. He passes out. They are happy thinking they killed the tiger.

The weather is stormy. Manvi sits in the temple. I have ample trust on you. Please don’t break it. Bring Rahul safely home. Protect him wherever he is. No harm should come to him.

Rahul wakes up. This time the tiger takes over him. The guys look shocked. They see him cutting the net. They think of Guru ji’s words. A tiger is scared of fire. They light fire there. This is his weakness. He pushes away the fire wood and tries to run. They aim a dagger in his leg. He is hurt but continues running. Rahul hides himself in a hut. The guys think to burn him down along with the hut. They pour kerosene over the hut.

The diya wavers. Manvi is highly

concerned for Rahul. She recalls the night they met with accident on the way from their honeymoon. I am feeling so restless as if something inauspicious is going to happen. No, nothing will happen to Rahul. I wont let anything happen to him. She chants the Maha Mritunjaya Jaap.

The guys set fire to the hut. They laugh thinking Rahul is no more. Inside, Rahul tries to find a way out of the hut. On the other side, Manvi continues to pray. It starts raining. Rahul manages to flee. The guys think to use guns as the fire will douse now. They are shocked to see Rahul taking their car.

Manvi thanks God for showing her the way by making her meet the priest of Durgapur jagir. I will find out what he meant. He was taking Ambika’s name again and again. Is it his granddaughter’s name? I will have to leave for Durgapur Jagir right away. I will call Madhu I am coming. She opens the door and is stunned to see Rahul at the door. She hugs him. Thank God you are home. I was so worried for you. He stumbles in his steps. She calls out for everyone as he passes out. They take him in his room.

Rahul wakes up after a while. Everyone is relieved to see him fine. Manvi tell him that they were all so worried for him since when he was missing. Rahul stares at Raj. Guru ji’s words echo in his head. Raj wonders if he knows everything. This cannot be. He tells everyone to let Rahul rest. They all go out except Manvi.

Manvi asks Rahul if he is fine. what happened to you? Where did you go? He looks at her strangely. She tells him to rest but he pulls her closer to him. She is in pain. He smells her. She makes him leave him. He comes out the trance. He looks around puzzled. She asks him if he is fine. he has no idea when he came here. Stay away from me. Go out where everyone else is! Go out! I beg you. Leave me alone! She looks at him confused. Rahul goes inside the washroom. He begins to feel weird again. Manvi is sure the danger is very much there on Rahul. She knocks at the door. Rahul’s body is changing. Manvi hears the strange sounds coming from inside. Open the door. What’s happening to you? She keeps knocking at the door. Rahul locks the door. She leans closer to hear. He shouts in pain as the transformation happens. She asks him to open the door. I am feeling scared. Please open the door. Rahul mentally apologizes to her. I know you are worried for me but I will have to make you hate me now. I will have to do something to send you away. He opens the door and tells her to leave. I said I don’t want to see your face. Stay away from me. I don’t want to see you in my room today. He locks himself in the washroom again. She is shocked at his behaviour. What happened to him? He has never behaved this way. I am sure he is in some problem. She tells Rahul he can come out. I am going. She thinks of pundit ji’s words. Maybe he was right. Rahul is indeed in some big problem. I cannot know of it by sitting here. I will have to go there tonight itself. Everyone at home is already worried. I shouldn’t tell anyone about this. I will be back before they wake up.

Nisha and SHaleen promote &TV’s new show, Meri Aawaz Hi Pehchaan Hai. Shaleen is sure everyone will be around Rahul now as he is back. Dad will also give him importance. My album will be wasted now. I just wish something had actually happened to Rahul. The ice is finished. Nisha offers to go to bring it but he goes out. He notices Manvi leaving stealthily at night. Where is she going? She is going to help me gain some profit, wherever she might be going! She calls a press reporter to leak out the info of Rahul’s kidnap. The reporter asks him what if Raj Sabharwal decides to sue her. He tells her to only say that someone from the family only told you about it.

Manvi meets Mr. And Mrs. Ghosh. She asks them to take her to the temple. They share that the temple has been closed down. Pundit ji sent his granddaughter to some place and later left for some place too. Manvi tells them that pundit ji is no more. There must be someone who would know anything. They tell them about the watchman of the temple. The watchman tells Manvi that pundit ji sent his granddaughter away for studies. He was close to death maybe. He had started muttering about the curse. He left for Delhi suddenly. Manvi asks him if he knows someone by the name Ambika. The guy declines. Manvi thinks her coming here went waste.

SOnali tells Raj she has kept tea. He asks her why is she talking so rudely since last night. She asks him about Rahul’s wounds. Do you have any answer to that? Raj is also clueless about it. I have been trying Guru ji’s number since last night but in vain. Let me find out the problem first.

He notices the article in the paper. Raj calls the reporter who published the news of Rahul’s kidnap. How dare you print it? I can get you out of your job in a second. She agrees. But the news is right. He tells her to shut up. Did you not think to confirm it from us before printing it? She replies that the source of info if someone from their family only so she did not need to confirm it. Raj is shocked to hear Manvi’s name. She came to me and asked me to print the news!

Precap: Rahul tells Manvi that she spoke against him in the press; insulted his father and is still arguing with my dad! I think these reasons are enough to take divorce from her! manvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. what is happening in d show.
    rahul is talking of divorce, not fair na …..
    plz bring back dat bond b/w rahul and manvi plzzz

    hope everthng comes back to normal.

    plz plz

  2. abe ye show ko kya kr rhe h !!! if divorce happens den m nt going to wtch dis show anymore

  3. sonaina swati

    i thought its a musical love story but the story is going some where else……………………………..
    typical superstitious

  4. Lmaoooo writers dont have anymore things to write so it all came down all this nonsense now ????

  5. Wts going in thiz show ….only confusion ..wt actually they showed in d trailer nd wt track they r showing
    After ravi s mrg I think they both r bot interested in singing. .bt y they dragging so much thiz track..god knows

  6. Wts going in thiz show ….only confusion ..wt actually they showed in d trailer nd wt track they r showing
    After ravi s mrg I think they both r not interested in singing. .bt y they dragging so much thiz track..god knows

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