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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul wakes up a little late. Manvi is not in the room. He hurriedly gets ready. I am going to start a new chapter of my life today.

Rahul comes downstairs. He is surprised to see Manvi’s parents there. Baba says I love to be punctual. Manvi nods. I got 5 minutes late but Baba was on time. Rahul thinks they came to see Manvi off so early. Baba refuses to let Rahul keep his bags in the car. I feel one should take their own responsibility. Rahul is shocked to realise that they will be accompanying him in the trip. Sabharwal family also come down with their bags. What’s happening? Are they all going on some other vacation? He asks them where they are going. Manvi says you only planned family vacation. Everyone is on time. He thinks where she from is. Who goes on romantic vacation

with family? Will we do satsang there? Sonali understands that his plan will ruin. I will have to do something. She acts to faint. Manvi asks Raj to take her to their room. We will call doc here. She asks Rahul and Manvi to go. we will join you later. Rahul agrees but Manvi refuses to go without them. Sonali signals Shilpa who understands her logic. She might want them to spend some time alone. She also asks the couple to go. We will join you later. Shaleen thinks of Agni’s words. He also asks them to go. Nisha and I will take care of Ma. Rahul asks Manvi to come. You will anyways not be able to do anything. Shaleen gifts a one night stay at Pushpanjali Resort to Rahul. I couldn’t gift you anything on the wedding so I thought to give it to you as a best brother. I know all your bookings are done but it’s a romantic place. Stay there for tonight. Nisha wonders what SHaleen is up to. He has gone mad. Rahul accepts it and hugs his brother.

Rahul and Manvi turn to go. Manvi asks all of them to try leaving by evening. Baba agrees. We will come by tomorrow. Sonali sighs in relief. Baba asks her if she is fine. She nods.

Nisha questions Shaleen on his act. You haven’t given me any gift till date. Why now? He retorts that he can gift his brother. Is it a problem? She denies. You could atleast tell me beforehand. I could also say that we have planned it together. He knows what’s bothering her. My friend gave me a gift. The date of the voucher was about to expire so I gave it to the couple. How is that an issue? She asks him why he dint explain easily to her if it was so simple. He reminds her of her setting fire at house. Don’t ask me anything till you involve me in things. She says I dint want to harm you. He wants the same, he says. We have lost our respect in the house. I want to gain it back. Let me handle it alone. She says you are behaving weird since that meeting as if you fear something. He declines. Why do you have to know everything? Calm down and do your work. She finds it rude. Shaleen says I don’t want to talk to you or anyone for now. I want to be alone for some time. He goes out of the room.

Sonali says they will still think we will reach tomorrow. She gets Manvi’s call. Let us have some fun. She puts it on speaker. She coughs before Manvi. Manvi asks her if they should come back. Sonali says it is all fine. Plus everyone is here. Manvi agrees to call her once they reach there. Sonali calls her innocence. Baba gives credit to Shilpa. Manvi has gone after her mother. SOnali apologizes to them for spoiling their plan. Shilpa says it is no problem. We are happy that Manvi got a family which loves her just like we do.

Shaleen calls Agni and updates him about Rahul and Manvi heading for the resort. I did what you asked for. Return me those tapes now. Agni calls him foolish. It isn’t so easy. I can ruin you with it. Shaleen gets upset. Agni says the game has just begun. There will be fun. Shaleen calls it unfair. I did everything as per your wish. Return them to me now. Agni tells him to be quiet. It will stay with me only. You will dance on my hands till I have it. It is safe till you will do my work. If you refuse to do it then be ready. He disconnects the call. Agni is sure no one can ruin his plan this time. He calls Yugant next. Yugant says I will meet you in 15 minutes. Agni agrees. He ends the call. Live some happy moments of your life now Rahul and manvi. I am going to kill you both soon.

In the car, Manvi wonders what happened to Rahul’s mood. He isn’t saying anything. Poore raaste kya aise khadus ban ke rahega? They play with the stereo volume. Rahul says I don’t want to hear it. She tells him to look ahead and drive. Only accident will happen. I wont play now. What happened to you? Rahul asks manvi why she is always trying to ruin his plan. She is confused. He says you asked everyone to come, both the families and even Dadi? She cannot understand anything. He sweetly tells her to be quiet (maarunga thappad). I am planning a romantic getaway with you. Are you having Hum Saath Saath hain? She says I thought you were having a family outing. He angrily replies that he will go on a wedding then. She says you only spoke of it. We were speaking about Baba and Papa. I thought you planned it for them. he says bhaad me jayein wo. They couldn’t do anything. Should I also not do anything? They argue. He calls her a bull. Now that Kabir has left you have become a bull. Look at your face. They sweetly bicker.

Rahul and Manvi reach the resort. Agni looks at their car. You finally came here. You wont be able to escape now.

Manvi and Rahul enter inside. They feel as if they are already waiting for them. We dint call to inform them about our arrival though. Manager greets him. I dint expect such a celebrity to come here. We have made special arrangements for you. Rahul tells the manager not to make any special arrangements. It is just a normal holiday for me. Manager shares that his mom asked for it. She also told me that it has to be decorated for honeymoon. Rahul looks shy. Manvi tells Rahul it is ok. There is nothing to be shy about. He asks her what she is saying. Why talk like this in front of everyone? She smiles and enjoys pulling his leg. Rahul asks the manager to go ahead. My wife is a little extra excited. Manager’s daughter (Payal) comes to take his doll Tara outside. Manager agrees. Manv talks sweetly to Payal. Manager asks the couple to go. Your luggage will be brought in. Agni looks at Manvi. She senses something weird and turns to look back but he hides. She thinks she felt someone was there but does not tell Rahul. They head to their room. She thinks it was just a bad thought. Everything will be fine. Kabir cannot think of doing anything after what Rahul has done to him.

Agni thinks spend some more happy moments. Your happy time is going to get over. Your life will change for forever in next 24 hours.

Precap: Yugant shows his steel nails to Manvi who looks shocked. Agni watches from far. Manvi asks yugant who he is. Rahul and manager, who have been looking for her, hear her voice. Rahul says manvi is in danger. He rushes to where he heard the voice coming from.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wow rahul ka gussa maanvi pe kitna cute tha I just love ravi

  2. manvi and rahul fight was entertaining but in their 2nd honeymoon that yugan came i don’t like it writers yeh bkwas jldi khtm kro ab hm thak gae hain iss kabir se aur yugan aur yamini ki to hm shakal b nhi dekhna chahate jldi se khtm kro is fighting ko jb tk yeh fighting khtm nhi hoti ravi ki zndgi normal nhi ho sakti

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